Animated Club


Animated Club / 11 NOV / 22:30 / Litteraturhuset

Tickets: 100 NOK (festival pass or Friday pass is valid)

Animated Club is a unique collaboration where music and animation live in symbiosis and create a rare club event. Three music artists team up with three visual artists to create a club night where expansive electronic music is combined with innovative animated visual arts. The result of the collaboration will only be shown during Fredrikstad Animation Festival. The participating artists have been selected in cooperation with Henrik Langgård, who is the artistic project manager, and also a musician and an active figure in the music and art scene in Fredrikstad.

Meta-multi-instrumentalist Captain Credible who in 2015 released Dead Cats on a circuit board, collaborates with Daniel Wiklund, who works with audiovisual art and spatial installations, and is the person behind the production platform Hypnorama.

Mari-Liis Rebane and Quiltland has team up, and will combine Mari-Liis’ interest in expanding the concept of animation and interaction between art, media and technology with Quiltlands surreal and often melancholic soundscapes.

The third pair working together to combine visual arts and music consists of the visual multi-artist Mats Sivertsen, who often has a sci-fi inspired expression in his art, and the artist Mesak with experience from the electro scene, hip-hop, techno, skwee and sound art.

Animated club is a visual music experience you will not want to miss!