Animated at Kulturhuset #12: Environment, Abundance and Pollution


This autumn’s first programme of Animert at Kulturhuset deals with some of the most important topics surrounding environment and consumption characterising our time. The films in the programme are all devoted to an artistic vision of human influences on the environment we live in, and address themes such as climate change, overuse, pollution and marine environment.


Tonight’s films are:

The Plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea
Directors: Ambulance
Finland – 2018
Length: 4 min

The Plastic Godzilla of the Baltic Sea. Coming soon! It’s catastrophic!!!


In a Few Years Everything Will Be Different
Director: Julie Engaas
Norway – 2017
Length: 10 min

I miss
to be a child and the feeling that summer lasts forever
the feeling that everything is possible and that all life, and the world is in front of me
Believe it is going to go well


Director: Ole Christoffer Haga
Norway – 2016
Length: 10 min

Everything is collapsing for a happy family of mules the day a golden flounder offers access to black gold. A movie about love, petromania and the sixth extinction. It addresses the problem of the carbon industry, and the increase in consumption and wealth.


Tip Top
Director: Jan Otto Ertesvåg
Norway – 2016
Length: 5 min

On the islands off the coast of Norway, plastic shrubs flow from all over the world into the shoreline. Stranded in large numbers and gathered in groups, all searching for a home.


More films TBA.