EduFest: Narissa Schander - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

EduFest: Narissa Schander

Edufest is back for FAF 2022. We’re opening the doors to upper-secondary classes that focus on media, design, or art that would like to join in on this exploration of the animation industry. Edufest consists of a lecture with a screening and will be held on Thursday 20 October at the Fredrikstad Cinema.

Students in upper secondary school and folk university are invited to a special day during FAF. On Thursday 20 October, all media, design, and art classes are welcome to the Fredrikstad Kino for a programme of lectures and film screenings. The lecturer for the professional day is Narissa Schander, originally from Moss. Schander is an animator and specialist in 2D animation. Recently she has worked in Ireland at Cartoon Saloon on 2D Special Effects for Wolfwalkers, she has also contributed to Disney and BBC TV series such as Wander over Yonder and Dangermouse. She has also been involved in the production of My Little Pony The Movie, the Norwegian-produced Titina and the upcoming Netflix film, My Father’s Dragon.



Time: Thursday 20.10 at 10:00

Venue: Fredrikstad Kino

Registration: (amount+ school)


The event is supported by Viken Ung.