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Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022

  • 115 films shown in 15 programmes
  • Largest pass sales and audience turnout in the festival’s history
  • 6,868 audiences at the festival’s screenings and events during the festival and screenings throughout the year
  • The festival’s programme was presented at six cultural arenas in Fredrikstad
  • 27 panelists and speakers presented in 11 seminars and panels
  • The third time FAF was conducted with a digital edition

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022 was organized from 20 to 23 October with Fredrikstad Kino as the main arena. Events and film screenings were also held at TÆPS, hoi polloi, St. Croix house and at Quality Hotel – Fredrikstad. Outside of the festival days, the festival held screenings at SALT in Oslo, TÆPS and hoi polloi in Fredrikstad and curated programs for the Animasyros festival in Greece and the Trollywood Animation Festival in Sweden.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2022 has had the largest audience turnout in the festival’s history and has established itself as the most important event for animation in the Nordic countries, with 125 filmmakers, film distributors and collaboration partners presented in the festival’s programme. The festival further developed a closer collaboration with Fredrikstad’s cultural and business life through the festival’s programmes.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2021

FAF 2021 was the largest festival yet.

The 25th edition of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival happened from 21. to 24. October 2021 and it was the largest animation festival since the event moved to Fredrikstad.

The festival experienced an audience growth of 35% and a 10% increase in pass sales. With a record-breaking programme and digital availability, the festival reached more people than before. After 21 years in Fredrikstad, the festival has grown so large that it was possible to present the film screenings and events in eight different venues throughout the city. Festival leader Anders Narverud Moen was very pleased with the attendance and programme for this year’s festival, “Fredrikstad Animation Festival is now the leading festival for animation in the Nordic countries and really left its mark on the city this October. We are extremely happy that the audience likes what we do, and we will continue to actively develop the festival further.”

In connection with the Corona outbreak, the festival launched a digital platform for the festival in 2020. This year it was developed further and included exclusive content. The digital platform was available to pass holders for a week and contributed greatly to the viewership increase. Anders Narverud Moen elaborates, “The digital platform gives our audience opportunities to immerse themselves further in our extensive program and lets them see films and events that they missed during the festival in October. Four days go by fast, and we believe it is important to make our fantastic programming available on other platforms as well. We see that this is something that the festival audience supports, and it was a part of what made this year’s festival so great.”

Fredrikstad Animation Festival has also seen a record increase in the number of partners, both locally and from the film and animation community. This has given the festival a boost and gives the festival more opportunities to create new innovative programme concepts.

The festival administration is looking forward to a new session and already 11 months before the 2022 festival can buy festival passes at a greatly reduced price.

Browse the 2021 catalogue here.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2020

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) 2020 was held from 22 to 25 of October at the Fredrikstad Kino, TÆPS, and HoiPolloi as the main venues. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there were strong restrictions on the event and assembly. The festival chose to develop a digital platform that allowed the audience to see most of the programme online.  

Key Metrics of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival:

  • 102 films in 26 performances
  • 96 films were available on the festival’s digital platform
  • Second highest sales of festival passes
  • 17 seminars and presentations with filmmakers and international guests arranged physically and streamed on the festival’s digital platform.

During the Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) 2020, a diverse programme was presented with films, seminars, and other events in the theme of animation. The festivals film programme provided an overview of both the domestic and international animation scene. Retrospective programs were also important to FAF 2020. In 2020, the festival marked the 100th anniversary of Norway’s greatest film artist Ivo Caprino. The programme was available both on the digital platform and physically in Fredrikstad. FAF is one of the few festivals that could give the audience almost the same experience physically and digitally.

Digital Festival

When Coronavirus broke out and shut down communities in March 2020, FAF quickly chose to focus on a digital platform, as either an extension of the physical festival, or if necessary, as the only form. By using and enlisting streaming and TV production expertise, the festival wanted to ensure that the program content could be presented in a way that the audience could enjoy. All the seminars and presentations were filmed and streamed live on the digital platform, along with most of the film programme. This made it possible to overcome the obstacle of traveling to Fredrikstad to experience the festival.

Film Programme

Nordic-Baltic Competition

The Fredrikstad Animation Festival held an annual competition program for Nordic-Baltic animated films. In 2019, a separate competition for feature films was also introduced, which was also held in 2020. The programme included 20 short films, 14 student films, 33 commissioned films, and 5 featured length films.  50% of the films in the competition were from female directors.

This year saw nominees compete for the Golden Gunnar in a total of five categories: best student film, best commissioned film, best children’s film, best short film, and best feature film.

Selection Committee: Festival leader Anders Narverud Moen, festival producer Jonas Saabel and Information Coordinator Marit Krogstad (due to the corona situation, they chose to have an internal committee in 2020)

Jury for Nordic-Baltic student and short film: director Robin Jensen, photographer Janne K. Hansen and film expert Ieva Viese (Latvia)

Jury for Nordic-Baltic feature film: Program director Truls Foss, Art director and director Kristin Günther and journalist Vassilis Kroustallis (Greece / Estonia)

Jury for commissioned film: Screenwriter Line Lockert, cartoonist and animator Inga Sætre and director Will Ashurst

The children’s film jury consisted of local children from Fredrikstad.

The awards ceremony was held at TÆPS in Fredrikstad on 24 October and the following films won the festival’s award – the Golden Gunnar.

Best Student Film

Pearl Diver

Director: Margrethe Danielsen
Jury’s motivation: A beautiful film about impossibilities. The well-structured story explores the opposites of the characters and their possibilities. The jury recognizes the film’s precision and clarity combined with a rich symbolic value that the elements carry with them.

Best Commissioned Film


Director: Kim Holm

Jury’s motivation: An appealing ascetic design where each frame is a work of art with strong technical skill that complements the story without deviating from the striking design choice.

Best Children’s Film

Reven og Nissen

Directors: Yaprak Norali and Are Austnes
Jury’s motivation: This is a good story. A great movie that shows you can trust tomten. The music is very good, and it is well animated.

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

Yes People

Director: Gísli Darri Halldórsson

Jury’s motivation: The film’s effective use of time, rhythm, and visual information makes it a rediscovery. The film is unusually light-hearted for the Nordic-Baltic animation scene and captures the jury with the same humour and humility that the character share.

Audience Award

Tales from the Multiverse

Director: Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith

This film was voted on by the audience of the digital platform.

Best Nordic-Baltic Feature Film

Knutsen & Ludvigsen 2: Det Store Dyret

Directors: Gunhild Enger & Rune Spaans
Jury’s motivation: The winning film celebrates a wealth of ideas, and the joy of finding meaning in the meaningless, at a time where we find meaning in absolutely everything. The film is playful in its references, both universally and locally. The animation is well crafted and mirrors the story in an elegant manner that makes the whole happy and colourful trip a hit with all ages.

Golden Gunnar Grand Prix

Freeze Frame

Director: Soetkin Verstegen

Jury’s motivation: The technique in Freeze Frame matches the story and reveals the contrast between steadfastness and fragility. The jury sees this film as a dystopian tale of human greed and thoughtlessness in the face of the world we are all a part of.

Honourable mention

Featured film: Old Man Movie (Mikk Mägi & Oskar Lahemaa)
Student film: A Room with a Sea View (Leonid Shmelkov, Estonia 2020)
Commissioned film: Basic Self Disturbance (Julian Nazario Vargas, Norway 2020)

Other Short Film Programmes

The festival also showed five other short film programs, with a total of 31 short films and two feature films as part of the extensive film programmes that the festival presents. The festival administration attended other festivals to bring films to this programme. In 2020 the festivals mainly took place online, which meant they could cover more than before. 

Best of International Short 1 and 2

Two programs that highlighted 12 films from the international animation scene. The films showed a range of techniques in animation and 50% of the films had female directors.  

Friday Nightmare at TÆPS

Six films in the horror and gore genre shown in collaboration with the nightclub TÆPS in Fredrikstad. The screening was part of the festival’s development of screening animated shorts for a more ordinary audience who does not necessarily visit the cinemas to see short films.

Abstract Hoipolloi

Seven non-narrative films were shown in collaboration with the nightclub Hoipolloi. The film programme was dedicated to films that have a more abstract approach, where the filmmakers use artistic expression to create unique film works.

Ivo Caprino 100 years

Six of Ivo Caprino’s fairy tale films were shown to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the filmmaker’s birth. The short film programme was followed by a panel discussion between Remo Caprino, the director of Caprino studios, and animation expert Gunnar Strøm. The classic Flåklypa Grand Prix was also shown during the festival as part of the celebration.


The festival presented several renowned international filmmakers and animation experts in various programs during the festival. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, all the international guests were presented on video stream to the event venues and on the digital platform.

The official guests were: Michaël Dudok de Wit (NL/UK), Lizzy Hobbs (UK), Tim Allen (UK), JP Ahonen (FI), Samppa Kukkonen (FI), Peter Smith (DK), Inga Sætre, Yngvill Sve Flikke, Rune Spaans, Alex Dudok de Wit (UK), Simon Österhof (Se), Remo Caprino, Robin Jensen, Janne K. Hansen, Will Ashurst, Ieva Viese, Line Lockert, Vassilis Kroustallis, Oda Barh, Aksel Kielland and Truls Foss.

In addition, the following filmmakers were presented in various “Meet the filmmaker” sessions: Kristian Pederdsen, Bjørn Sortland, Nils Johan Lund, Jöns Mellgren (Se), Dominyka Adomaityté (Lit), Vykintas Labanauskas (Lit), Gísli Darri Halldórsson (Isl), Jacob Stålhammer (Se), Anita Killi, Yaprak Morali, Sofie Edvardson (Se), Gunhild  Enger, Malin Erixon (Se), Kaspar Janics (Est), Star Bazancir(Tys/ Se), Anu-Laura Tuttelberg (Est), Niina Suominen (Fin) and Riho Unt (Est).

Seminars and Presentations

FAF is internationally recognized for its seminars with top international actors from the animation scene. Due to the Coronavirus, there were strong travel restrictions that made it difficult to present filmmakers from other countries in the programmes. Through live streaming and audio-visual productions aboard it was possible for present seminar programmes that did not lag previous years’ programmes. The Masterclasses had a rented studio in London where animation expert and journalist Alex Dudok de Wit ( interviewed three different filmmakers with a broad approach to the world of animation. The broadcasts were live in one of the screens at Fredrikstad Kino and on the digital platform.

Alex Dudok De Wit had conversations with filmmakers Michäel Didok de Wit and Lizzy Hobbs in the London studio.

FAF Masterclass: Michäel Didok de Wit

Oscar winner for best animated short film and master director, Michäel Didok de Wit presented in his masterclass the work he has done over the years as a director, animator, and illustrator including the development of his Oscar nominated feature film The Red Turtle, which was produced by the legendary Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli.

FAF Masterclass: Lizzy Hobbs

Short filmmaker Lizzy Hobbs, is an experimental filmmaker who through her unique style, tells surprising stories. With her analogue techniques, her films offer a creative and free artistic view of everything from historic events to mythical narratives. In the Masterclass, she discussed her approach to making the films and showed how she goes about creating her unique expression.

FAF Masterclass: Tim Allen

Tim Allen has over 20 years’ experience as a stop-motion animator where he has worked on major feature film productions around the world. The films he has worked on include Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dog and Tim Burton’s Franenweenie. In his Masterclass from London, he told about how he, as an animator, takes on direction, when he has to create life in the puppets in the production he is a part of. Allen showed different clips of animations he has made, and analysed how he progresses as an animator.

New Nordic Animation

One of the festival’s main goals is to create awareness of what’s happening in Nordic-Baltic area within the world of animation, and increase the exchange of experiences and cooperation in Northern Europe. Every year the festival invites studios and filmmakers from the Nordic counties to present themselves and work in a forum called New Nordic Animation. In the 2020 edition of the forum, director Yngvill Sve Flikke and animator and cartoonist Inga Sætre presented the work they did in the hybrid film Ninjababy which is based on the cartoon novel Fallteknikk by the latter. Simen Österhof producer and screenwriter at the Swedish animation studio Soja presented their work including an award-winning film Top 3, which won the FAF first feature film award in 2019. The session ended with a studio presentation by the Danish studio Tumblehead. The two-studio presentation were pre-recorded and broadcast online.

Anidox Workshop and Presentation

Anidox is a creative platform for developing and producing animated documentary projects based I Viborg, Denmark. By bringing together international filmmakers and further developing collaborations between animators and documentary filmmakers, the project wants to develop the genre for animation documentaries. For the past two years, FAF has entered a partnership with ANIDOX for a workshop in the festival. With the support from Viken Filmsenter, six new projects in animation, documentary and VR participated in the two-day workshop with a Pitch Presentations during the opening day of the festival.

Meet the Filmmakers

Three questions and answer sessions were held with filmmakers from the competition programme during the festival. The conversations followed the first showings of carious programmes. The sessions were led by Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen (Young Audience), Tonje Skar Reisersen (Short Films), and Anders Narverud Moen (Feature Films). Filmmakers who were unable to physically participate were available via video link.

Meet the Distributors

In a video conference that was streamed on the digital platform, the festival director Anders Narverud Moen moderated a conversation with key distributors from the European animation scene. Marcin Lucjaz from New Europe Film Sale and Nicolas Schmerkin from Autor de Minute were introduced to the Norwegian animation industry, and they talked about how they work with the distribution of animated short films in an international market.

Children, Young People, and Families 

Since 2012, FAF has had a strong focus on young people with several programmes aimed at this audience group. Due to the Coronavirus situation, the measures were reduced in 2020 when they could not be implemented dur to restrictions. One programme that could be implemented was a seminar for high school, where filmmaker’s animation gave lectures for students. In the seminar, Finnish creators of the TV series Belzebubs gave a “Work In Progress” look at the upcoming TV series based on the cartoon of the same name. Director Samppa Kukkonen and series creator JP Ahonen held a seminar via video link from their studio in Helsinki, Finland. Live in Fredrikstad was one of the two directors from the latest film about Knutsen and Ludvigsen, Rune Spaans to talk about the process of making the audience success Knutens og Ludvigsen 2: Det store Dyret.

Workshop for Young Talent

Another initiative for young people is a workshop that the festival holds for young people who show particular interest in animation and media production. In collaboration with Amandusfestivalen and Mediverksted E6, the festival puts together a workshop with the aim of developing young talents’ abilities in animation or related disciplines that animation films use. The leader for this workshop was the renowned illustrator and art director Gina Thorstensen, who has a strong international career in animated films. She was centre in the design team of the award-winning feature film Morna’s Fantastic Tale, and directed several music videos, including for the Australian artist Gotye. In the workshop, Thorstensen focused on the creative process behind designing the animated film and how to work creatively with the film’s artistic expression. Gina also introduced different techniques in illustration and animation.


In connection with screening the festivals opening film My Favorite War by Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen, a short ceremony was held at Fredrikstad Kino, with then opening speech by Latvian Ambassador Judite Dobele.

Video Installation of Hvalhai Film

In the cinema foyer, the festival in a collaboration with the production company Fabelfjord and producer of projectors Barco, installed a floor design of Kristin Günther’s film installation Hvalhaien, which allows the audience and especially children to interact with the film’s plot and theme. The film is intended to be over ice, but due to lack of funding, the wrong season and location of inside a cinema foyer, this was not possible.

Family Days

The last day of the festival was dedicated to families with a customized programme with family movies. Various measures were adapted to the audience group to spread joy. In the cinema foyer, there was an animation and zoetrope workshop arranged by the festival’s partners E6 – Østfold Mediverksted and children’s culture house, Qlthus. The cinema programme included a preview of the Norwegian Film Jul på Kutoppen and the Irish animated film Wolfwalkers. Also, in connection with the screening Jul på Kutoppen, there was a song and dance show with characters from the film. Family Day is the most important initiative that the festival makes because this audience is a strong supporter of animation. The programme was limited due to infection control considerations. 

Team and Partners

The festival administration consisted of festival director Anders Narverud Moen, festival producer Jonas Saabel and marketing and communications Marit Krogstad. Two festival assistants were also employed right up to and during the festival.

