Opening Ceremony - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Opening Ceremony

The festival is proud to present one of the first national screenings of the Norwegian feature film The Tower, directed by Mats Grorud, as this year’s opening film.  

To assure the best screening quality, the opening will be held at Fredrikstad Kino, the pride of the city. Fredrikstad Kino is a highly acknowledged cinema, equipped with a Dolby Atmos sound system, and the upmost modern screening facilities.  

Director Mats Grorud and other key members of the crew will be present at the screening.   

To open the festival, it is an honor to welcome the State Secretary to Minister of Culture Frida Blomberg.  

The festival will also celebrate this year’s Guest of Honor, Roze Stiebra ,and screen one of her short films.   

After the ceremony all festival goers are invited to the opening party at Joker Bar, at the 2nd floor of Litteraturhuset, and the reception of the exhibiton dedicated to Roze Stiebra.