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he storm is coming. The Eagle is captured by the spirit of doom. A bullet is fired at the eagle's fatal battle.


Lithuania | 2016 | 8 |
Puppet animation
Director: Johan Oettinger, Urtė Oettinger
Production: Agnė Adomėnė, Johan Oettinger
Company: Art shot, WiredFly

Director's Biography:

Johan Oettinger (director, producer) is a self-taught prize winning Danish film director – his specialty is stop-motion puppet animation. His first professional film, SEVEN MINUTES IN THE WARSAW GHETTO (2012), was shown at more than 120 festivals and won many prizes, including a Special mention in Annecy, France, as well as the KingBonn award – the most prestigious short film award in China. In 2015 he finished WALK WITH ME together with Ugandan director Peter Tukei Muhumuza. Johan’s stop-motion studio was established in 2006 in Aarhus, Denmark.
Urtė Oettinger (director) is a Lithuanian animation film director, animator, painter and lector. She is a graduate of The Estonian Academy of Arts with her film SONG OF SONGS (2010). Urtė’s debut film INDEPENDENCE DAY (2012) was awarded as the best Lithuanian animation film of the year. In her creative work Urtė experiments with different animation techniques, including stop motion, rotoscoping, hand drawn and painted animation. Urte is a member of the Lithuanian Film Academy and the Danish Animation Union. At the moment she lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark.