The Cat Returns

11 NOV 16:15 (Norw. Version)
12 NOV 16:00 (Org. Version, Norw. text)

The Norwegian distributor Arthaus is launching the entire film catalogue of Studio Ghibli in Norwegian cinemas. We want to make sure that people get to experience these masterpieces the way they are supposed to be seen, so Fredrikstad Animation Festival are presenting two of them on the big screen. In The Cat Returns, the Japanese schoolgirl Haru saves a cat from being hit by a lorry. She is awoken that night by a parade of felines who have come out to celebrate her altruistic act. The question is, how can they possibly show her sufficient gratitude? They settle on kidnapping her and sending her to the Kingdom of Cats to wed its Cat Prince. What ensues is a captivating voyage of self-discovery – but will Haru escape the kingdom of cats or will she be trapped as a cat forever?


Japan | 2003 | 75:00 |
Director: Hiroyoki Morita
Production: Hayao Miyazaki Takeyoshi Matsushita Sanchiro Ujie Koji Hoshino Tomoo Miyagawa
Animation: Studio Ghibli
Company: Studio Ghibli

Director's Biography:

Hiroyuki Morita is a Japanese animator and director. He is best known as the director of The Cat Returns, but has also been involved in productions such as My Neighbors the Yamadas and Kiki’s Delivery Service.