Events Archive - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Opening Ceremony

Three premieres will open the festival at Fredrikstad Kino on Thursday evening. The opening film is the Norwegian premiere of the Danish-Norwegian feature film Flee directed by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, and the world premiere of the latest short film from the Oscar-winning Norwegian studio Mikrofilm Frydenlund Hair Parlour, directed by Hanne Berkaak. Also, the Finnish short film Flames by Maja Viitahuhta will have its festival premiere during the opening ceremony. After the opening TÆPS and hoi polloi welcome the festival audience to their bars.

Remote WIP Presentation: The House

In this digital seminar, the directors of the upcoming Netflix show The House, will hold a work in progress session, with a focus on each director’s artistic approach to the show. The House is an eccentric dark comedy directed by the leading voices in independent stop-motion animation; Emma de Swaef and Marc Roels, Niki Lindroth von Bahr, and Paloma Baeza. Produced by Nexus Studios, The House centers on a house and the three surreal tales of the individuals who made it their home. The directors have made a splash in stop-motion and have won numerous awards for their short films. With a refreshing and subtitle style, each of the directors have developed an approach to filmmaking that has been a festival favorite for the last decade. The presentation will give the audience a unique insight into the production of the extraordinary animation show, created by some of the greatest talents in the international animation scene today.


Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Niki Lindroth Von Bahr is a master craftswoman and artist who loves making puppets and sets by hand. She brings her characters to life through the techniques of stop motion and puppetry. Her immensely engaging stories are darkly humorous tales, often with a vaguely surreal filter.
Her short films Bath House and Tord & Tord were screened at festivals around the world including Sundance, the Berlinale and Annecy. Her third film, the apocalyptic musical The Burden, premiered at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, having picked up every available piece of metalware on the festival and awards circuit. She also was named one of Variety’s top 10 animators of the year.

Paloma Baeza

Paloma Baeza draws on her acting and screenwriting background to develop captivating storylines starring furry puppets and subtle humour, while also collaborating with household names including Cillian Murphy and Helena Bonham Carter. As a graduate of the National Film and Television School, Paloma developed her stop-motion and puppetry skills, with her animated short film Poles Apart earning an Annie and a BAFTA. Named as one of the Variety Animators to Watch, Paloma was also credited with helming Alex Garland’s animation and live-action hybrid movie The Toymaker’s Secret for Sony Tristar and bringing the life and work of iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo to life in a new animated film currently in development with Universal Content Group.

Emma de Swaef & Marc James Roels

Marc and Emma are a filmmaking couple based in Ghent, Belgium. While Marc’s background lies in live-action, Emma loves anything to do with the handcrafted, building highly tactile and characterful puppets, miniatures, and detailed sets. Their work mixes stop-motion and puppeteering artfully with live-action which creates a particular kind of absurd humour and tenderness that has earned them international critical acclaim.
The duo created the multi-award-winning anthology film This Magnificent Cake! which was endorsed by Oscar-winning director Barry Jenkins as his favourite film of the year and cemented the pair’s position as one of the leading voices in contemporary stop-motion. They are currently directing a story for the eagerly anticipated Netflix and Nexus Studios stop-motion series The House.
Their stop-motion short Oh Willy… has won over 80 awards worldwide, including the coveted Cartoon d’Or. Their animation work on the “Sugarman” commercial for Belgian sugar manufacturer Tiense Suiker was awarded a Bronze Craft Lion for Animation, and their “Stress Doll” ad for the Belgium public transport company De Lijn won an Effie award for effectiveness, as well as being voted the most popular Belgian ad of the year.

EDUFEST: Anna Mantzaris & Gina Thorstensen

Two renowned Scandinavian filmmakers will be presented in our seminar programme for upper secondary students.
The seminar will include lectures by two reputable Scandinavian filmmakers who have international animation careers. First, Swedish Anna Mantzaris is an award-winning short filmmaker who worked on Wes Andersons Isle of Dogs and has had success with her own films. Anna works with puppet animation, where different materials and textures create a unique style. Her films are often funny, with serious undertones. In the seminar, she will talk about how she makes her films and give students insight into stop-motion animation.