The festival’s partners are Fredrikstad Kino, TÆPS, Hoipolloi, Netron, Parabol Studio, E6 – Østfold Medieverksted, Amandusfestivalen – Lillehammer student film festival, SAAVA and ANIS

The festival was produced by Norwegian Animation Forum and in connection with Norwegian Film Institute, Fredrikstad Municipality and Viken County.

OBOS, TÆPS and TVPaint are the festival’s sponsor partners.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) 2019 was held from 24 to 27 of October at the Fredrikstad Kino and Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad as the main venues. The festival is the leading animated film festival in the Nordic region and presented a wide range of animated films with the focus on the Nordic-Baltic animation scene. The festival experienced growth in its public audience and has strengthened efforts for both the public and industry in 2019.

Key Metrics of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival:

  • 120 films from a total of 19 countries in 29 performances
  • 17% increase in passes and ticket sales
  • 17 seminars and presentations with filmmakers and international guests from 10 countries

Film Programme

Nordic-Baltic Competition

The Fredrikstad Animation Festival held an annual competition program for Nordic-Baltic animated films. In 2019, a separate competition for feature films was also introduced. After seeing the production of feature-length animated films grow in the last 10 years in the Nordic and Baltic regions, it was natural for the largest Nordic festival to include this new category in the competition. The festival included six feature films, 20 short films, six children’s films, and 11 student films.

This year saw nominees compete for the Golden Gunnar in a total of five categories: best student film, best-commissioned film, best children’s film, best short film, and for the first time this year: best feature film.

The job of selecting the winners of this year’s Golden Gunnar fell to our three juries, composed of a global team of industry professionals:

Commissioned films:
Irene Sparre, Yngve Aasen and Sverre Fredriksen.

Best Feature Film:
Sarah van den Boom, Jørgen Søderberg Jansen and Juliette Marchand.

Best Short Film, Best Student Film:
Michael Frei, Rune Spaans and Aggie Pak Yee Lee.

Best Student Film

Sounds Good
Director: Sander Joon
Jury’s motivation: This wonderfully playful film oozes with humor, acute observations and great ideas. It displays a strong sense of timing, design and a seamless blend of techniques that impressed the jury. It’s a pleasure to watch and an outstanding film.

Best Commissioned Film

Belzebubs – Cathedrals of Mourning
Director: Samppa Kukkonen

Jury’s motivation: The process of choosing a winner was surprisingly easy. There was no doubt in our minds as there was one film that clearly stood out among the others. Technically wonderfully executed, stylish, appropriate, innovative, and humorous, the film was unanimously selected as this year’s winner.

Best Children’s Film

Director: Sergei Kibus

Special Mention:
Rudy and the Lightning Monster
Director: Endre Skandfer

The children’s jury handed out the award for Best Children’s Film at a separate award ceremony at Fredrikstad Cinema earlier in the day.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Liftetime Achievement Award was given to Anna Tystad Aronsen during the opening ceremony on 24 October, in recognition of her long career within and dedication to Nordic animation.

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

Director: Robin Jensen

Jury’s motivation (they wrote a poem for the occasion): A film that made us smile. Not too much. Not too little. Just like a good kiss that makes you chuckle with bliss.

Audience Award

Origin of Man
Director: Pjotr Sapegin

Best Nordic-Baltic Feature Film

Top 3
Director: Sofie Edvardsson

Jury’s motivation: The first film to win the Golden Gunnar in the new category of Best Animated Feature is a touching and intelligent movie with an original topic. It displays a lot of humor and tenderness, without resorting to clichés.

The story is told with minimalistic animation, but the rhythm and the amazing voice work makes it emotional and relatable. The movie very effectively makes us feel what the characters are going through. Many movies tell stories about someone who wants to leave small cities. This is a story about a boy who wants to stay.

We would love to see more films from these talented filmmakers!

Golden Gunnar Grand Prix

Still Lives
Director: Elli Vuorinen

Jury’s motivation: The winning film is in equal parts funny, sacral and contemplative. Dancing between modernity and history, it seems grounded in reality, yet not. We like its visual language, humor and delicacy. It leaves us with many questions, as this film has made us consider that there is life even within that which seems still.

Other Short Film Programs

The festival also showed five other short film programs, that were selected by the festival administration, to expand the program and show some of the best international animated films.

Best of International Shorts 1 and 2

Two programs that were 80 minutes each that consisted of 17 animated short films from other European animation festivals.

Animated Night: Comedy and Satire

Seven animated short films or series episodes in the theme of satire. Four of the films were from guests of the festival.

Animated Short Films for Kindergarteners

Five animated short films for the youngest of us all.

Nordic-Baltic Student Film Panorama

Entries for the Nordic-Baltic competition was at a record high. Therefor 10 addition student films were shown outside the competition.

Screenings and other events throughout the year

Animated at Kulturhuset and TÆPS

A total of 9 screenings of animated short films were held at Kulturhuset in Oslo and TÆPS in Fredrikstad. The program had several themes, for example student films, Oscar nominees and FAF winners.

Screening of winning films – Nordiche Filmtage

In partnership with Nordic film days at Lübeck in Germany, two of the winning films from FAF 2019 were shown.

Festival Artist: Kristian P from Månefestivalen

FAF entered a co-producer agreement with the music festival, Månefestivalen, on an exhibition of the works of short filmmaker, Kristian Pedersen. All the filmmaker’s short films were shown in the Old Town of Fredrikstad from 24 until 28 of July.


The festival presented several renowned international filmmakers and animation experts in various programs during the festival. The official guests were: Anna Tystad Aronsen, Dan Harmon, Dino Stamatopoulos, Duke Johnson, Michael Frei, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Neil Pymer, Terhi Väänänen, Mikael Lindbom, Rasmus Sivertsen, Charlotte Sanchhez, Kristian Pedersen, Uri Kranot, Frode Søbstad, Nille Tystad, Jørgen Søderberg Jansen, Yngve Aasen, Rune Spaans, Äggie Pak Yee Lee, Juliette Marchand, Randi Liodden, Stig Morten Waage, Markus Gaupås Johansen, Marius Stene, Jan Petter Aarskog, Arlid Ørnholt, Sarah Van den Boom, Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Irene Sparre.

Guest of Honour and Lifetime Achievement Award

The guest of honour at FAF 2019 was the Norwegian graphic designer and animator Anna Tystad Aronsen. With a career that spans five decades Anna Tystad Aronsen is a pioneer in Norwegian animation. For several decades she was the ‘animator at NRK’. She got her first assignments for NRK in 1963, she was permanently employed in 1979 and she was head of the graphic studio from 1993 until she retired. During the festival’s opening ceremony at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, Anna Tystad Aronsen received the festival’s Lifetime achievement award for her lifelong work in animation in Norway.

Industry Events

The festival is an important meeting place for the Nordic animation industry and every year presents international greats for the seminar program. The festival proposed several measures to promote the animation industry and contributes to the growth and artistic development of the industry.

Industry Seminars

On Friday 25 October, the festival’s high acclaimed industry seminars kicked off. Three seminars included four top names in the international animation industry were presented at Fredrikstad Kino. These seminars were moderated by David Skaufjord.

Kids – Porting 2D animation to interactive games

Michael Frei, an award-winning short film director, along with Mario von Rickenback developed 2D hand-drawn films into small interactive games. In the seminar, Frei showed in detail how the project worked, and the technical transfer from one medium to another, with a special focus on the artistic challenges they encountered.

Making of Checkered Ninja

Checkered Ninja achieved great success in both Norway and its home country, Denmark. It became a cult hit with great audience appeal despite its more adult content than the average 3D animated film. Director Thorbjørn Christoffersen presented a “making of” the film during Friday morning. He showed how the film came to be and the production development of the characters and story in the film.

Starburn Industries: Animation and Writing for Satire and Comedy

With their highly acclaimed Oscar-nominated stop motion feature film, Anomalisa, Starburns Industries proved to be an innovated and imaginative production company. Specializing in stop-motion, tradition 2D and CG animation, as well as live-action projects, the studio has delivered a wide range of productions for film and TV. In a conversation with the moderator, David Skaufjord, Duke Johnson, and Dino Stamatopoulos talked about how they go about creating animation content for film and TV and talked about their experiences of developing animation for the satire and comedy genre.

