Panel: Development of Norwegian animated features - Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Panel: Development of Norwegian animated features

Norwegian animated film has been evolving rapidly in the last ten years, with new films premiering regularly in cinemas, and this development seems to continue into the next decade. In 2020 alone — a year in which conditions have been generally poor for feature films — four Norwegian animated feature films will premiere.

But are the Norwegian animated feature films good enough? Where does the animated feature film stand today, and what challenges must the animation community address in order to tell better stories?

We have asked journalists and writers from outside the animation community to point out the strengths and weaknesses of Norwegian animated feature films that have been developed in recent years. Journalists and critics Oda Bahr and Aksel Kielland will discuss the development of feature films in Norway in a conversation moderated by the head of animation studies at Volda University College, Trygve Nielsen.