Carbon offsetting - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Carbon offsetting

The festival is fast approaching, and we will soon have international travelers in Fredrikstad. It is important that we are aware of our impact on the climate. We have entered a collaboration with Accend and will offset the carbon emissions of our official guests to make their visits net-zero for carbon.

Accend helps companies achieve their goals quickly by providing competence and processes within the areas of corporate sustainability, carbon removal certificates, and lifecycle analysis.

Accend collaborates with Nordgau Carbon, a privately owned biochar producer located in South-Eastern Germany. Nordgau’s high-quality biochar contains 89% carbon. This charcoal can be buried in soil where it only degrades very slowly and thereby can act as long-term storage of carbon, instead of it going up into the atmosphere and causing damage. Nordgau Carbon holds the European certificate of sustainably produced biochar, EBC (European Biochar Certification).

FAF has put in place measures to reduce our carbon footprint to become a more environmentally respectful festival. We, therefore, cover these emission factors:
– Flights
– Train
– Driving
– Materials
– Waste
– Energy

To go net-zero in carbon emissions, carbon must be removed from the atmosphere. Azolla is a company that offers solutions for consumers that directly remove carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for your unavoidable carbon emissions. They have several methods such as biochar, afforestation, direct air capture, etc.

What can you do to contribute?
If you want to compensate for your emissions in connection with the festival, including your trip to Fredrikstad, you can do it here. Our suggestion is this offer.


Measures to make Fredrikstad Animation Festival more sustainable
Fredrikstad Animation Festival acknowledges that organizing a festival of a certain size requires consideration of its environmental impact. As an effort to assure that FAF is taking a stand as a more environmentally respectful festival, the festival will implement the following measures to make Fredrikstad Animation Festival more sustainable:


  • Meetings are arranged digitally where it is appropriate to minimize travel and transport consumption.
  • FAF shall have a focus on reusing their and others’ marketing materials and other festival infrastructure.
  • FAF must have a conscious relationship with resources and avoid unnecessary use of them.
  • FAF should preferably choose partners and suppliers who are environmentally certified or have a focus on the environment and sustainability.
  • FAF will consider sustainability when assessing choices for the festival.



  • Encourage filmmakers, audiences, and guests from the Nordic countries to take land transport, preferably trains, when travelling to Fredrikstad
  • Financially compensate guests with long journeys, who choose to take more environmentally friendly travel methods
  • Purchase climate quotas for the plane tickets that the festival buys
  • Develop the digital festival, to be able to present several international filmmakers during the festival without flying them to Norway.
  • Look at opportunities for collaboration with other festivals and organizations on co-booking of guests, to take advantage of their physical presence.
  • Make demands on the venues that the festival uses to reduce waste from serving and consumption.
  • Encourage the festival venues to enter into agreements on renewable electricity contracts
  • Ensure that the festival’s own festival supplies are of a kind that can be reused
  • Catalogue and other printed marketing material must be eco labeled supplies
  • Make sure to minimize the shipping of film copies and other festival material to the festival, by having good routines for digital transfer of films to the festival.