Conference on Anti-Corruption – Ident

10 NOV / 11:15 / sal 4

Official ident for the Norwegian annual conference on anti-corruption based on the initial visual identity designed and developed by Work in Progress.


Norway | 2017 | 00:18 |
2D Animation
Director: Kim Holm & Torgeir Hjetland
Production: Per Inge Sandvik Scott
Animation: Kim Holm
Company: Work in Progress (Torgeir Hjetland) & Kim Holm

Director's Biography:

Kim Holm is a Norwegian creative artist and motion designer working with both static and moving forms of design and artistic expression. His main field of interest lies within art and design in moving forms, such as main titles, show openers or music videos.

Work in Progress (Torgeir Hjetland) is a multidisciplinary design studio with a contemporary view of the world which works collectively across creative agencies and fields.