The second lecture will be by Gina Thorstensen, who has a long career as an illustrator, artistic director, and designer for several international projects. Thorstensen has worked both on her own projects and major productions within animated feature and short films, illustration, and graphics, including in Barcelona, Berlin, and Copenhagen. In the seminar, she will present how she goes about creating her unique universe and characters for animated films.

The seminar is open for all guests with a valid industry or student pass.


Gina Thorstensen

Gina Thorstensen is an artist who works in multiple fields including animation, illustration, wall painting, sculpture, and virtual reality. Her work has been shown in exhibitions, publications and film festivals around the world.
She has worked as an art director and designer on several animation films, most recently the award-winning feature film Marona´s Fantastic Tale by Anca Damian, and has directed animated music videos for artists such as Gotye.
Gina holds a B.A. in art and design from La Escola Massana in Barcelona and a M.A. in film and new media from the Norwegian Film School.

Anna Malin Mantzaris

Anna is a multi-award-winning Swedish animation director. She loves to work with different textures and materials to give her work a handmade feel. She often works with humour and imperfect characters. Her short films have won over 60 international awards, including European Animation Award, Vimeo Best of the Year, Walt Disney Award, and Audience Award at Ottawa International Animation Festival. Anna has an M.A. in animation from the Royal College of Art and recently worked on Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. She is also occasionally teaching and has been a guest lecturer at Royal College of Art, Stockholm University of the Arts, Design College of Barcelona, and Hyper Island among others.

Symposium: Animation and Science

Animation is used throughout science to convey scientific data in an engaging and efficient way, condensing information and disentangling complex ideas so that a wide audience can acquire vital knowledge. From infographics and commercials to art films and rhetoric, science uses animation to communicate results to the public and peers as well as help scientists in the research process.
In the Symposium: Animation and Science, which was put together in collaboration with the University College of Volda, Norwegian and UK academics will debate and highlight the contribution of animation as a medium to science communication. Remote from London, the animation producer Abigail Addison and Professor Serge Mostowy will discuss their experience of using animation to communicate findings of advanced sciences. The symposium is moderated by Dr. Samantha Moore.


Serge Mostowy

Professor Serge Mostowy is a Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, Wellcome Beit and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow. He studied physics (B.Sc.), evolution (M.Sc.), and microbiology and immunology (Ph.D.) at McGill University, Canada. After postdoctoral work on the cell biology of infection at Institut Pasteur in France, he moved to Imperial College London in 2012 to start a Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship. In 2018 Serge was appointed professor of cellular microbiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where his lab investigates novel roles for the cytoskeleton in innate immunity. The Mostowy lab has also developed the zebrafish as an important model to study the cell biology of infection and the therapeutic potential of targeting the cytoskeleton in vivo.

Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is a UK-based, international award-winning animation director. She loves the joyfulness and eclectic nature of animation. No one ever finds animation intimidating, and yet it can convey complex ideas to a wide audience in an engaging way. Sam has worked on diverse subjects, from competitive sweet-pea growing, to cutting edge microbiology, archaeology, neuroscience, and her own experience of having twins. Sam is currently working on a short animated magical realist fairy tale about dysentery, A Language of Shapes (2022) funded by a Wellcome Trust award and made in collaboration with the Mostowy microbiology lab at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Sam teaches part-time, as an Associate Professor in animation at University College Volda (Norway) as well as Senior Tutor (Research) in animation at the Royal College of Art (UK).