Nordic Animation Forum

A seminar focusing on the Nordic animation industry was also held during the festival. The seminar was a collaboration between different industry organizations from the Nordic countries like, ANIS – the animation association (Denmark) and SAAVA (Sweden) as well as the festival organizers, the Norwegian Animation Forum. The main part of the seminar was a presentation of different filmmakers, producers, and studios from Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden, followed by a panel discussion.

During the forum, there were the following presentations: Terhi Väänänen from Finland, presented studio productions and various animated short films and series from Pyjama Studios. Rasmus Sivertsen gave a Work In Progress look at the 2021 film Helt Super. Mikael Lindbom gave a presentation about Dockhus Animation, one of the most important animation studios in Sweden. Irene Sparre showed off her work from international clients from the studio Sparre Production.

Other events and exhibitions


The festival opening ceremony was held at Litteraturhuset and hosted by the county councillor for culture and integration in Viken, Camilla S. Eidsvold. The program included awarding the Lifetime Achievement prize to Anna Tystad Aronsen, presenting the festival’s programme, and screening the film Human Nature, by Sverre Fredriksen, Menneskets Opprinnelse by Pjotr Sapegin and Moral Orel: Help by Duke Johnson.

Meet the Filmmakers

Two questions and answer sessions were held with filmmakers from the competition programme during the festival. The conversations were moderated by Alexis Hunot, who was part of the selection committee for the Nordic-Baltic competition program. These conversations are like ones held for the featured films Topp 3 and Rutete Ninja.

Meeting with Dan Harmon, Creator of Community and Co-Creator of Rick and Morty

The festival’s main guest was the American screenwriter and series creator Dan Harmon. He is the man behind the comedy successes Community and Rick and Morty. In a conversation with the moderator David Skaufjord, they presented his creative works and approaches to creating good TV shows and series with a focus on the script process. In connection with the event, two episodes from The TV series Rick and Morty were shown.

True Pioneer of Norwegian Animation: Anna Tystad Aronsen

In a conversation with animation experts Gunnar Strøm, life and work of the festivals guest of honour Anna Tystad Aronsen was presented for the festival public. Nillie Tystad joined the conversations which centred around the earliest times of Norwegian animation history and how animations made itself seen in the news from early on.


As part of the focus of the festival was on the comedy and satire genres, the NRK editorial team Satriks held a presentation of how they make the series, which has been running for several years on NRK. The programme uses animations as an element for its satire production which has both created excitement and controversy.

Exhibition: Kristian P

As a continuation of the summer exhibition with the works of Kristian Pedersen, the exhibition reopened at the Fredrikstad Kino during the festival. The exhibition was dedicated to the work of local filmmaker and artist Kristian Pedersen and showed the filmmaker’s unique style.

Exhibition: Human Nature

The exhibition was held at the Litteraturhuset during the festival week and was dedicated to one of the films that was in the competition program. The exhibition showed 30 dolls that were used in the 2-minute-long film, Human Nature.

Children, Young People, and Families  

Programme for young people

A seminar for animation, media, and art in secondary school and higher education was presented on the opening day of the festival. Through to lectures with filmmakers from the animation world, students learned how to make animated films. The speakers were the award-winning short filmmaker Kristian Pedersen and line producer Charolle Schanzes from the Danish studio SunCreature Studio. The speakers talked about how they got to where they are today.

Portfolio Assessment

In connection with the first screening of the student films and Educational seminars during FAF, a portfolio panel was put together to assess the work of young filmmakers and students, while at the same time introducing key peoples from the film and animation industry.

Educational Stand

As part of the focus on young people, the festival invited three central educations institutions in animation and media production to visit over 300 secondary students in the Viken county.

Workshop for Young talent

A two-day workshop for young people aged 16 to 20 was arranged during the festival weekend at E6 – Østfold media workshop. The workshop focused on different variations in stop-motion animation and allowed the participants to make their own short project films. The workshop was led by renowned director and animator Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen.

Children and families

Zoetrope – Competition and Exhibition

In partnership with the children’s culture centre, Qlthus, all 3rd graders in Fredrikstad were invited to contribute to a 12 square zoetrope strip, where the best contributions were exhibited at the Fredrikstad Kino.

Chalk Drawing on Gågata

In connection with the screening of separate film program for the kindergartens in Fredrikstad, the children had the opportunity to draw with chalk on the Gågata outside the Fredrikstad Kino.

Family Days

Saturday during the festival was dedicated to families with a customized program of family movies, activities, and entertainment. Activities included an open animation workshop and drawing workshop. In connection to a screening of Kaptein Sabeltann og den magiske diamant, Captain Sabertooth was there prior to the screening.

Team and Partners

The festival administration consisted of festival director Anders Narverud Moen, festival coordinator Jonas Saabel.

The festival was produced by the Norwegian Animation Forum and in connection with:
Amandusfestivalen i Lillehammer, Animation Volda, ANIS – Animasjonssamenslutningen, Blender Collective, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Frame by Frame, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Grafill Animasjon, Karivold Film, Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, Netron, Norwegian Film Institute, OBOS, Qulthus, SAAVA, Scandic City Hotel, The Cure Foodtruck, US Embassy of Norway, Viken Filmsenter and Østfold Fylkeskommune.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2018

The 23rd edition of Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) was held from October 25 to 28, with Fredrikstad Municipal Cinema, the House of Literature in Fredrikstad and TÆPS as its venues. The festival saw a huge increase in public attendance, with a 70% increase in pass sales. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum.

Summary FAF 2018

31 screenings with a total of 129 films.
86 short films, 33 pieces of commissioned work and 10 feature films.
11 seminars and panel talks with 30 filmmakers from 7 countries.
55% female directors in the festival’s competition programme for Nordic-baltic animated short film. 7 of 10 features screened had a female director.
Films from 26 countries were shown, including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, USA, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Croatia, South Korea, Russia, Ireland, Luxembourg.

Golden Gunnar winners 2018

The international jury for Nordic-Baltic student- and short film consisted of Christin Berg (Norway), David Doutel (Portugal) and Riina Viilén (Finland). The jury for commissioned film was Nick Simons (Norway/England), Lena Ólafsdottir (Denmark/Iceland) and Mats Grorud (Norway). The winner of the children’s film award was selected by a jury of local children.

Grand Prix

Night Walks (Lizete Upite, Latvia – 2018)

Jury’s statement:
This year’s Grand Prix winner was chosen for its ability to transport us into an atmosphere of mysticism with simple, but carefully crafted visuals, its immersive sound design and its beautifully paced dialogue that made us walk along with the characters.

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

Quiet (Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen, Norge – 2018)

Jury statement:
The winner of this year’s Nordic-Baltic Short Film Competition is a film that is consistent in its approach, giving an unsentimental portrayal of a painful everyday life. Through its animated and original tableaux, this film shows the quiet children who, each in their own way, become the victims of their parents’ struggles. The theme is sadly universal and relevant. This film manages to give these children a voice in a reflected, touching way.

Special Mention Nordic-Baltic short film:
Little Boy (Kristian Pedersen, Norway – 2018)

Best Nordic-Baltic Student Film

Muteum (Äggie Pak Yee Lee, Estonia – 2017)

Jury statement:
We have chosen to award a film that inspires with its exuberance. The film is colorful and informal, juxtaposing the seriousness of the art establishment with children’s natural playfulness. The animation is precise, and the line elegant, playful and consistent.

Best Nordic-Baltic Children Film

The Downfall of Santa Claus (Robert Depuis, Norway – 2018)

Jury statement:
This year’s children’s film award winner is really cool. We like how it’s put together. It just captivates you. A really funny Santa.

Special Mention Nordic-Baltic children’s film:
The Robot and the Whale (Jonas Forsman, Sweden – 2018)

Best Nordic-Baltic Commissioned Film

Når Knoklene blir Gele (Kristian Pedersen, Norway – 2018)

Jury statement:
We felt that we were watching talented, instinctive and virtuosic artists, practicing true craftsmanship of animation within the framework of a commission for a client. The director is a discreet genius, overseeing a perfect package of detail, subtlety, pacing and blending of style, that brought it together as an organic whole. While not the first to use lyrics on screen, this was both gloriously retro and genuinely original. The strength of concept, musicality within the animation, and seamless interplay made this.

