Winners of Golden Gunnar 2016


On the third day of Fredrikstad Animation Festival we are very happy to announce the winners of the Golden Gunnar Award 2016.


This film is an intense mix of horror, love and comedy. It’s a magical universe, where we go on a ride with a crazy and energetic roller-coaster, and it’s scary and so incredible bizarre and funny. We love the great creativity of the artwork and the high quality of the animation. For us this is a good example of what animation can do.

The winner of Grand Prix is THE ABSENCE OF EDDY TABLE by Rune Spaans. This film is by winning the Grand Prix nominated to Cartoon d’Or 2017.

The quality of this film lies in the original idea of the concept where the filmmaker is constructing memories through a mix of genres. It can also be seen as a tribute to the art of dolls and miniatures where all the work lies in the details. As an audience we were touched by the nostalgic feeling and a longing for a playful childhood.

The winner of Best Short Film is EMPTY SPACE by Ülo Pikkov.


The Best Student Film brings us in to a dark and desolated universe where we take part in a hurtful relationship. The graphics, the music and the animation strongly convey the mood of the characters and their inner conflicts. A promising start from a new talent.

The winner of Best Student Film is UNTAMED by Juliette Viger.



We in the Children’s jury has decided the best Children’s Film. The film is more than one thing all at once. It is cosy, funny and a little bit scary, with nice and special characters.

The winner of Best Children’s Film is DUNDER by Endre Skandfer.


The winning film is a fantastic craftsmanship; it has great attention to details and got animated on a high level. The winning film is a great example of how CGI can be genuine and heartfelt. The winning film has a story with lots of humor and warmth. The winning film masters the most important task of a commissioned film; you want to see it again, and again, and again.

The winner of best Commissioned Film is GJENSIDIGE FAIRYTALE by Harald Zwart.


This film communicates brilliantly to both adults and children. It handles a sensitive theme in a clear and respectful manner. The overall visual style and use of subtle humor contributes to a very playful and informative experience. The jury has sent three friend requests on Beekbook.

Honorable mention goes to The Bird House by Robin Jensen og Kajsa Næss.


The Audience Award goes to the audiences voted favorite.

The winner of the Audience Award is THE ABSENCE OF EDDY TABLE by Rune Spaans