Ellie Land

Ellie Land is a British animation director, researcher and senior lecturer. Her award-winning animated documentary films screen internationally at film festivals and exhibitions. Recently, her work on the feature film Irene’s Ghost was nominated for a BIFA Award in 2018 and was cited as one of the best films of 2019 by the Guardian. Her work on the short-animated documentary Bathroom Privileges for the BFI won the AHRC Research in Film (Animation) Award 2020. She is currently working on a pilot 360 documentary project called Menopause Realities with ForwardSlash Films. Ellie is programme leader of animation B.A. at Northumbria University. She is the co-convener of the animation practice as research symposium and special interest group for the Society for Animation Studies and on the editorial board for the “Animation Practice, Process and Production” journal. She is the co-founder of

Abigail Addison

Abigail is a producer, programmer, and director of animate projects, a UK-based agency producing award-winning, innovative and experimental films. She has produced shorts for Channels 4’s Random Acts; Silent Signal, a large-scale touring art & science project; and Untold Tales, micro-animations for Instagram. Abigail also co-produced the BAFTA-nominated I’m OK by Elizabeth Hobbs with the National Film Board of Canada. She programmes for Edinburgh International Film Festival and London International Animation Festival.

Quiz-O-Rama at TÆPS

Just for the occasion of the animation festival, TÆPS´ regular Thursday quiz will be dedicated to animation and film. With two rounds of 20 questions, the quiz may well be challenging, but only as challenging as it needs to be. Gather a team of up to six friends, and come prepared with sharpened minds and sharpened pencils!

Portfolio session

Want to present your work to one of the festival’s guests or partners? Are you looking for work, but do not know where to start? Sometimes it is essential to get some feedback on the work you’re doing. Bring your portfolio and impress our panel of great artists and professionals. For this year’s edition, the following festival guests are looking forward to offering their professional advice:
Christine Burmeister – Creative Producer, Sun Creature Studio (Denmark)
Claus Toksvig Kjaer – Producer, Nørlum (Denmark)

Masterclass I: Chris Ebeling

Chris Ebeling is the co-founder and creative director of Virtually Human. He is an animator, digital artist, and educator with over a decade of industry experience in feature film, animation, Vfx, games, TV, and emerging technology production. In this masterclass, Chris will focus on the topic of “What Blockchain technology means for gaming.” He will discuss what an NFT is and how blockchains can be used in new ways.


Chris Ebeling

Driven by crafting unique visual experiences for Film, TV, Games, and emerging technologies, Chris Ebeling is a world-class animator, creative director, writer, and digital artist having worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movie’s, The Great Gatsby, Gods of Egypt and Happy feet 2. Supplementing his extensive film and VFX background, Chris has successfully directed projects in the real-time space, with experience across games as well as virtual and augmented reality projects. Chris has since moved on to co-found his own digital creative studio, Virtually Human. Here, the core is to keep people, of all ages, emotionally engaged through immersive digital entertainment. Exploring emerging technologies in gaming, data, and mixed reality. With a strong focus to constantly innovate by bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual world, where the two become inseparable. With his extensive experience in games and CG film development coupled with his passion for Virtual and Mixed Reality, Chris’s goal is to help define the visual language and capabilities of these emerging technologies, contributing to understanding and full potential of these interactive media platforms.

Masterclass II: Bee Grandinetti

Bee Grandinetti works as an animation director, designer and animator. Hailing from the warm lands of Brazil, she has honed her skills across the globe: from Belo Horizonte, to São Paulo, to London, to Stockholm, she has extensive experience in crafting 2D characters full of personality and warmth.
In this masterclass, she will tell us about her process and experience working on the commercial side of the industry. From playful loops to ads and educational films, Bee will share her knowledge developing projects for clients big and small and will give us insight on how her approach evolved throughout the years.


