Samantha Moore - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is an award winning animated documentary maker who primarily works with science collaborators, from archaeologists to neuroscientists and microbiologists. She has won two awards sponsored by the journal Nature (Abu Dhabi, 2017 & New York, 2010) for her science films. Topics of her films range from competitive sweet pea growing in Shropshire to the experience of multiple birth. She has just finished working with Dr Serge Mostowy (Wellcome fellow, Lister fellow) at Imperial College London on a film centered on his lab’s work about septin cage assembly using zebra fish, called Loop (2016). Her future projects include a European collaborative project with Klangforum Wien, a contemporary music orchestra. She is interested in collaborative methodology projects, particularly in science and about subjects that traditionally defy easy visualisation. Samantha will present her work and thoughts during the Friday seminar programme.