Pioneer in VR art and 3D drawing, Goro Fujita, confirmed for Fredrikstad Animation Festival


He is on the Facebook Social team, working with further development of the ground-breaking VR illustration tool Quill, that was first created by Oculus Story Studio. The horizons of what can be achieved are borderless, literally as well as figuratively speaking, when painting in VR. The 26th of October, pioneer Goro Fujita will give a demo of the project, in a seminar, during Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

While studying in a 3D animation program in Germany Goro Fujita got interested in digital painting. After graduating in 2005 he started out his career by working as a freelance Character Animator and Visual Development Artist, at various studios in Germany. In 2008 he was hired by DreamWorks Animation as a Visual Development Artist and worked there for 7 years on projects including; Megamind, Madagascar 3, Penguins of Madagascar and Boss Baby.

In 2015 he left DreamWorks and joined Facebook owned Oculus Story Studio as an Art Director. He worked on the tail end of Lost and Art Directed Emmy Award winning VR experience Henry. After the closure of Oculus Story Studio in May 2017, he re-joined Facebook to continue development of a VR painting tool called Quill, first developed at Oculus Story Studio for the VR experience Dear Angelica.

The involvement of several of the major stakeholders within tech, including aforementioned Facebook, Google, and this year’s rumours of Apple’s new VR headset, tells of huge interest and innovation in the field. VR as a tool has seen a huge leaps in development the last years; enabling the artist to create objects, characters and worlds in 3D space. We now see the contours of a future of more efficient 3D painting, which are also enabling artists to preserve their original expression throughout a more fluent work process.


The 26th of October you will have the opportunity to see a demonstration of Quill, and how Goro Fujita works, during Fredrikstad Animation Festival.