Bee Grandinetti

Bee Grandinetti, som kommer fra de varme strøk i Brasil, har jobbet hardt og perfeksjonert sine ferdigheter over hele verden. Fra Belo Horizonte, til São Paulo, til Stockholm, til London, har hun lang erfaring i å lage 2D figurer, med gjennomførte personligheter og varme. På siden er også Bee en av grunnleggerne for Panimation (et nettsamfunn for kvinner, trans og ikke-binære mennesker som jobber i animasjons- og stop motion bransjen), og har som pedagogisk konsulent hjulpet Hyper Island å omforme sitt Motion-program.

Masterclass III: Morten Thorning

Guest of Honour Morten Thorning has accomplished a lot in his career, but most noticeably he created educational programmes that revitalised the Danish and Nordic animation industries. Former students of his establishment, The Animation Workshop, were essential to growing the animation scene, and have helped to establish Denmark as a powerhouse in the global animation industry. In this masterclass, Morten Thorning will cover both the artistic and commercial side of developing an animation school and cultivating the animation scene in the small production country of Denmark. Also the impact of his research on science films, installations, and immersive VR productions will be part of the masterclass, touching on every aspect of this year’s seminar programme’s themes.


Morten Thorning

Morten Thorning is the founder, and the leader from 1988 to 2019 of The Animation Workshop in Denmark. Driven by his passion for animation, Thorning had made it possible for The Animation Workshop to produce more than 200 animated short films, documentaries, and science films. In addition to 30 exhibitions, installations and immersive XR productions. Within The Animation Workshop, Thorning has developed the following programmes: The Drawing Academy (1996), B.A. in Animation (2003), B.A. in CG Arts (2007) and B.A. in Graphic Storytelling (2013). Overall, he has developed over 100 professional courses related to animation.
In 1997, he founded the Danish programme for artistic residencies for the Animation Open Workshop which was combined with the company and incubator, Arsenalet. He has also established and directed the Viborg Animation Festival (2012) and the R&D Centre for Animation, Visualisation and Digital Storytelling (2017). Throughout his career, Thorning has worked on the artistic development in animation and the art of storytelling, culture and communication, and in the development of visualisation of science and animated learning. In 2019 he also was one of the founders of the Plastic Art Collective.
Morten Thorning has received several awards for his lifelong work for animation and the comics community in Denmark such as the Bodil Award (2017), the Hansen Award (2016) and the Ping Award (2020). Today, Thorning develops and writes animated drama series, produces VR installations and theatre, in addition to working as a consultant of the diverse uses of animation in film and other forms of communication.

Masterclass IV: Uri Kranot

Uri Kranot and his partner Michelle Kranot’s work has expanded beyond the traditional. Their art straddles experimental genres and unfamiliar mediums, fusing handmade crafted images and new technologies into contemporary experiences.

In this masterclass, Uri will discuss his experiences with immersive storytelling. He will focus the conversation on The Hangman at Home as a multi-platform experience.



Uri Kranot

Uri Kranot og hans partner Michelle Kranot sine verk har ekspandert utover det tradisjonelle. Deres kunst strekker seg over eksperimentelle sjangere og ukjente medier, og sammensmelter håndlagde bilder og ny teknologi inn i samtidens opplevelser. De er grunnleggere av produksjonsselskapet TinDrum og ANIDOX, hvor de fokuserer på utvikling og produksjon av animerte dokumentarer. De er også en del av The Animation Workshop, hvor de jobber i diverse nøkkelposisjoner.

New Nordic Animation

What’s going on in the Nordic countries?
The festival has invited four speakers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway to present their latest projects. The animation scene is vibrant and growing in all of these countries, and the presentation will feature some of the hottest directors, producers, and studios from the cold north.
The forum is put together in collaboration with different Nordic associations for animation: SAAVA – The Swedish Association for animation and VFX, ANIS – the Danish association for animation and Finnanimation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Finnish animation industry.
The speakers in this year’s forum:
The independent filmmaker Lasse Person, who runs the independent production company Swedish Ecstasy Film, will present some of his newest work. The Finnish animator and filmmaker Kaisa Penttilä is in production on a feature film, Bear Park, which she will present in the New Nordic Forum. The forum ends with a focus on Norwegian VR, with the presentation of three projects that have been in development in the last years. Gina Thorstensen will present a WIP-presentation of her VR-film Kabaret, Bjørn-Morten Nerland from Stargate Media will present how he works with VR, and alongside director Hilde Kjøs, they will present their newest VR-film Finding Frida. and August Volden Skarra will present his A meeting between Munch and Ibsen, that will be exhibited during the festival.


