Animated at Kulturhuset #13: Graduation Films From Volda


Kulturhuset i Oslo
23rd of October 18:00

Free Entry

Two days before the festival starts, we invite you to a little pre-party at Kulturhuset in Oslo, where we will screen the latest productions from Volda University College. The animation course in Volda is one of Norway’s most important schools for animation. The October edition of “Animated at Kulturhuset” is dedicated the graduation films from the school. Come and see what the newest talent in animation have to offer!

Anna is Ill
Dir: Astrid Pfefferkorn Øverli
Anna gets cancer. It starts with fun and laughter in the children’s bedroom, but that quickly changes when she realizes she is in the hospital.

Dir: Julia Torjak
A young woman with writer’s block decides to go hunting to clear her mind. Later in the woods a deer turns up and she forgets everything except the hunting. This digital drawn short film is about the block that can happen in a creative process when you try too hard to reach your goal. 

Dir: Linn-Sunita Petker
A small sprout starts to grow. As time passes, the sprout turns into a tree. The peace and quiet surrounding the tree is soon broken as civilization and industry arrives.

Here Comes the Punchline
Dir: Jone Skjærpe
A film that explores a polluted and meaningless world together with two careless characters. The film also promises a punchline…

Somewhere Soft
Dir: Satoe Yoshinari
Why does heartbreak hurt so much?
Is it my heart that’s broken?
This is my interpretation of a heartbreak.

The Animals on the Farm
Dir: Anja Strovand
In this informational film, with a mix of animation and live action, we get to know farm animals and what their names are in sign language. The short film is without sound effects and music, only spoken words so it will be easier for people with hearing disability to understand the names of the animals.

I am Smoking Alone
Dir: Karoline Tveten
”You are smoking to much” said the big brother to his little brother. The thought stuck to his mind while he walked through the woods.
“Yes, maybe I do?” the little brother said to himself on his way home.

The Unlucky Elephant
Dir: Anders Hesbøl
An elephant has to go shopping and she is about to experience several unfortunate events. Is it coincidental, or does she smell a rat?

The event is a collaboration between Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Volda University College and Kulturhuset i Oslo.