Rumble in the Jungle

09 NOV 17:30 Sal 4
11 NOV 12:00 Sal 3

Life is all peachy and great for the happy-go-lucky elephant, Moritz. There is nothing that he loves more than to eat, sleep, and boogie like in the 80's. That is, until he meets the curious Mr. Fritz! A tense standoff between these two ancient enemies follows.


Germany, Norway | 2016 | 01:30 |
Flash 2D Animation
Director: Muhundan Bala
Production: Muhundan Bala
Animation: Muhundan Bala
Company: MuiMotion

Director's Biography:

Muhundan Bala is a 32-year-old animator, born in Sri Lanka, but raised in Norway. The love of drawing at an early age led him into the awesome world of animation. He graduated in 2007 from Derby University with a Bachelor degree in Animation/Illustration, and has been working freelance ever since.