How to Book your Tickets to all the Festival Fun

With the new digital festival content, a new ticketing system is also required. If you would like some guidance on how to get started, here we go!

Festival pass

Everyone needs to register a user account due to infection control. You may do this when you buy a festival pass here.

Make sure to log in before you try the links in the following text: Your digital festival pass/QR-code is found here.

After buying a pass and creating your account you are ready to reserve your seat at the screenings/events you would like to attend here. Make sure to do this beforehand.

When it is time to show your tickets for the events or screenings, you will find them here. This is also where you find your seat number. Please have the ticket ready on your smartphone when you enter the screening/event. Or if you have a printed festival pass card you may get your QR-code scanned. (NB. You still need to book tickets for all events beforehand.)

Single tickets

If you would like to buy single tickets, you may register when you select the screening/event you would like to attend here (after selecting a seat).

If you have other questions we are happy to help you out in the information booth at Fredrikstad Kino.