Jørgen Skjulstad (Center of the Universe) - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Jørgen Skjulstad (Center of the Universe)

Center of the Universe is known for producing videos to nearly all of his tracks, with a notorious use of green screen, B-film tricks, and funny animations. For FAF he presents a new audiovisual show in collaboration with VJ Kristoffer Lislegaard, with live video effects and attempts to take the concept Animated Live literally! Center of the Universe just released the album COU, where all the songs are acronyms, and an album of electronic Norwegian folk music together with Kenneth Lien, receiving plenty of good reviews and coverage in the media. Now the album Long Player is on its way. You can dance to this music that is inspired by house, disco, oriental, and various folk music.

The Center of the Universe is an artist who mainly, but not only, works with music and sound. The band, which is a solo project (hence the name) has released nearly 20 full-length albums, plenty of remixes, and also works for films, theater, and sound art.