Zara and the Others: Gorilla Brains for Dinner

09 NOV 17:30 Sal 4
11 NOV 12:00 Sal 3

We do not know much about Zara and the Others. But they do get a lot of nosebleeds. They steal both pots and children from other people, and live in a caravan. What do they eat for dinner? Probably something really scary...


Norway | 2017 | 07:00 |
Digital Cut Out
Director: Nils Johan Lund & Bjørn Sortland
Production: Bjørn Sortland
Animation: Nils Johan Lund
Company: Piggsvin Film

Director's Biography:

Bjørn Sortland is a Norwegian author who writes books for children, adults and young adults. He has been published in 21 countries. For many years, Nils Johan Lund has been working with animation for both advertising and information films, television vignettes and more.