Narissa Schander - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Narissa Schander

Narissa Schander has spent the last 12 years specialising in 2D animation. She has recently worked in Ireland at Cartoon Saloon on 2D Special Effects for Wolfwalkers where the focus was on animating fire, water, smoke, magic, and much more. Previously, she has also contributed to Disney and BBC TV series such as Wander over Yonder and Dangermouse. Schander moved to Canada and was a composition artist for the film My Little Pony The Movie. Throughout her career, she has worked diligently with Mikrofilm on many great projects such as Frydenlund Frisørsalong, Kakerlakkene, It was Mine, Maratondagboken, and Titina. Narissa’s last project was in Ireland at Cartoon Saloon as a 2D Special Effects Supervisor on Netflix’s upcoming film, My Father’s Dragon.