Death By Unga Bunga - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Death By Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga is on a roll these days. They played 2020’s coolest streamed concert with Once Upon A Time In Deadwood City, have launched their own beer and interrupted the Taco Friday with their appearance on national television. They recently released their sixth masterpiece, the album “Heavy Male Insecurity”. In addition to fierce praise in the domestic media, the album has also been praised by heavyweights such as NPR, AllMusic, Classic Rock Magazine, among others. Death By Unga Bunga played garage rock while the other kids played so-called indie, and they announced the transition to arena rock when garage and psych became trendy. In other words, the guys know everything about being outsiders or trendsetters. As they forge their own path off the mainstream, the band constantly perfects the art of writing irresistible anthems about not fitting in, male insecurity, and partying.