August Volden Skara

August Volden Skara is a stop motion animator and short film maker from Nesodden in Norway. He graduated with a B.A. from Volda University College in 2019 with his bachelor film A meeting between Munch and Ibsen, a stop motion film made for VR. August is interested in traditional stop motion animation, but also stop motion animation for VR and for game development.

Gina Thorstensen

Gina Thorstensen is an artist who works in multiple fields including animation, illustration, wall painting, sculpture, and virtual reality. Her work has been shown in exhibitions, publications and film festivals around the world.
She has worked as an art director and designer on several animation films, most recently the award-winning feature film Marona´s Fantastic Tale by Anca Damian, and has directed animated music videos for artists such as Gotye.
Gina holds a B.A. in art and design from La Escola Massana in Barcelona and a M.A. in film and new media from the Norwegian Film School.

Lasse Persson

Lasse Persson is an animator, director, and film producer. He trained in animation in Canada, where he also worked as an animator on film projects led by Oscar-winning filmmakers Derek Lamb and Kaj Pindal. Since 1995 he has run the independent production company Swedish Ecstasy Film. Lasse has created many acclaimed short films that have won awards at film festivals around the world and have been shown on TV channels such as American MTV, French ARTE, and British Channel Four. Persson’s appearance is sometimes male and sometimes female. As a female, she is called Lisa Tulin. A recurrent theme in Persson’s films is gender issues, and in 2013, Lasse/Lisa received the Premio Maguey Award “for your path as a Cult Movie Director” at the Guadalajara Film Festival, Mexico. Lasse’s latest films are Corona on the fridge, Art on the fridge and Blood on the fridge. The three films are based on preschool children’s drawings. For the time being, he is working on a new film called Scared of Death.

Kaisa Penttilä

Kaisa Penttilä (b. 1975) is an animation artist, born in Helsinki where she still lives and works. In the 1990s she studied animation in Turku and has worked as an animation freelancer since. She has directed multiple short films that have toured film festivals around the world and won numerous prizes. Her biggest single project is the 26-episode children’s TV-series Boris the Råt Mends his Ways. Kaisa Penttilä wrote and directed it together with Leena Jääskeläinen and it is being broadcasted on YLE at the moment. Kaisa Penttilä has also been a lecturer in many schools and projects, such as Aalto University since 2013 and a media education programme for women in Somaliland in 2013.Currently, she is working on a feature animation, Bear Park.

Hilde K. Kjøs

Hilde K. Kjøs is an award-winning documentary director and cinematographer, originally trained as a photographer at Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Kjøs co-established Mica Film AS in 2004 and has since been based in Oslo, directing and producing documentaries for international film festivals and television. Since 2019 she has worked in VR, developing experiences based on real life events.

Bjørn-Morten Nerland

Bjørn-Morten Nerland is a XR producer living in Oslo. He has worked for over 10 years with immersive media and interactive productions, from exhibitions, documentaries and commercials to music videos and short films. He is a co-founder of Stargate Media. Bjørn-Morten received his B.A. in media technology from Lillehammer University College. He has been nominated for the Norwegian “Gullruten” award for several years in a row, including in the category “Innovation of the Year”. He has also received a Webby Award for Best Use of Interactive Video.

