Mesak - Fredrikstad Animation Festival


Mesak is an artist and producer, born in Turku Finland 1977. He was one of the key figures of the 90’s electro scene in Finland. Later he moved on to producing techno and hiphop as well as creating more experimental music and sound art. In 2006 he formed ’Harmönia’ record label together with Perttu Häkkinen. Label was dedicated to the ’new scandinavian music style, skweee’ and brought finnish artists around the world to perform their new sound. Mesak’s discography, as a solo artist and in collaboration with various other groups include several dozen singles and albums. Although the music he performs can be defined within the electronic genre, the soundscape he creates sounds surprisingly analog. Mesak will be performing Friday night during the Animated Club at Litteraturhuset, where he will collaborate with the animator and illustrator Mats Sivertsen.