Friday programme


Lots to look forward to today. Take your pick form the events below.

12:00 In the World of Konstantin Bronzit
Venue: Kino 3 / Fredrikstad Kino
Russian Animator and Animation Director Konstantin Bronzit has been in the art and animation industry for more than 25 years. He has won over 200 awards for his short films and was nominated for the Academy Awards twice. During his presentation Konstantin will screen three films and will speak about his career and work process.

13:15 Commissioned Film Competition
Venue: Kino 4 / Fredrikstad Kino
Screening of the Commissioned Film Programme. The best film will be awarded with a Golden Gunnar.

14:00 360 VR Short Film Rain or Shine
Venue: Kino 3 / Fredrikstad Kino
Director Felix Massie and Project Leader Mark Davies from Nexus Studios London will outline the artistic and technical journey they experienced while making the interactive 360 immersive short film Rain or Shine, which is commissioned by Google as part of their Spotlight Stories VR project.

15:30 Short Film Competition 2
Venue: Kino 4 / Fredrikstad Kino
Screening of 8 of the 18 short films selected to be in programme 1 and 2 in the short film programme. The films are competing for the Grand Prix and the Golden Gunnar for the best Nordic-Baltic animated short.

17:00 Mikrofilm 20 years – Retrospective
Venue: Kino 5 / Fredrikstad Kino
Mikrofilm, established in 1996, is one of the leading animation studios in Norway, and celebrates its 20th anniversary during Fredrikstad Animation Festival. The programme is a selection of films that represents the studio’s diverse production, and early films which were created by the people behind the studio before it was established.

19:00 Mikrofilm: Personal Stories
Venue: Litteraturhuset
In this panel producers Lise Fearnley and Tonje Reiersen, and director Kajsa Næss will talk about the studio’s short film productions, how to select the contents, which are important to the story, and which style to use to emphasize the film’s themes.

20:00 Meet the Filmmakers
Venue: Litteraturhuset
Meet the people behind the short films screened during the festival. In a loose and relaxed atmosphere you have the possibility to socialize with professionals of the national and international animation scene.

22:30 Animated CLub
Venue: Litteraturhuset
Three music artists are teamed up with three visual artists to create a club night where expansive electronic music is combined with innovative animated visual arts. A must-see and dance.