Regulations for the Nordic-Baltic Competition

Opens May 1st


  • Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) is organized by Norsk Animasjonsforum.
  • The object of the festival is to promote the screening of animation and increase the awareness of animated expressions in the Nordic-Baltic countries.
  • Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a part of the European Animation Awards, which is responsible for the Emile Awards. The winning films are eligible to participate in the best film and student film categories under the European Animation Awards.
  • One Norwegian short film is chosen to compete in the nomination process for the Amanda award by the jury for the Nordic-Baltic short and student film categories.


  • Any frame by frame or computer assisted film or video may be entered.
  • Maximum running time: 30 minutes.
  • Films must have been completed January 1st 2017 or after.
  • A film can not enter the competition twice.
  • A film can not enter the competition in several categories.
  • The director of the film must be a citizen of the Nordic and Baltic countries, or the country of origin of the film must be a Nordic or Baltic country. The Nordic-Baltic countries are defined as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.
  • The film’s producer is liable for all copyrighted material included in the film. FAF will not accept responsibility for material published or screened without the proper authorization of the materials copyright holder.

Deadline and submission

The submission opens May 1st 2018 and the deadline is July 1st 2018.
The following material has to be sent together with each submitted film:

  • a completed electronic Film Entry Form
  • a  link to a screening version of the film
  • at least 1 digital picture from the film minimum 300 DPI (by e-mail to
  • If your film has dialogue that is not English, please add subtitles. If that is not possible, include an English dialogue script (by e-mail to

The festival will not return preview copies.
Submitting films is free of charge.

Transport and insurance

  • The entrant is responsible for transport and insurance of the film to the festival, as well as any other charges.
  • Fredrikstad Animation Festival is responsible for storage, insurance of the films while in the festival’s custody and return transportation.
  • In case of loss or damage of a print, the obligation of the festival is limited to the replacement value.

Selection and screening

  • The preselection results will be announced August 2018.
  • All films selected for the competition will be screened at FAF 2018. The Festival administration could also select films for other programmes for the festival.
  • Jury and awards will be presented at
  • Standard screening format is DCP, for other formats please contact festival staff after pre-selections. Screening copy must arrive latest September 30th.

Acceptance of the Regualtions

  • The board of Norsk Animasjonsforum will decide on any cases of doubt which have not been mentioned in these regulations.
  • By submitting the Film Entry Form for Fredrikstad Animation Festival the entrants accept the terms of regulations as stated above.