Mum’s Hair

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NOV 11 14:30 Sal 5

When Maja was 16 her mother got cancer. She and her three younger siblings did not know what would happen, but they knew their mother would loose her hair and look quite different. Maja wanted to gather the good memories.


Norway | 2017 | 05:00 |
Stop Motion, Pixelation
Director: Maja Arnekleiv
Production: Maja Arnekleiv
Animation: Maja Arnekleiv, Jan Otto Ertesvåg
Company: Trollfilm AS

Director's Biography:

Maja Arnekleiv, born 1997 grew up with sheep, milking cows and with an animation studio in Dovre, a village in the mountains of Norway. She shot 3000 stills for two years, during her mother’s illness. A pixilated documentary film is the result of 755 of these photos. This is Majas debut as a film director.