Audience Award

Vittelo Gets a Yucky Girlfriend (Dorte Bengtson, Denmark – 2017)

Film Programmes

Opening film

The Tower
Norway – 2018, Director: Mats Grorud

The Norwegian feature film The Tower opened the festival Thursday evening. Director Mats Grorud and producer Frode Søbstad were present during the screening. The festival was officially opened by the state secretary of the Ministry of Culture Frida Blomgren in a short ceremony before the screening.

Competition programme for Nordic-Baltic animated short films

The festival’s main programme is the competition programme for Nordic-Baltic animated short film in the categories of professional short film, children’s film, student film and commissioned film. 144 projects were submitted, out of which 19 short films, 8 children’s films, 16 student films and 33 commissioned work were selected. The pre-selection jury consisted of Pil Cappelen Smith (Norway), Laura Almantaite (Lithuania) and festival director Anders Narverud Moen.

Best of International Short

Two programmes with short films selected from other European animation film festivals were screened during the festival. 18 films from 15 countries were programmed by the festival staff.

Other short film programmes and retrospective programme

A total of 26 films were screened in three different side programmes.

  • Kindergarten programme: five films suitable for the age group from 0 to 5.
  • Roze Stiebra Retrospective: programme dedicated to the festival’s guest of honour, Latvian filmmaker Roze Stiebra.
  • Animated Night: Sex, Love and Erotica

Feature Film

10 feature films were screened during the festival. Six of these films were part of the family day event.

Children’s- and family films

Gordon & Paddy (Linda Hambäck, Sweden – 2017)
Nabospionen (Karla Von Bengtson, Denmark – 2016)
KuToppen (Lise Osvoll, Norway – 2018)
Vitello (Dorte Bengtson, Denmark – 2018)
Troll: The Tale of a Tail (Kevin Munroe & Kristian Kamp, Norway, Canada & China –2018)
The Tower (Mats Grorud, Norway, France & Sweden – 2018)

Animated features without a Norwegian distributor

The Breadwinner (Nora Twomey, Ireland, Canada & Luxembourg – 2017)
This Magnifique Cake! (Marc James Roels & Emma De Swaef, Belgium, France & Netherlands – 2018)
Seder-Masochism (Nina Paley, USA – 2018)
Tehran Taboo (Ali Soozandeh, Germany – 2017)

VR Short films

Two VR short film were showcased in the cinema hall Friday October 25:
Nothing Happened (Michelle & Uri Kranot, Denmark – 2017)
Beyond the Fence (Goro Fujita, USA – 2017)


During the festival, several highly acclaimed filmmakers and animation experts were presented in different programme sections. The festival’s official guest were: Roze Stiebra (Latvia), Carter Goodrich (USA), Eric Daniels (USA), Goro Fujita (USA), Ciaran Duffy (Ireland), Lana Tankosa Nikolic (Denmark), Chrisitian Ryltenius (Sweden), Kari Juusonen (Finland), Hanna Järvinen (Finland), Petter Lindblad (Sweden), Ivan Kondrup Jensen (Denmark), David Doutel (Portugal), Lena Olafsdottir (Denmark), Riina Viileén (Finland), Hefang Wei (France), Fraser Maclean (Scotland), Laura Almantaite (Lithuania), Ieva Viese-Vigula (Latvia), Mats Grorud (Norway), Christin Berg (Norway), Nick Simons (Norway), Endre Skandfer (Norway), Ronald Kabicek (Norway), Frank Mosvold (Norway), Twintrash (Norway) and Pil Cappelen Smith (Norway).

Additionally, several short filmmakers from the competition programme were presented in the festival’s ’Meet the Filmmakers’ events: Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen (Norway), Lizete Upite (Latvia), Kristian Pedersen (Norway), Kaisa Penttilä (Finland), Jonas Forsman (Sweden), Dorte Bengtson (Denmark), Robert Depuis (Norway), Astrid Pfefferkorn Øverli (Norway), Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist (Denmark) and Ola Angelman (Sweden).

Guest of Honour and Lifetime Achievement Winner

The guest of Honour during Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2018 was the Latvian director Roze Stiebra, who also received the festival’s lifetime achievement award for her lifelong dedication to the Nordic-Baltic animation scene. Stiebra was educated at the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography, and graduated in 1964 with a diploma as director of puppet animation. She began her work in Latvian television with live-action puppetry, but wished to venture into animation. Despite many obstacles, she managed to start a department of animation and professionally pioneered both cut-out animation (1969–1983) and drawn animation (from 1983) in Latvia. She has created more than 30 films and received national and international awards.

Industry Seminar

Painting and animating in VR – Goro Fujita

Goro Fujita is part of the Oculus Story Studio team in San Francisco, where he works as an art director for several VR projects. He talked about his career path right through from his first entry into the film industry, all the way to creating VR content. Using his journey as an example, he discussed different ways to succeed and showed how creating a routine can improve your skills. The discussion was followed by a live Quill VR painting demo.

Disney: How tech can solve artistic challenges – Eric Daniels

Looking back at a long and successful career in the international animation scene, Eric Daniels shared with the audience the insights and skills he has gained through working on numerous major productions. A traditionally-trained animator, programmer and inventor, and now an EFX animator at Disney, Eric has a long history of finding new ways to bridge the worlds of art and technology, and is frequently called upon to help solve technically challenging artistic problems. Eric focused on the processes that enabled him to solve some of the more interesting challenges he has faced at Disney Animation, and how false starts and dead ends encountered along the way led to new solutions in art and technology.

Character Design – Carter Goodrich

The creator of a majority of the characters in movies like Ratatouille, Coco, Finding Nemo, Shrek or Despicable Me held a keynote talk about his work and the methods he employs in creating iconic characters. Considered one of the greatest in his field, Carter Goodrich possesses a distinct and easily recognizable style that places a particularly rare and imaginative spin on all his characters. During Friday’s seminar, he shared his experiences as a character designer and illustrator, and showed some of his work through three decades.

Nordic Animation Forum

As an important part of Fredrikstad Animation Festival’s focus on the Nordic animation scene, the festival arranges a forum with a special focus on the animation industry in the Nordic Area. This forum is put together through a collaboration between different Nordic associations for animation and includes the Swedish Association for animation and VFX – SAAVA, the Danish association for animation – ANIS, and Finnanimation, a non-profit organization for promoting the Finnish animation industry.

The speakers at the 2018 edition of the forum were:
Frank Mosvold from Norway, with a work in progress presentation of his feature about the TV heroine Ella Bella Bingo; The Danish production company Late Love Productions represented by producer Lana Tankosa Nikolic and the Swedish director Christian Ryltenius who is developing a new animation feature. Hailing from Finland, the production company Matila Röhr presented their newest projects.

Other seminars and presentations

Breakfast seminar: Petter Lindblad

Together with the creative industry in Fredrikstad and Blender Collective, the festival presented a breakfast seminar to kick-start the festival Thursday morning. The Swedish producer and director Petter Lindblad gave a work-in-progress presentation of his upcoming VR-short film Lifegiver, which he and co-director Mika Pollack are producing with funding from the Swedish Film Institute. Lifegiver is an animated VR film dealing with refugees placed in a science fiction format, and tells a story about their fate and the moral dilemmas people face in a highly difficult situation. In the presentation Petter Lindblad focused on the process of developing the story, why they chose the format of VR-short film and shared some thoughts about what the experience would be like.

Krüger & Krogh

The trio Bjarte Agdestein, Ronald Kabíček and Endre Skandfer all have a long career in the animation scene in Norway, and have worked with numerous studios like Qvisten, Mikrofilm, Filmkameratene, Storm and Hyper. In 2014 they made their debut as graphic novelists with the first edition of Krüger & Krogh. During the festival, the authors presented the new book in the series in a presentation at the House of Literature in Fredrikstad.

Meeting with filmmakers

Meet the Filmmakers

On Friday night, the short film makers from the festival’s competition programme were presented in a Q&A session. The conversation was moderated by Pil Cappelen Smith, who had also been part of the pre-selection jury for the competition programme for short and student films.

