Animated at Kulturhuset in Oslo


Programme #2: Animated documentary
November 3rd, 18:00
Kulturhuset in Oslo

Second round of animated short films at Kulturhuset is a beautiful bouquet of animated documentaries. Documentaries using animation as a technique for the film’s story. The programme consists of four films which in their own way tells personal stories of tending ones human sides in an extreme situation. Animation in documentaries often helps concretize the abstract and visualize the films’ themes, which these four films are clear examples of.

The release of the festival catalogue for Fredrikstad Animation Festival is also set to this evening. The festival takes place from the 10th to the 13th of November.

Film programme:
I Was a Winner
Sweden 2015
Direction: Jonas Odell
Length: 14 min

Three stories of computer gaming addiction, told with a mix of interviews and animation.

When I Hear the Birds Sing
Norway 2016
Direction: Trine Vallevik Håbjørg
Length: 7 min

Five Ivorian children had to flee when war broke out after the presidential elections in 2010. The children talk about hopes and dreams for the future.

It’s Up to You
Norway 2013
Direction: Kajsa Næss
Length: 15 min

“In kindergarten everyone else’s dads are not in jail. That’s the problem.” It’s Up to You is an animated documentary about growing up with a father in prison.

Blame it on the Seagull
Norway 2013
Direction: Julie Engaas
Length: 13 min

It was the summer I became more restless. Suddenly I was too fast, out of control and all together too much. Too much of everything.