Life Before Life

Thursday 9 16:00 Sal 3
Saturday 11 10:00 Sal 3

The newborn butterfly Bruno flies into the wide world to look for something better, not realizing that he was born at the best place ever. A vicious bush is drawing Bruno like a magnet. And just before landing on a leaf, Bruno is eaten up. Only the wings remain fall from the leaves. Through a mist, they are taken to another world.


Estonia | 2017 | 07:40 |
Director: Rao Heidmets
Production: Rao Heidmets
Animation: Priit Tender, Leo Lätti, Eneli Kelli, Morten Tsinakov, Pauline Heidmets, Lucija Mrzeljuk
Company: RHF Studio

Director's Biography:

Rao is born in 1956 in Pärnu, Estonia. He graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, faculty of electro-energetics as the engineer of electric networks and systems.
After the finishing university in 1982 he changed career and went to the «Tallinnfilm» studios to
make animated films.