Meet the future

In a Q&A session, the young talents from the student film programme were presented by Laura Almantaite, festival director of Blon Festival in Lithuania. Laura was also part of the pre-selection jury for the Nordic-Baltic competition programme.

The Breadwinner: Q&A with Ciaran Duffy

After the screening of the Oscar nominated feature The Breadwinner, a conversation with the film’s art director Ciaran Duffy was held. The conversation was led by moderator Fraser Maclean, and gave the audience insights into the visual approach of the film.

Roze Stiebra Q&A

After the screening of the retrospective programme dedicated to the guest of honour Roze Stiebra, a Q&A session was held. The session was moderated by the author of the Stiebra’s biography, Ieva Viese-Vigula.

Young Audiences

Educational: Seminar for students

Supported by the Viken regional film center, the festival has been developing a seminar for students in upper secondary school and higher education over several years. The 2018 edition of the seminar presented two Scandinavian artists that regularly work with big international productions.

Ghost VFX: Ivan Kondrup Jensen

Ghost VFX is the the Nordic countries’ leading VFX studio and has contributed to productions like Star Wars, Walking Dead and Kontiki. Ivan Kondrup Jensen has over ten years’ experience as VFX supervisor for the studio.


Twintrash are Markus and Tommy Vad Flaaten from Tønsberg, Norway. Despite their young age, they have already established themselves in the international animation scene and are now directing the Disney-DX TV-series Space Chickens in Spac.

Workshop for young talents

In collaboration with Amandus – Lillehammer International student film festival and E6 – Østfold Medieverksted, a workshop for young talents was arranged during the festival weekend. The workshop was led by animation director Hefang Wei, who also was involved in the making of the festival’s opening film The Tower.

Ceremonies and exhibitions

Award Ceremony

The festival’s legendary award ceremony was held on Saturday night, with the official jury handing out the awards for best short film, student film and commissioned film. The Golden Gunnar Grand Prix was awarded to the Latvian animation director Lizete Upite for her short film Night Walks. Master of Ceremony was Nabi Yeon Geisha.


The Tower
An exhibition displayed puppets, sets and other art material from the brand-new Norwegian feature film. The film is a mix between puppet stop-motion and 2D animation, and is a collaboration between Norway, France and Sweden. The audience could experience original art work from the film, and dig deep into the great work which made the film possible. A reception for the exhibition was held before the official opening of the festival, which also included the screening of the film.

Roze Stiebra
During the festival, an exhibition dedicated to the films of Guest of Honour Roze Stiebra was on display at the House of Literature. A representative from the Latvian embassy was present and opened the exhibition.

Team and Partners

The festival administration consisted of festival director Anders Narverud Moen, festival coordinator Therese Øvergård, guest and seminar coordinator Jonas Saabel and information coordinator Martin Bjølstad.

The festival was produced in collboration with:
Amandusfestivalen i Lillehammer, Animaatioklinikka, Animation Volda, ANIS – Animasjonssamenslutningen, Blender Collective, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Fabel, Finnanimation, Frame by Frame, Fredrikstad Municipal Cinema, Fredrikstad Kommune, Grafill Animasjon, Karivold Film, the House of Literature in Fredrikstad, Nebbet, Netron, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute, OBOS, Qulthus, SAAVA, Scandic City Hotel, The Cure Foodtruck, Viken Filmsenter and Østfold Fylkeskommune.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2017

Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF) took place from November 9 to 12, 2017 at Fredrikstad Kino and the House of Literature in Fredrikstad. The festival was held for the 21. time, and has been an annual event in Fredrikstad since 2007. It is organized by Norsk Animasjonsforum, who also arranged several additional events and seminars throughout 2017.

Summary FAF 2017

102 films in 27 screenings.
71 short films, 24 commissioned films and 10 feature films.
10 seminars, presentations and Q&As with 16 speakers, from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, England, Canada, Portugal and Spain.
50% female participation both in the short film competition program and in the seminars.
10 out 21 official guests were women.
Local contributions in the commissioned film and student film programs, in the form of films made in Fredrikstad or by filmmakers from Fredrikstad.
3 Norwegian feature films, among them two pre-premiere screenings, 5 Norwegian films in the short film program and 6 Norwegian student films.
Films from 20 countries outside Norway: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Japan, France, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, USA and Romania.

Festival programme

Nordic-Baltic competition programme

17 animated short films, 14 student films, 7 children’s films and 24 commissioned films were shown in 5 different short film programs, which included films from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The films were selected in collaboration with the student festival Animation Volda.

International short film programms

The festival administration traveled to several international animation festivals in 2017, putting together three short film programs with 26 animated short films from 16 different countries.

Per Åhlin retrospective programme

This year’s guest of honor, Swedish Per Åhlin, was celebrated with the screening of several of his films during the festival. Christopher’s Christmas Mission, The Journey to Melonia and a separate kindergarten screening with three episodes from the TV series about Alfie Atkins, all of which are directed by Per Åhlin, were shown during the festival.

Feature films

10 feature films were shown during the festival. The films were categorized into three; children’s film, documentary feature film and Japanese anime.

Animert på Kulturhuset/Litteraturhuset

Under the title Animated at … , the festival presented a total of 8 screenings of animated short films throughout 2017, at Kulturhuset in Oslo and the House of Literature in Fredrikstad.

Masterclass and screening of Moana

On January 26, Fredrikstad Animation Festival co-organized a pre-premiere screening of the latest Disney film, Moana. Before the show, a Masterclass with the film‘s directors John Musker and Ron Clements was held.

Screenings at foreign venues

A “Best of Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2017” program was shown at the Lithuanian animation and gaming festival Blon in Klapeida in April 2017. The same program was shown during two special screenings in Sweden that same month, at Zitabiografen in Stockholm on April 18 and at Biograf Metropol in Eksjö on April 21.

Winners of Golden Gunnar – Competition for Nordic-Baltic Animated Short Film

On Saturday, November 11, the winners of this year’s competition program for Nordic-Baltic short films were awarded during a prize ceremony at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, with artist Egil Olsen functioning as master of ceremonies.

Golden Gunnar – Grand Prix

Jury: Sophie Koko Gate, Endre Eidsaa Larsen & Pedro Rivero

Min Börda/The Burden
Director: Niki Lindroth Von Bahr
Sweden – 2016

Jury statement: We can never know the loneliness of a fish, but thanks to animation a fish can sing out its deep longings. It can also, like in this glorious musical, point to the ridiculousness in ourselves. This film is very alive, atmospheric and vibrant thanks to the tactile quality of the singing and dancing animals, the well-crafted, solid world they inhabit, the beautiful music, and the deliberate rhythm. The uncanny eyes of the fishes not only look at you, they touch you. And the furry monkeys could, if they wanted to, jump out of the frame, toward us, and pull a real prank. In its musical form, this film finds an excellent balance between pulling us into a tragic world and humorously distancing us from this world. The last tracking shot summarizes this quality, slowly moving us into the universe while allowing us to empathize with the strange creatures in this marketplace without customers.

Best Nordic-baltic short film

Jury: Sophie Koko Gate, Endre Eidsaa Larsen & Pedro Rivero

Director: Juan Pablo Libossart
Sweden – 2016

Jury statement: The winner of this category showed us a unique take on dealing with grief and loss. Set in an epicly sculpted world, we were given glimpse into an exciting alternate reality that we fully believed in and wanted to be part of. A damn fine example of interesting film making.

Nothing Happens by Michelle & Uri Kranot (Danmark – 2017) received an honorable mention.

Best student film

Jury: Sophie Koko Gate, Endre Eidsaa Larsen & Pedro Rivero

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Director: Riina Vílen
Finland – 2017

Jury statement: It is daring, in a way, to emphasize stillness and inaction in an animation film. Giving us three views at once, extending the conventional image into three zones of unrest, the film uses a split-screen technique to guide our attention to what we might call empty spaces, as well as to a lonely human figure trapped in a pattern of inactivity. The familiar apartment rooms, devoid of any meaningful activity, is filled with tension and reeks of a creepy sadness. The violent and mysterious ending powerfully contrasts with the quiet tone of the rest of the film. At the same time, it feels like a natural conclusion to the sense of creeping doom that runs throughout the film. The style of the stop motion creates a sense of stop in motion, and the title recalls a formulation from Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphos, evoking the draining routine of days passing by – passing by “like a pack of cigarettes you’d smoke”, to quote Robert Mitchum in Out of the Past.
We want to honor this film for its compositional accomplishments, its well-founded structure, its firmness of direction, its interesting perspective on time, and its emotional individuality.

