Ida Melum - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Ida Melum

Ida Melum is a BAFTA-nominated and Annie Award-winning animation director, based in both England and Sweden. After training as an actor in Norway, she pursued studies in animation at the University of Middlesex in London. She has worked as a stop-motion animator on films such as the BAFTA-winning Poles Apart and Facin It, before deciding to pursue a M.A. in animation direction at the National Film and Television School in London. During her time at NFTS, she created the films Shopped and OvaryActing, and she subsequently completed her graduation film, Night of the Living Dread, in 2021. Recently, she worked on Attenborough’s Wonder of Song, a nature documentary for BBC. Currently, she freelances and is in the process of developing a new short film.