Søren Fleng

Søren Fleng is an animation producer and executive with 20+ years of experience and he’s the Head of the board of The Danish Animation Society.
He lives and works in Viborg and has his office at Arsenalet where his company Happy Flyfish Rights ApS is based.
His producer credits include the 4 billion view Angry Birds Toons series, the Ella Bella Bingo TV-serie, Olsen Gang gets Polished and more. Besides regular entertainment, Søren works with functional animation, using animation as an effective communication tool.

Animation Production Day

On 23 October, the Norwegian Producer Guild of Norway (Virke Produsentforeningen) will, in conjunction with Fredrikstad Animation Festival, hold their Animation Production Day for animation producers and people interested in the production of animated features, shorts, and TV-series. The focus of Production Day this year will be on the creative side of animation production.
The program includes an online masterclass and Q&A with Disney producer Don Hahn (the producer behind such classics as The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast and many more). Director, writer, and story consultant Matthew Luhn, screenwriter Philip LaZebnik, producer Claus Toksvig Kjær (producer of Calamity, Song of the Sea, The Ape Star and many more) and producer Frederick Howard (producer of Julekongen, Kaptein Sabeltann og skatten i Lama Rama, Vikingskool and many more) will participate live and share their production experience and how they work with the creatives. In addition, Norwegian producers will give us a sneak peek into their current films in production; Qvisten will show work in progress from Just Super (Helt Super) and Mikrofilm will share new work from Titina.

The production day is divided into three parts and two of the speakers participate remotely from Los Angeles:

Part 1:
14:00–14:45: Norwegian Producers (Qvisten/Mikrofilm mm.)
14:45–15:30: Masterclass with Frederick Howard and Claus Toksvig Kjaer

Part 2:
16:00–16:45: Masterclass with Philip LaZebnik
16:45–17:30: Masterclass with Matthew Luhn

Part 3:
17:45–18:45: Masterclass with Don Hahn


Don Hahn

Don Hahn began working on Pete’s Dragon for Disney in 1976. He worked as an associate producer on Who Framed Roger Rabbit and later produced Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. In 2017 Hahn executive produced the live-action feature Beauty and the Beast. Don Hahn has also directed and produced several documentaries about animation, such as Waking Sleeping Beauty, Richard M. Sherman: Songs of a Lifetime, and Howard. He has also written several books about animation including, The Alchemy of Animation, Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, Before Ever After, Animation Magic and more.

Philip Lazebnik

Philip LaZebnik has written numerous television episodes and motion picture screenplays in Los Angeles and Europe. His screenwriting credits include Disney’s Pocahontas and Mulan, and DreamWorks’ The Prince of Egypt and The Legend of El Dorado. He was also a writer for several television series, including Wings, Star Trek: the Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Mr. LaZebnik now lives in Denmark, where he has written numerous movies and television shows throughout Europe and the U.S. Most recently he wrote the book for the musical theatrical version of The Prince of Egypt with songs by Stephen Schwartz, which is currently playing in London’s West End at the Dominion Theatre.

Matthew Luhn

Matthew Luhn is a director, writer, and story consultant with over 25 years of experience creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation Studios, The Simpsons, and beyond. His story credits include Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Finding Nemo, UP, Cars, and Ratatouille. Alongside his story work in Hollywood, Matthew also trains companies, organisations, and other professionals on how to craft and tell stories.

Claus Toksvig Kjaer

Claus Toksvig Kjaer is a Danish animation producer. He studied English literature at Aarhus University but changed course and went on to pursue classical drawing and animation at The Animation Workshop, Viborg. After graduation, he worked on a number of short films before joining Cartoon Saloon in Kilkenny, Ireland in 2006 as production coordinator on their BBC Television Show Skunk Fu. He returned to Denmark in 2009 and began leading a series of animated science projects. In order to attract international co-productions to the region, he was hired by Arsenalet as a producer of their association in October 2011. Focusing primarily on feature film production, he partnered up with Nørlum Animation Studio in 2013 co-producing such films as the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea for Cartoon Saloon and Long Way North for Sacrebleu and Maybe Movies. The chance came for another collaboration with Cartoon Saloon in 2015, a 22 minute pilot for Amazon Prime Eddie of the Realms Eternal and again in 2017 with Disney TV Animation on the first Season of Big Hero 6 – The Series.