Cream (Denmark – 2016) by Lena Ólafsdottir received an honorable mention.

Best commissioned film

Jury: Bo Juhl Nielsen, Torgeir Holm & Juliette Viger

The Boy Who Fell and the Man Who Picked Him Up
Hanne Berkaak
Norway – 2017

Jury statement: A film that dares to touch an important and fragile topic – done in an extremely moving and respectful way. The use of metaphors combined with music makes it feel light despite the seriousness of the topic and gives you goosebumps as you feel the connection to both the victim and the helper.

Stemmene i hodet (Norway – 2017) by Julian Vargas & Gunhild Fasting received an honorable mention.

Best children’s film

Jury: Ask Fagerland-Taraldsen, Loke Fagerland-Taraldsen & Sander Konstantius Solbrække

Pigtail and Mr. Sleeplessness
Edmunds Jansons
Latvia – 2017

Jury statement: Funny and beautiful story. Good length and many cool things. We were given time to relate to the clever plan to send the grandmother and the little brother to the moon. Nice colors as well.

The World’s Middlest Fish by Cathinka Tanberg received an honorable mention.

Golden Gunnar – Audience Award

Min Börda/ The Burden
Director: Niki Lindroth Von Bahr
Sweden – 2016

The Audience Award goes to the audience’s voted favorite.


The festival‘s official guests were: Per Åhlin (Sweden), Samantha Moore (England), Nathan Jurevicius (Canada), Regina Pessoa (Portugal), Pedro Rivero (Spain), Sophie Koko Gate (England), Endre Eidsaa Larsen (Norway), Bo Juhl Nielsen (Denmark), Torgeir Holm (Norway), Juliette Viger (France), Claes Dietmann (Sweden), Julian Vargas (Norway), Anne Magnussen (Norway), Marika Makaroff (Finland), Frederick Howard (Norway), Malin Erixon (Sweden), Aya Suzuki (England/ Japan), Elisabeth Lysander (Sweden), Chris Robinson (Canada), Anne Winberg (Denmark) and Egil Olsen (Norway).

Guest of honor

This year’s guest of honor was Per Åhlin, who also received the festival’s “Lifetime achievement” award. This award is handed out by the festival board of Norsk Animasjonsforum to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Nordic-Baltic animation through their life’s work.

Almost 50 years ago, the Swedish director, animator and illustrator Per Åhlin debuted with the film Out of an Old Man’s Head. Since then, Åhlin has been a central figure in the Swedish animation scene and has had a great impact on the animation industry in both Norway and Sweden. His films include several classics in film and television, such as The Journey to Melonia, the TV series about Alfie Atkins and Christopher’s Christmas Mission. Per Åhlin has played a vital role in the Swedish film industry and was a driving force in the establishment of the animation industry in Sweden. His films are today regarded as important contributions to Swedish film history and have become popular in both Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries. Today, Åhlin is one of the foremost animation filmmakers in our part of the world. Per Åhlin was honored with an exhibition, retrospective program and a conversation about his work as an animation director for almost 50 years.

Presentations, meetings with filmmakers and seminars

Industry seminar

Fredrikstad Kino. Friday, November 10

Visual Answers to Random Ideas: Nathan Jurevicius
Australian Nathan Jurevicius lives and works in Canada as an illustrator, director, toy designer, writer and artist. His most famous project to date is Scarygirl, a multimedia world that consists of various characters and that is constantly evolving in comics, toys, games and animation. Nathan’s latest projects include his award-winning film / web series based on the new interpretation of Lithuania’s mythology, Peleda, the books Birthmark and Junction for Koyama Press and an IKEA x Målerås glass collection.

Experimental animation research & practice: Samantha Moore
Samantha Moore is an animator and documentary filmmaker who, throughout her career, has been concerned with making films on topics that cannot be explained by the use of live action. In her teaching as Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, Samantha Moore has focused on idea development, experimental and innovative animation, as well as the combination of research and practice. She has dedicated her entire career to the idea of transferring complex information to animation in new and interesting ways. In her award-winning animated documentaries, she works with scientists and others in the scientific community, such as archaeologists, neurologists and microbiologists.

My creative process: Regina Pessoa
Regina Pessoa is an award-winning short film director, animator and artist. She started animating and directing animated short films back in 1999 with The Night. Her latest film Kali – the Little Vampire became a great success internationally and won many awards at festivals all over the world, including the Grand Prix at the international animation festival in Annecy and the Grand Prix for animated shorts at SXSW in 2007. The film was also shortlisted for an Oscar nomination for best animated short film. Regina Pessoa is an outstanding artist and filmmaker, and has cultivated unique expressions throughout her career. In her presentation at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Regina Pessoa focused on the creative process that forms the basis for her animated short films.

Nordic Animation Forum

The House of Literature in Fredrikstad. Saturday, November 11

Bo Juhl Nielsen; Sun Creature Studio.
After graduating from The Animation Workshop in 2013, Bo Juhl Nielsen started Sun Creature Studio. As CEO and creative manager, Bo works continuously to achieve the company’s visions and goals. One of the company’s biggest success was collecting $ 300,000 in a Kickstarter campaign for the short film The Reward (which won the audience award at FAF 2013). Besides being an administrator and decision maker, he has directed and participated in the creative process of several film productions.

Malin Erixon: Work in progress
Malin Erixon works with illustration and animated film in both commissioned and free artistic productions. Her films have been featured at film festivals around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and have received several nominations and awards. In 2015, Malin was nominated for the Swedish Film Academy Award for Best Short Film. Her latest work includes films such as Benjamin’s Flowers, But You Are a Dog and Sleep Incidents. Currently, she is working on two new animated projects, White Male 40 and Garden of Eden, which she presented at the Nordic Forum.

Marika Marakoff: Moomin Valley
Marika Makaroff is an award-winning content producer and Creative Director from Finland. She is the director and founder of Gutsy Animations. Marika has been working with media for over 20 years, mainly in executive roles. She has been creative director in Fremantle Media and Filmlance International and CEO of Fremantle Media Finland and Friday TV. Marika is currently creative lead and producer for a new and innovative animated television series called Moominvalley, based on Finnish Tove Janson’s books and comics about the Moomins family. The series is produced and distributed by Gutsy Animations and directed by Steve Box, who won the Oscar for Best Animated Movies with Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit in 2006.

Frederick Howard: Vikingskool
Frederick Howard got his education from Westerdals School of Arts, Communication and Technology and The Norwegian Film School. Recently, he was the main producer in SF Norge AS, but joined Storm Group in 2012, and has since become a co-owner of Storm Films. In addition, he is also a board member of the distribution company Euforia Film. Frederick has been head of the Producers’ Association’s division for feature films and a member of the board of the association. His productions include Captain Sabertooth and the Treasure of Lama Rama, Den unge Fleksnes, the TV series about Captain Sabertooth, and the feature films Amors Baller and The Christmas King: In Full Armor. At the Nordic Forum, he presented the television series project Vikingskool, which he, in co-production with Irish Cartoon Saloon, is working to launch as an animated television series.

The Nordic Forum was presented in collaboration with Swedish SAAVA, The Danish Animation Association ANIS and Finnish Animaatioklinikka.

Breakfast seminar

As a kick-start to FAF17, the festival, in collaboration with the creative industry in Fredrikstad and Blender Collective, arranged a breakfast seminar at Hydrogenfabrikken in Fredrikstad, with Claes Dietmann from renowned Swedish VFX and animation studio Goodbye Kansas speaking about digital visual effects. The studio is known for award-winning visual effects, CGI, motion capture and animation work, which has played a defining role in television, movies, games and advertising and has worked with visual effects for, amongst others, the TV series The Walking Dead, character design for the short film Adam, a Unity project, and most recently with the visual effects on Ruben Östlund’s Palme d’Or winner The Square.

