Animated Short: Ukraine Benefit - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Animated Short: Ukraine Benefit

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is proud to present a short film program put together by the Linoleum the International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival (Ukraine). The event will be held on:

Thursday 24 March at 20:30 at SALT in Oslo and at Wedensday 30 March at 18:00 at TÆPS in Fredrikstad.

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In these challenging times, it is important to showcase the beauty and variety of Ukrainian animation. This program is curated by Linoleum, the International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival which has been held in Kyiv every year, since 2014. The festival is the largest platform for short independent animation in Ukraine.

A Message from Amastasiya Verlinska, director of Linoleum:

Our Lives changed forever on February 24th. Not just the Ukrainian ones, but the European ones as well. While Ukraine is on fire, protecting its own existence, Ukrainian artist become soldiers, fighter, territorial defenders, and volunteers.

We don’t have the illusion that art can be a real weapon right now, same as the words of concern. But it could be the bridge between us and Europe that is finally ready to understand what is so special about Ukraine that the evil empire is ready to start World War III and put the whole world under atomic danger.

Watch Ukrainian short animations from the time “before the War”.

Any donations to this program will go to Linoleum to continue their support for Ukrainian animation. The program is put together in collaboration with KABBOM animation Festival (Netherlands) and Linoleum the International Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival (Ukraine).

Film program:


Dmytro Lisenbart

Ukraine – 2020

14 min

Could a robot adopt a pet in the near future? – Sure, why not.

Could this pet be a human? – Well, it could be possible in the future.

Could they become friends? – Probably yes.

…And what would become of the robot afterwards? – Listen! To hell with all of your silly questions.


Mykyta Lyskov

Ukraine – 2019

14 min

Deep Love has finally happened in Ukraine! A unique and pretty bizarre satire about Ukrainian history and contemporary reality.


Stas Santimov

Ukraine – 2020

6 min

A man destroys the nest of an unknown creepy creature. But it’s not the most horrible creature he will meet tonight.


Nata Metlukh

USA – 2019

8 min

An immigrant comes to the first-world country to paint a mural on the tallest tower. He tries to adapt to the new reality, but xenophobia and odd rules force him to go back.


Anastasiia Falileieva

Ukraine – 2019

6 min

When the truth hurts and nothing can be changed, it seems like escape to the world of dreams is this only way out. Fantasy could relieve the pain, but – wait – is that a magic pill.


Anna Dudko

Ukraine – 2020

6 min

Mermaid movies are the best! And here’s a new one! N this cute Ukrainian short, a lonely chubby mermaid is keen on peeking at people through water pipes using magic. One day, during such a spying, the mermaid falls in love with a man and blinded by passion, comes to his apartment.


Roman Lysenko

Ukraine – 2021

5 min

Tragicomedy story about rescue attempt and inspired mostly cheesy yet charming Superman movies from 70-80s. It is a simple straightforward story with a cheerful and a little bit nostalgic atmospheres contrasted by a grim and sudden twist.