The Man Who Knew 75 Languages

11 NOV 14:00 Sal 4

A great talent finds the love of his life in a princess he never can get. Thwarted in love, he dedicates his life to the struggle of minorities in Europe. This film is about the remarkable life of a poor priest's son, Georg Julius Justus Sauerwein (born 1831 in Hanover, died 1904 in Christiania/Oslo), and his lifelong love for Princess Elisabeth of Wied, later Queen of Romania.
As a young man, he was invited to the court to be her tutor, and helped her develop her artistic gifts immensely as such. Their friendship, along with his increased affection for her, could not be tolerated, and he was banished from the royal court.
Pining for Elisabeth, he put all his energy into fighting for minorities and their right to speak their native languages. In his day, he was the most vilified person in the German press, seen as a traitor to the German empire. Elisabeth later became the first Queen of Romania, and Georg and Elisabeth stayed in touch by sending each other letters, books and articles.