Animated at Kulturhuset #11: Music Videos


The 11th edition of Animated at Kulturhuset is dedicated to animated music videos. Ever since MTV’s glory days in the 90s, animation and music have been explored by many collaborations between musicians and animators. This evening we will show new examples of these collaborations, which together creates extraordinary expressions to emphasize the meaning of a given song.

Thursday May 24th at Kulturhuset in Oslo. The screening starts at 18:00 and is free of charge.


Stein Torleif Bjella – Mental You Can Be Yourself

Director: Anders Hesbøl

Duration: 3 min

The noble Horse family and the ragged Rabbit family are brought together in a not so cozy wedding party. For years, Doctor and stop-motion enthusiast Anders Hesbøl has been making puppet movies for musician and songwriter Stein Torleif Bjella. Rugged and distinctive puppets are placed in the highly original universe Bjella writes about in his lyrics.


Motorpsycho – Interpid Explorer

Director: Flu Hartberg

Duration: 10 min

Flu Hartberg explores the fearlessness of youth in this latest music video for the rock legends of Motorpsycho, who over the years have worked with several interesting filmmakers, artists and animators.


DJ Shadow -Three Ralphs


Duration: 3 min

In this music video for DJ Shadow, filmmaker RUFFMERCY pushes his distinctive and expressive style to the limit. This dark and strobeoscopic animation fits perfectly in the minimalistic but catchy world of DJ legend DJ Shadow.


MoE – Paris

Director: Billy Roisz

The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches, which fails to fit in the rock genre. Together with artist Billy Roisz, known for both his visual arts and soundscape, they present a video that goes into a higher unit, where the music video appears more like an independent non-figurative audiovisual work.