Whale Heart

09 NOV 14:00 Sal 3
11 NOV 12:00 Sal 4

In an isolated whaling community, a man has developed an ungodly way of preparing himself to kill the creatures upon which his livelihood depends, and now he must initiate his son into their harsh and bloody trade.


Denmark | 2016 | 07:31 |
3D Computer
Director: Robert Allen
Production: Michelle Nardone
Animation: Marie Eriksen, Antoine J.L.L. Lefevre, Anne Prip, Emilie Bendix Engmann, Trine Thulstrup
Company: The Animation Workshop

Director's Biography:

Robert Allen was born and raised in a small town in Yorkshire, England. He studied at the Universities of Leeds and York, eventually settling in York and establishing a career in IT. However, a long-held passion for film and animation, combined with a desire to avoid having a catastrophic mid-life crisis, eventually won him over to chasing his dream of becoming a filmmaker, taking him across the North Sea to the Animation Workshop in Viborg.