Exhibition: Don Giorno al Forno - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Exhibition: Don Giorno al Forno

Ciao potential Investorè!! It’sa me! Don Giorno! Fitnessmogul of days past, bodybuilder icon of days present! Al Forno magnate of days yet to come? Hahaha we’ll see!

You are cordially invited to this event in honor of me and my newest product, “Don Giorno al Forno”! A product of unparalleled taste, finesse, and deal value! This could also be your fast track to investments and bucks in the bank! The hopes for the future are high, and the quality of the pasta even higher! I truly believe the market is ready for this, and I wholeheartedly believe the world has been ready for ME for quite some time! It’ll be a feast for your senses as you get to witness my vastness and pasta poster boy potential! Haha my life is like a movie so makes sense having it at the cinema! Pasta first, Oscars next!

You do NOT want to miss out on this fantastic product!

Entrance fee: Free

Clothing: Fitness Casual


Andreas E. Lund

Andreas Emil Lund is a trained illustrator from the Vocational School Kristiania. He discovered animation during his education when he wanted several mediums and techniques for storytelling. As a self-taught animator, Andreas has developed a unique animation style that does not necessarily follow general animation principles. The animations Andreas creates have served as a method for developing a distinctive style as an illustrator and designer, which really engages and at times provokes. It’s far from Oscar material, but an experience quite out of the ordinary, and has been nominated and won awards, both at home and abroad.