Mats Grorud - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Mats Grorud

Mats Grorud is a Norwegian director and animator who studied animation at Volda University College. He complemented his animation career with studies in Denmark, Beirut and Beijing. Mats directed the short films Santa Klaus and My Grandmother Beijing, and animated on Backyard stories (Kaja Polmar, 2006) and Piotr Sapegin’s Grandpa is a raisin (2006). Today, Mats runs his own company called Nubbsjangs Productions, where he develops his own projects, does commissioned work and teaches animation. He has also worked on several documentary projects. In 2007 Grorud started working on an animated documentary called The Tower, along with producer Frank Søbstad at The film documents the situation of the Palestine refugees in Libanon from 1948 until today, and is based on interviews and conversations with the people living in the refugee camps. The documentary uses a mix of drawn animation and stop-motion. The stop-motion part of the film is produced in collaboration with the Polish studio Se-ma-for. Mats Grorud will hold a work in progress presentation about The Tower during the Nordic Animation Forum on Saturday.