Frederick Howard

Frederick Howard holds degrees from both Westerdals School of Arts, Communication and Technology, and The Norwegian Film School. He has previously worked as Head of Production in SF Norge AS. He joined the Storm Group in 2012, and has since then become a partner in Storm Films, as well as a board member of the group’s distribution company, Euforia Film. Frederick has been head of the Producers Association’s feature film department, and a member of the board of the Association. He has amongst others produced Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama, The Young Fleksnes, Captain Sabertooth – the TV-series, the feature films Cupid’s Balls and The Valley of Knights – Mira’s Magical Christmas. Frederik takes part in the Nordic Animation Forum which takes place at Litteraturhuset on Saturday evening.


Frank Mosvold

Frank Mosvold has a master’s degree in film production from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. He has directed 14 short films and created and produced two animated TV-series: Hubert (26 episodes) and Ella Bella Bingo (Elleville Elfrid, 104 episodes). Mosvold is now producing and co-directing his first animated feature, based on his Ella Bella TV-series by the same name. The film premiered  in January 2020.

Meet the filmmakers: Short Film Competition

Meet the filmmakers behind the films in the festival’s competition programmes for Nordic-Baltic short films. Get the opportunity to ask what you want, know more about the films, directly from the filmmakers, and get insight into the ideas, processes, and the technic behind the film.

The Q&A session will this year takes place at Gamlebyen Kulturhus, which is a new arena for the festival. A lively venue for music and cultural events in the heart of the charming old town of Fredrikstad.

Animated Live: Death By Unga Bunga + Andreas E. Lund

Death by Unga Bunga, in collaboration with the illustrator Andreas E. Lund, will create a unique concert evening fusing the band’s music and Lund’s 3D animation at Gamlebyen Kulturhus.

When outsider band Death by Unga Bunga fires up their unconventional rock music with similarly unconventional animations by Andreas E. Lund, the audience will be in for a unique experience that has never been seen at the animation festival before.

During last year’s Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the collaboration with Andreas E. Lund and Death By Unga Bunga was noticed when the festival included the music video Not Like The Others in the Nordic-Baltic competition programme for commissioned film. The video proved that dirty garage rock and expressive 3D animation pair well. Therefore, the festival initiated a collaboration to create an animated concert experience. The concert will be an experiment to see if we can go back to the raw roots of rock through 3D animation.


Death By Unga Bunga

Death By Unga Bunga is on a roll these days. They played 2020’s coolest streamed concert with Once Upon A Time In Deadwood City, have launched their own beer and interrupted the Taco Friday with their appearance on national television. They recently released their sixth masterpiece, the album “Heavy Male Insecurity”. In addition to fierce praise in the domestic media, the album has also been praised by heavyweights such as NPR, AllMusic, Classic Rock Magazine, among others. Death By Unga Bunga played garage rock while the other kids played so-called indie, and they announced the transition to arena rock when garage and psych became trendy. In other words, the guys know everything about being outsiders or trendsetters. As they forge their own path off the mainstream, the band constantly perfects the art of writing irresistible anthems about not fitting in, male insecurity, and partying.

Andreas E. Lund

Andreas Emil Lund is a trained illustrator from the Vocational School Kristiania. He discovered animation during his education when he wanted several mediums and techniques for storytelling. As a self-taught animator, Andreas has developed a unique animation style that does not necessarily follow general animation principles. The animations Andreas creates have served as a method for developing a distinctive style as an illustrator and designer, which really engages and at times provokes. It’s far from Oscar material, but an experience quite out of the ordinary, and has been nominated and won awards, both at home and abroad.

