Per Åhlin - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Per Åhlin

Almost 50 years ago the Swedish director, animator and illustrator Per Åhlin, debuted with his first feature Out of an Old Man’s Head (I huvet på en gammal gubbe). Since then Åhlin has been a key figure in the Swedish animation scene and have made a big impact on the industry both in Sweden and Norway. His productions include several classic feature and TV-series such as The Journey to Melonia (Resan till Melonia), Alfie Atkins (Alfons Åberg) and Christopher’s Christmas Mission (Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons Julafton). Per Åhlin has served as a distinctive figure within the Swedish film community and has been a driving force for the development and animated industry in Sweden. Per Åhlin’s films are today regarded as an important part of Sweden’s film history and have become popular in both Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. Today Per Åhlin appears to be the foremost animation filmmaker in our part of the world. During the festival several of Per Åhlin’s films will be screened and his work will be exhibited in the hall of Fredrikstad Kino. He will also take part in a conversation about his work with the author of his biography, Elisabeth Lysander.