Nothing Happens

9 NOV 16:00 - Sal 3
11 NOV 10:00 Sal 3

It's freezing cold in the city suburbs. Yet some people are gathering. I watch them form a row across the horizon. We are all waiting for something to happen. But nothing does...
We have gathered to witness an event. To participate in being seen. The spectacle of watching and being watched.


Denmark | 2017 | 11:50 |
Under-the-camera animation
Director: Uri & Michelle Kranot
Production: Marie Bro / Emmanuel-Alain Raynal
Company: Dansk Tegnefilm / Miyu Productions

Director's Biography:

MICHELLE AND URI KRANOT are independent animation filmmakers. Both teach animation at The Animation Workshop in Denmark; they have produced numerous award winning short films. Michelle and Uri also lead the AniDox:Lab – a European workshop devoted to the making of animated documentaries.