Award Winners 2023 - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Award Winners 2023

To mark the conclusion of the 2023 festival and in celebration of the outstanding Nordic-Baltic animation, the FAF Award Ceremony has been held at Beach Club in Fredrikstad. 

Three juries, composed of an international team of industry professionals, had the challenging task of selecting the 2023 award winners. 

The short film jury selecting the award winners for Grand Prix, Best Short Film and Best Student Film is Niels Putman, Sara Koppel and Konrad Hjemli. 

The award winner for Best Feature Film has been selected by Laura Almantaité and Frank Mosvold. 

For Best Commissioned Film the jury selecting the award winner is Peter Smith, James Martin and Martine Andersen. 

In addition to the professional jury, we also have a children’s jury for Best Children’s Film. This jury consists of

And there is a Young Audience programme, which has its own jury of children aged 9 to 15. This year’s jury is Audun Roaldseth Fuglesang og Arian Hawrez Lund. 

And there is a Young Audience programme, which has its own jury of children aged 9 to 15. This year’s jury is Edgar Simons, Ellis King og Linnea Melby.

They have selected the winner of the Best Young Audience Award.  

And we also have the award where the whole audience is in the jury by voting – the Audience Award. 

Here are the winners! 


Jury´s motivation: This brave film fluidly blends its circular narrative with a powerful artistic and poetic visual language, effectively presenting something both abstract and expressionistic. In this surreal world, the wonderous, colorful brushstrokes that meet with shades of gray are supported by a meditative and equally strong soundscape – ultimately drenching us as if we ourselves are dancing in the rain.  

The Grand Prix goes to THE EASTERN RAIN by Milly Yencken. 


The Audience Award goes to NUN OR NEVER! By director Heta Jäälinoja. 


Jury´s motivation: Out of all the Nordic-Baltic short films, this one truly has something special. From the DIY crafty visuals, to the clever metaphor use and documentary dialogue, every aspect of this film screams of authenticity. While on the surface it’s a deeply personal depiction of a charming friendship, the film also tells a bigger story concerning our society’s prejudices, and does it all in fabulous fashion.  

The award for Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film goes to BLUSH – AN EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE by Iiti Yli-Harja. 


Jury´s motivation: We are delighted to announce the winner of best animated feature at Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a heartwarming film celebrating the power of friendship and the courage to let go of one’s fears. The film with its beautiful backgrounds, transports the viewers to a magical world of wonder and imagination. The accompanying music further elevates the storytelling, immersing the audience in the emotional journey of its characters. 

The winner of the Best Feature Film at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival is ROSA AND THE STONETROLL directed by Karla Nor Holmbäck. 


Jury´s motivation: By minimalistic means, this film creates an entirely believable world in just a few minutes. Told through an intense atmosphere and impressive character design, the narrative tropes of dysfunctional families are used wisely to celebrate the resilience of brotherhood, something actually worth fighting for. If only we could have stayed with these brothers a little bit longer. 

The award for Best Nordic-Baltic Student Film goes to MANO by Toke Madsen. 


Jury´s motivation: A very cool film. Fun with 3D, and the images were very lively. 

The award for Best Nordic-Baltic Children’s Film goes to THE MUSIC FACTORY directed by Alf Martin Løvvold and Cina Espejord. 


Jury´s motivation: Silly and cool. 

Special mention to THE SWINEHERD directed by Magnus Igland Møller and Peter Smith. 


Jury´s motivation: Very creative. Scary, cool, scary, cool, and funny. A great story about daring to try new things. 

The award for Best Nordic-Baltic Youth Film goes to THE PHOTO THAT CAME TO LIFE directed by Mikk Magi. 


Jury´s motivation: A very important and good story. Take care of nature and family. 

Special mention to PADDLE BOAT directed by Samppa Kukkonen. 


Jury´s motivation: We focused on both good story telling and technical execution (Also there’s always the wow effects to consider). The film really stood out because it used 90’s video game style to tell an emotional story with beautiful abstract visuals. A music video with a good story arc, which can be a difficult balance in music videos. A nostalgic and mysterious style that suits the sound perfectly (with a cool drive). 

The award for Best Nordic-Baltic Commissioned Film goes to THEO MYLING – MY HEART IS IN LIMBO by director Håvard Skeide Glad. 


A super fun commercial extremely well executed both technically and artistically. 

Special mention goes to TROLLI GOONIVERSE by directors Renee Zehan and Lars Ellingbø. 


John M. Jacobsen, one of Norway’s greatest film producers, has been honored with the festival’s Lifetime Achievement award. John M. Jacobsen is being recognized for his contributions to the animation film industry, as well as his efforts to elevate the importance of visual effects in Norwegian cinema.

Congratulations to all!