Less Than Human

09 NOV 14:00 Sal 3
11 NOV 12:00 Sal 4

In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, the zombies have been cured and exiled to secluded camps. A prejudiced journalist decides to prove that they are not fit to be rehabilitated.


Denmark | 2016 | 06:09 |
3D Computer
Director: Steffen Bang Lindholm
Production: Michelle Nardone
Animation: Steffen Bang Lindholm, Matilde Soeltoft, Ida Marie Søndergaard, Julie Rebecca Billeskov Astrup
Company: The Animation Workshop

Director's Biography:

Steffen Bang Lindholm (1987) is an animator, director and illustrator from Jegum, a small town in the southwest of Denmark. In February 2017 he graduated from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, with a Bachelor’s degree in Character Animation. He directed the bachelor film Less Than Human, and in the fall of 2016 he was an intern at Golden Wolf Studios in London, where he mainly focused on 3D animation.