Educational: Seminar for students


An experienced VFX Supervisor and two young, up-and-coming, Norwegian talents of animation – this is the seventh year Fredrikstad Animation Festival presents the seminar “Educational”. The seminar is directed towards students of differing levels in art and media. Two presentations will give insight into areas within animation, visual effects, design and film production. The seminar is also open for others interested.

Thursday the 25th of October, at 11.30, the festival will in cooperation with Viken film centre present speakers that work with high-profile projects within film and TV, and that has several renowned productions to their names.

From Denmark comes Ivan Kondrup Jensen of Ghost VFX, where he is employed as a VFX supervisor. He will present the studio’s work for renowned productions as Rouge One, Black Panther and smaller Nordic productions.

In 2016 the twins Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten and their film Blueberry stood out in the student program during the festival. Today they direct their own animated TV-series for Disney. “Twintrash”, as the boys call themselves, will visit Fredrikstad to tell the story of their journey from being just two teenagers with a love for drawing, to be the directors of a global production.

In the breaks between presentations and the film programme, certain institutions of higher learning which provides education within animation, visual effects and film production, will have stands in the foyer of the Cinema of Fredrikstad, so that students can explore possible future studies after high school. At present time, these institutions are:

Volda University College – bachelor in animation

Westerdals ACT – VFX and 3D-animation


About the speakers:

Twintrash is Tommy & Markus Vad Flaaten, twins from Tønsberg, Norway. After having grown up on they studied animation at Kingston University in London. During their studies they made the short film BlueBarry which, among other prizes, won the “Public Choice Award” at British Animation Awards in 2016. After graduating they made the short Twin Tackle for Disney XD, voiced by e.g Yotam Perel, Aras Afsaji and Corey Holland.

In December 2016 they started directing the Space Chickens in Space, an animated sci-fi series strongly influenced by surreal humour and slapstick. The series is a global production: produced in Ireland, animated in Australia and the idea originating from Mexico and the USA. Disney Channel EMEA and Australian Channel 9 have bought the rights to the show, and it is planned for release within the year.

Ivan Kondrup Jensen has worked for over ten years as a VFX supervisor for Ghost VFX in Copenhagen, the largest VFX studio in Denmark. He has been involved with multitude of films and TV-series which inludes projects such as Ragnarok, Rogue One, The Last Jedi, Black Panther and The Walking Dead.