Family Day

Sunday is dedicated to the festival’s traditional Family Day – the final day of the four-day festival celebration.
Participants of all ages may immerse themselves in screenings of animated children’s films, a workshop, and other fun activities at Fredrikstad Kino. The family day includes previews and other screenings of animated children’s films. As the festival’s official sponsor, OBOS is giving out free tickets to an exclusive preview screening of the upcoming Mamma Moo finds home.
An open animation workshop held by the regional media workshop E6 is taking place in the cinema hall, along with other activities for the youngest animation enthusiasts. The Family day event is made possible through a cooperation between E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Fredrikstad Kino and OBOS.

Character Workshop: Celia Kaspar

Celia Kaspar is a freelance character designer and illustrator based in Bielefeld, Germany. She has worked for studios like Brown Bag Films and Boulder Media, where she was one of the lead character designers for the new My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021). Also, she has taught traditional drawing animation and character design for several years, running workshops and courses in schools.
This workshop has been developed for kids aged 10–15. Celia will outline her approach to character design and show examples of her work. The children will have the opportunity to design their own characters during the workshop. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance for this small workshop.


Celia Kaspar

Celia Kaspar is a freelance character designer and illustrator based in Bielefeld, Germany. Since 2015 she has worked on a variety of projects across the industry, gaining experience in character development for mobile games, children’s books, and animation projects for both TV and feature films. She has worked for studios like Brown Bag Films and Boulder Media, where she was one of the lead character designers for the new My Little Pony : A New Generation (2021). Also, she has taught traditional drawing animation and character design for several years, running workshops and courses in schools.

Award Ceremony – Children’s Film

To celebrate the artistic work in short film for children, the festival hands out a Golden Gunnar award for Best Nordic-Baltic Children’s Film. A total of seven films will compete for the prize. During the festival, a jury of local children will discuss the films in the Children’s Film Competition Programme and choose the winner of this coveted trophy.

During the ceremony, kids that have been participating in the animation workshop the past year will be able to watch their films on the big screen. The festival collaborators E6 – Østfold Media Workshop and the Oslo based animation workshop Animasjonskurs will show off their best work, made by children in the age group of 8 to 15 years.

Fredrikstad based E6 – Østfold Media Workshop is an important partner and facilitator for the festival’s outreach project for young audiences and talents. It is a resource centre for education and training in the use of film, media and animation. The workshop is specialising in running workshops for children and young people and functions as a resource centre for the whole region.

The award ceremony will end with a screening of the winning film(s) in the category.

Award Ceremony

To mark the conclusion of the Nordic-Baltic competition, an Award Ceremony will be held at Phønix, a festive place in a neo-classic style. The building dates back to 1876 when the town’s bourgeois needed a banquet location. Fredrikstad Animation Festival’s iconic award, the Golden Gunnar, will be bestowed upon the deserving winners of Best Short Film, Best Commissioned Film, Best Student Film, Best Children’s Film, and Best Feature Film. The ceremony would not be complete without the Audience Award and, last but certainly not least, the Golden Gunnar Grand Prix.

Closing party: KlubbKollektivet

After the Fredrikstad Animation Festival awards the Golden Gunnars, it’s time to dance. A closing party will begin at 23:00 at Phønix and continue until the night with KlubbKollektivet setting the scene.

KlubbKollektivet was established in Fredrikstad in the winter of 2019 with a vision to create a club scene for electronic music. The music is spun by DJs with a passion for house and techno, and the collective has since its inception arranged public and private parties at various locations in Fredrikstad.

Opening Ceremony

It is an honour to present a brand new Norwegian animated feature film as this year’s opening film.

Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen’s My Favorite War starts the festival on Thursday 22 October at Fredrikstad Kino, where the red carpet awaits. The film is a co-production between Latvia and Norway and tells a personal story about growing up behind the Iron Curtain in Soviet Latvia.

After the screening, the festival bar TÆPS invites you to a small opening party.