Heads Together

10 NOV / 21:00 / Sal 4
12 NOV / 12:00 / Sal 4

A surreal story about three friends who exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each others life. This leads to funny but also enriching situations. Will they be able to keep it secret? And will they ever get their own head back?


The Netherlands | 2016 | 21:00 |
3D Computer
Director: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins & Marieke Blaauw
Production: Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins & Marieke Blaauw
Animation: Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw, Lex Tilleman, Ruth Taylor

Director's Biography:

Job, Joris & Marieke is a Dutch studio for animation, illustration, character design and music. Their work can be described as cute, funny, poetic and sometimes disturbing. 

The studio was founded in 2007 in Utrecht by Job Roggeveen, Joris Oprins en Marieke Blaauw. They work on commercials, educational projects, music videos and short films.