Animated at Kulturhuset #5: Feminism, gender equality and sexual liberation


Wednesday the 15th of March at 6.00 PM, in Laboratoriet at Kulturhuset i Oslo. Free entry! Sign up for the event here.

The week after Women’s Day we present a program of animated shorts exploring topics such as sexual liberation, gender roles and gender equality. Five groundbreaking films that present unique movie makers perspectives on these themes.

Director: Ellie Land
England – 2012
Length: 9:00

Centrefold is a touching and thought provoking animated documentary that explores the reasons why women undergo gender surgery. Women in the UK increasingly choose to undergo labiaplasty to fix the look of the sex organ. The film shows the experiences of three women using stylized animated images.

Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness
Director: Sara Koppel
Denmark – 2013
Length: 4:30

Little Vulvah wakes up from a dream, awakened by the birds of ecstasy who dresses her in the dress of curiosity. Sara Koppel is known for her erotic short films in the classical drawn animation style, exploring sexual awakening and the joy of having a clitoris.

The Lonely Catwalk
Director: Martine Grande
Norway – 2016
Length: 9:36

Through a bitter mans speech to a little girl, we go on a journey through women’s place history. The man has lost himself in the evolution. Does that make him an asshole?

No Time for Toes
Director: Kari Pieskä
Finland – 2013
Length: 7:57

A glimpse of a father’s life. A short film about eating, sleeping and brushing teeth.

Moms on Fire
Director: Joanna Rytel
Sweden – 2016
Length: 12:00

You’re pregnant with only four weeks until you’re due. You’d like to jerk off but can’t even reach, your boyfriend is fucking boring, and you just want to have some fun.