Animated at Kulturhuset: Award Winners of 2016


Animated at Kulturhuset
Programme #3: Award Winners FAF 2016
Tuesday 6th of December

Today’s animated short film programme at Kulturhuset offers the best films from the Nordic-Baltic area according to the jury of Fredrikstad Animation Festival, which was held from the 10th to the 13th of November. Four films brought the festival award Golden Gunnar home, and now you have the opportunity to see these films for free at Kulturhuset in Oslo. The facebook event is here.

Programme #3: Award Winners Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2016

Director: Juliette Viger
Denmark – 2016
Length: 7:37 min

Sally, an introvert 15 year-old, tries to tame her wolf father who lost himself in the wilderness.

Tühi ruum / Empty Space
Ülo Pikkov
Estonia – 2016
Length: 10:00 min

A 10 year-old girl wishes for a puppy for her birthday. She is disappointed when she for her birthday instead of a puppy gets a father she did not know was alive.

Regi: Endre Skandfer
Norway – 2015
Length: 10:00 min

Bulders snow ball fight with his friend Modika is interrupted when Lex gets all of her attention. Frustrated by this Bulder tries to win Modika back, resulting in a cunning plan he will later regret.

The Absence of Eddy Table (2016)
Rune Spaans
Norway – 2016
Length: 12:18 min

What if your greatest fear and the love of your life turns out to be the same? Lost in a dark forest Eddy finds a mysterious girl and dangerous parasites. He should run away but something is holding him back.