Animated at Kulturhuset #7: Colour & Sound


After a long summer holiday we are finally back with Animated at Kulturhuset. This time we have selected a program of films that explores colours where the soundtrack is also an important part of the movie experience. Together, the films are both beautiful to look at, but can also be perceived as challenging and then the sound helps to contrast the movie. Or vice versa? We can promise you are four unique films made by four truly unique filmmakers.

Time: 9th of October at 6.00PM
Place: Kulturhuset i Oslo, Youngs gate 6
Free entry!

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An Eyefull of Sound
Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore makes animated documentaries and often uses abstract and experimental animation to explain difficult scientific themes. An Eyful of Sound is about people with audio-visual synaesthesia. Individuals with audio-visual synaesthesia experience strong visual experiences when they hear different sounds, like seeing special shapes, colors and movements. The film is in many ways a manifestation of Samantha Moore’s various interviewees’ experiences.

Cowboy in Color
Trygve Nielsen

In a black and white world, a cowboy picks up his hat. But a crow steal it and transforms the world gray. Trygve Nielsen won the award for best children’s film during the Fredrikstad Animation Festival in 2013 for the film. This surprised him when he did not think he necessarily had made a children’s movie.

Happy – Unhappy
Peter Millard

I get up and have breakfast. Don’t get old. I’m so Unhappy Happy. Peter Millard’s own words about the movie, which is a colorful play, where the soundtrack is carpeted by familiar classical orchestral music to emphasize the film’s themes.

The fourth movie will be announced later.

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