Norwegian Vegetables - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Norwegian Vegetables

Arild Ørnholt, Marius Stene and Jan Petter Aarskog graduated from the animation course at University College Volda in 2003, and are now working on their second season of the comedy sketch series Norwegian Vegetables for NRK Satire. Norwegian Vegetables originally started out as a student project, with the three of them collaborating to make a joint final bachelor’s assignment. This resulted in two pilot episodes. The series focuses on all the strange things Norway and Norwegians have to offer. Screenings at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Frame by Frame and Greenscreen allowed them to travel Norway and gather praise, criticism and industry knowledge. They pitched the concept to NRK themselves, and have since been given the opportunity to produce a weekly satire series for and their web channel Satiriks. The sketches are produced rapidly, with production time taking under three days. Following two seasons, the Vegetables have gained valuable insight to what producing humour for a large audience entails. Their experiences range from getting millions of views in Russia, to being reported to the Norwegian Broadcasting Council.