Corrections in the Program - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Corrections in the Program

With so many screenings and events, unfortunately, mistakes can happen. We’ve discovered some minor errors in the program and have corrected them digitally. Only hall numbers have been adjusted, which means you should still arrive at Fredrikstad Kino at the original time set, and the ticket checker will provide you with the correct hall number.

Here are the corrections:


Henry The Great at 15:30 is screened in KINO 4


Nordic- Baltic Competition: Young Audience at 13:30 in KINO 5 
Rosa and the StoneTroll at 15:00 is screened in KINO 6
Nordic-Baltic Competition Short Film at 15:30 in KINO 5

When in doubt; check the digital schedule or feel free to ask the ticket controller at the door. We will get you to the correct screening!