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Fredrikstad is located 1 hour south of Oslo and 2.5 hours north of Gothenburg. There are frequent trains from Oslo, Halden, Gothenburg, and Copenhagen to Fredrikstad. There are also bus connections from both Oslo city center and Gardermoen Airport.The last train from Fredrikstad to Oslo is at 22:44, so it is possible to attend the whole festival and take the train back to Oslo on Friday or Saturday night. The trains run until 1:27 to Sarpsborg (and Halden) so it’s possible to stay in our neighboring town as well.

Below you will find information on restaurant partners, hotels, and transportation. Passholders get discounts and festival specials at TÆPS, and hoi polloi for food and the Scandic City for lodging.  

Festival arenas

Fredrikstad Kino

The cinema Fredrikstad Kino (Fredrikstad Municipal Cinema) is the main festival venue, has six movie theatre auditoriums with modern screening facilities, and hosts most of the festival screenings and seminars.

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TÆPS is the best beer bar in town and hosts several screenings and events. One of the places we will meet to mingle after dark.

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Hoi Polloi

Wine and sake bar we are sure you will enjoy, and host for the Abstraction Programme. The other place to make new festival friends.

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Blender Collective

A local coworking space that will host exclusive industry events (you must have an all-access pass or student pass to access these events).

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St. Croix House

St. Croix House is a “common room” for the city. It is a well-loved culture house for people of all ages in Fredrikstad and home to the best vegetarian buffet in town. On Friday evening FAF takes over the space with several programmes.

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Best burger joint in town! Festival pass holders get a 10% discount on food.

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Beach Club

Beach Club is a modern restaurant with a friendly atmosphere. The menu has been developed based on the entire American continent. But they also love Nordic ingredients and have their local adaptation for foodies. There will be a special discount for passholders.



Line Oslo – Fredrikstad – Gøteborg


The last train from Fredrikstad to Oslo is at 22:30, so it is possible to attend the whole festival and take the train back to Oslo on Friday or Saturday night.

Line Oslo – Fredrikstad
Line Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen – Fredrikstad
Line København/Gøteborg – Sarpsborg and local bus/train connection to Fredrikstad


Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen


Scandic City Fredrikstad 

FAF is taking over the hotel, only FAF attendees can book rooms during the festival. Please call directly, mentioning the Fredrikstad Animation Festival to secure your room.

We are proud to offer our attendees a discounted rate at the Scandic City from Thursday- Sunday:

Single Room – 1245,-
Double Room – 1395,-

The Scandic City Fredrikstad is the main hotel venue for the 2023 edition. It is located in the center of Fredrikstad, 10 minutes walking distance to the train station and 1 min from the bus station. Less than a 5-minute walk to the cinema, this is the best option to be in the heart of the festival.

Tel. +47 69 38 56 00

Quality Hotel Fredrikstad

Only steps away from the Fredrikstad cinema, this hotel is a good option to be close to the cinema.


WEX Hotels

Wex is an apartment hotel in the center of Fredrikstad. Email with FAF in the subject line to book your room today and receive 10% off during the festival.

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Scandic Sarpsborg

It is a 35-minute commute from the Scandic Sarpsborg to the Fredrikstad Kino. The route 1 bus is a five-minute walk from the Scandic Sarpsborg and a five-minute walk to the Fredrikstad Kino. The bus runs every 15 minutes (starts every 30 minutes at 18:00). The last bus is at 23:20.

You can also take the R20 train one stop between Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg. The last train to Sarpsborg is at 1:27. The train is a 12-minute ride, with a little more walking than the bus option.

Magasinet på Isegran

Isegran is a small island located between the old city and the city center. There are a few lodging options, including renting a house for 6-10 people that would be a great option for a studio or school group. There is also a bed and breakfast with several rooms.

Gamlebyen Hotell

Gamlebyen Hotell is located in Norden’s oldest fortress town. The hotel has rooms available from Thursday – Saturday. Gamlebyferga/”The Old Town Ferry” (Cicignon – Gamlebyen/”Old Town”) transports you back and forth until 1.00. Time tables are available here.

Hotel Fredrikstad

Hotel Fredrikstad is a centrally located cozy hotel with good breakfast. The hotel is located at the Domkirkeparken and is a short walk to the cinema.

Aktivitets Byen Fredrikstad Motell og Camping

Rooms are available Thursday night. To get here from Fredrikstad centre you may travel by Gamlebyferga/”The Old Town Ferry” (Cicignon – Gamlebyen/”Old Town”), which transports you back and forth for free until 1.00, and walk for 11 minutes to get to Fredrikstad Motell and Camping. Time tables for the ferry are available here.

At FAF, we are committed to making a positive impact on our environment and communities. We want to encourage all our wonderful guests to travel responsibly and be sustainable tourists.

To help you on your journey, check out the UN’s tips on how to be a sustainable tourist. By making conscious choices, we can protect our planet and its incredible destinations for generations to come.