The World’s Middlest Fish

Short Film Comp 2: 10 NOV 16:30 Sal 3 & 11 NOV 14:30 Sal 4
Children's Film comp: 11 NOV 12:00 Sal 3 & 09 NOV 17:30 Sal 4

A young girl happens to catch the most medium sized fish in the world, and receives instant fame.


Norway | 2017 | 10:41 |
Cutout, Classical
Director: Cathinka Tanberg
Production: Tonje Skar Reiersen, Lise Fearnley
Animation: Cathinka Tanberg, Magnhild Winsnes, Josefine Hannibal, Andreas Paleologos, Alexandra Mei Leong
Company: Mikrofilm AS

Director's Biography:

Cathinka Tanberg has worked as an animator since 2003. She studied animation at Volda University College, received her Master’s degree in Visual Communication from Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2008, and joined Mikrofilm as partner the same year. She has served as a jury member in competitions such as The Norwegian Grammy Awards and the Norwegian design competition Visuelt. She has directed several commercials, but The World’s Middlest Fish is her debut as director on a professional short film.