Rebecca Smith - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith is a Multimedia Artist based in the East Midlands, UK. She creates live performances that combine cutting edge projection techniques with new technologies, including projection mapping, augmented sculpture, live drawing systems and interactive media.

In 2005, Rebecca founded Urban Projections, a creative collective of multimedia experimentalists, who specialise in delivering innovative performance opportunities and creative projects, for both artistic and commercial output. Clients have included: Vauxhall, BBC, Jimmy Choo, Spotify, Coca Cola, Dr Marten and Redbull.

Rebecca’s work seeks to discover new and original ways of presenting digital media for audience interaction, pushing the boundaries of creative possibility and pioneering new approaches to mixed media application. Above all, her work always remains accessible to its audience, regardless of the intricacy of its design.

Rebecca’s work has been viewed in prestigious venues throughout the UK and Europe, such as The Saatchi Gallery, Royal Festival Hall, Nottingham Contemporary and The Roundhouse. However, her work is equally at home on the streets and in unusual outdoor locations. With a heavy influence of street art culture, and love of abandoned sites and objects, Rebecca uses forgotten spaces as a canvas for much her work. From 8-storey tower block, to pedestrian underpass or forest location, Rebecca has designed and realised mobile projection systems, which further her performance possibilities and allow for truly site specific application.

As a live visual artist, Rebecca’s work has provided live visuals to accompany a vast array of musicians and DJ’s, including; Avicii, Gorgon City, and DJ Fresh.

Rebecca Smith will hold a Breakfast Seminar at Hydrogenfabrikken on Thursday morning for festival guests and the local creative industry.