Exhibition by Per Åhlin  - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Exhibition by Per Åhlin 

This year’s guest of honour Per Åhlin, will present an exhibition of his work at the Cinema Hall during the festival. The exhibition will contain works from Åhlin’s 50 years as a filmmaker and illustrator, including character design, film stills and storyboards. Per Åhlin has been a major asset to developing an animation scene in the Nordic countries. His contribution to the film history in his homeland Sweden is impeccable, and his art work and illustrations is part of the folk culture of Scandinavia. The exhibition will present the art of one of the greatest artist of the Nordic animation scene. Per Åhlin’s lovely characters and beautiful backgrounds will be displayed for new fans and old admirers. You are all welcome to the opening reception at 15:30 on Thursday 9th of November.