Saturday´s highlights 


By Eirik Hammeren Standal

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is the Nordic region´s largest animation film festival. On Saturday, many beautifully animated films have been shown. From short films to long films. There have been music and there have been laughter. There have been great exhibitions, and the audience had been given many opportunities to participate in the many activities for young and old. The day was ended with joy and laughter, song and music. And the day was concluded with the release of the proud prize, Golden Gunnar.   

Saturday was the day where many opportunities have been given to participate in a variety of fun activities. There have been many great opportunities to watch beautifully animated films that were featured in the many movie theatres. There have been screenings of more than many great family-friendly films.  

Viritual Reality, or VR equipment has been made available to give you the opportunity to watch VR short films, and it has been a children´s disco with Knerten himself. It has been a great show with beautiful drawings of different characters and different scenes from Per Åhlin’s animated films.  

Saturday was finished at the Literature house with joyful music from singer and songwriter, Egil Olsen. And on Saturday’s end, the award for best animated film, Golden Gunnar, was given. After a great award ceremony, there was great music with the talented DJ Vivian Vega.  


Film by Irrjan Jernsletten and Nora Johansen Rosenkilde