Panel: Animation in Documentaries

Lately we have seen several documentary productions that use animation as a technique and storytelling device. In a panel discussion, director Anne Magnussen and animation director Julian Vargas discussed what possibilities, but also what challenges lie in using animation in documentaries. The two also presented examples from feature films The Man Who Knew 75 Languages and the TV series Stemmene i Hodet, which were both shown in the festival’s official film program.

Scandinavian Master: Per Åhlin

Per Åhlin is one of the most significant Scandinavian directors in animation, and has made several feature films and TV series that are now considered classics. As a recipient of the festival’s “Lifetime Achievement” award, it was natural for the festival to present a conversation about his filmography and life. With a strong visual style and focusing on issues such as preserving nature and humanity, Åhlin stands out as one of the foremost animation film makers in our part of the world. During Saturday’s program, Per Åhlin had a conversation with Elisabeth Lysander, the author of his biography, where they presented his work with illustration, drawings and films made since the 60’s.

Meet the Filmmakers

During a Q&A session at The House of Literature in Fredrikstad, the audience could become better acquainted with the filmmakers from the festival’s competition program for Nordic-Baltic animated short films. The moderator of the session was Chris Robinson from the Animation World Network website (, which is one of the most significant international sites for animation). Robinson is also the artistic director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival. The filmmakers who were present were producer Lise Fearnley with the film Threads, the directors Cathinka Tandberg with the film The World’s Middlest Fish, Julie Engaas with the film In a Few Years Everything will be Different, Maja Arnekleiv with the film Mum‘s Hair and Erika Weite & Reeta Neittaanmäki with the film Reminiscences.

Q&A with feature film makers

After the screenings of the feature films The Man Who Knew 75 Languages and Psiconautas: The Forgotten Children, Q&A sessions took place with the directors Anne Magnussen and Pedro Rivero, where the audience had the opportunity to ask questions and the filmmakers could tell about their films.


Family Day

In collaboration with Fredrikstad Kino and Qlthus, a family day was arranged at Fredrikstad cinema, with screenings and various animation-related activities. Among these were a children’s disco, an open animation workshop for children, a drawing workshop and VR experiences of animated short films. Additionally, a separate award ceremony for best children’s film was held, where a children’s jury from Fredrikstad presented the award for best children’s film. During the awards ceremony, Christopher’s Christmas Mission and films from the E6-Østfold Media Workshop were shown, in addition to the winner of the Golden Gunnar award for best children’s film.

Workshop for young talents

In collaboration with Amandus International Student Film Festival and E6 – Østfold Media Workshop, a two-day workshop in digital 2D animation was held for 11 selected young people. The workshop was lead by the internationally acclaimed animator Aya Suzuki, who has worked on several major international productions, including Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar nominee The Wind Rises and Sylvain Chomet’s Oscar nominee The Illusionist.

The workshop took place at the E6 Media Workshop Østfold, where Aya Suzuki gave the participants an introduction to basic animation techniques and set up exercises that the participants were to complete during the two-day workshop. Receiving guidance along the way, the participants got to work on their own projects. The young people who participated were selected after a compulsory application round, where they had to write about motivation, interests and previous experiences with animation and related topics such as drawing, media production or design.

Kindergarten screening and outdoor drawing

300 kindergarten children were invited to a screening of three episodes of the TV series about Alfie Atkins from 1979, directed by the festival’s guest of honor, Per Åhlin. After the show, the children participated in drawing several large Alfie Atkins drawings in front of the cinema.

Seminar for Upper Secondary School

During the opening day, two lectures were held specifically for the upper secondary schools in Østfold. The speakers were British Sophie Koko Gate and Julian Vargas from the Oslo-based animation studio Animaskin.

Julian Vargas is educated in classical animation at the University College of Volda and has since 2007 made over 200 TV vignettes and delivered special effects to some of Norway’s largest and most popular productions. His work has been shown at several festivals around the world and has won various awards. Today he works as a creative director at Animaskin, an animation studio he established in 2011.

Sophie Koko Gate is originally from Bath, but was educated at the Royal Academy of Art in London. Her graduation film Half Wet was immensely successful internationally. Now she works from her own studio in London, where she directed animated films for, among others, MTV, The Guardian, Airbnb, Vox and Lena Dunham. She has lectured at universities and festivals in several places around the world and her films have been shown at over 100 festivals.

Ceremonies and other events

Opening Ceremony

The festival was officially opened with a ceremony at The House of Literature in Fredrikstad, featuring speeches, entertainment and screenings. The opening speech was given by Freddy André Øvstegård, representative of the region of Ostføld in the Norwegian parliament and member of its culture and family committee. The films shown were Per Åhlin’s Christopher’s Christmas Mission and Kali, the Little Vampire by Regina Pessoa.

Exhibition: Per Åhlin

Honoring lifetime achievement winner Per Åhlin, the festival arranged an exhibition of works from his life-long career. The exhibition was held in the City Hall, which also functions as Fredrikstad Cinema‘s foyer, and was free of charge.

Portfolio Session

Jobseekers and students were given the opportunity to showcase their work and portfolio to directors, producers and studio managers, both in order to be able to receive feedback and possibly to tie contacts for future employment. Present during the session were Julian Vargas (director and creative leader of Animaskin), Bo Juhl Nielsen (producer and CEO of Danish studio Sun Creature) and Fraser Maclean (designer and teacher in animation).

VR short films

The audience had the opportunity to experience two Virtual Reality short films from Google Spotlight: Son of Jaguar by Jorge R. Gutiérrez and Sonaria by Scot Stafford & Chromosphere.


Partners for the festival were: The Amandus Festival in Lillehammer, Animaatioklinikka, Animation Volda, ANIS – the Danish Animation Society, Blender Collective, Coffevan, E6 Østfold Media Workshop, Fabel, Frame by Frame, Fredrikstad Cinema, Fredrikstad Kommune, Fritt Ord, Grafill Animasjon, Karivold Film, The House of Literature in Fredrikstad, Nebbet, Netron, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norwegian Film Institute, OBOS, Qulthus, SAAVA, Scandic City Hotel, Sparebankstiftelsen 1 Østfold Akershus, The Cure Foodtruck, Viken Filmsenter, Østfold Fylkeskommune.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2016

Fredrikstad Animation Festival was held from November 10th to 13th 2016 at Fredrikstad Kino and Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. The festival had a diverse programme with short film screenings, seminars, exhibitions and more.

Official guests at the festival were: Gunnar Wille (Denmark), Konstantin Bronzit (Russia), Jericca Cleland (Canada), Mark Davies (Canada), Felix Massie (England), Kim Keukeleire (France), Max Mörtl (Germany), Niki Lindroth von Bahr (Sweden), Lorène Lescanne (France), Kim Helminen (Finland), Erik van Drunen (Netherlands), Sander Joon (Estonia), Mari-Liis Rebane (Estonia), Tatu Metsätähti (Finland), Frida-Li Lövgren (Sweden), Daniel Wiklund (Sweden), Alexander Cederlund (Sweden), Daniel Eugene Lacey-McDermott (Norway), Mats Sivertsen (Norway), Kajsa Næss (Norway), Tonje Skar Reiersen (Norway), Lise Fearnley (Norway), Hans Gerhard Meier (Norway), Martine Grande (Norway), Elisabeth Aalmo (Norway), Cathinka Tanberg (Norway) og Kristine Knudsen (Norway).

Film Programmes

98 films in the categories animated feature films, animated shorts and animated commissioned films were screened during the 2016 festival. The festival’s main programme was the competition programme for animated short films from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordic-Baltic competition programme

A central part of the festival is the competition programme for Nordic-Baltic animated short films and the Golden Gunnar Award. Out of 161 submissions, 19 professional short films were selected to compete, divided into two short film programmes, in addition to 15 student films, 29 commissioned films and 6 children’s films in their own programmes. The professional short film and commissioned film jury consisted of Maciek Szczerbowski, Joan Ashworth and Trygve Nielsen. The student film jury consisted of Pjotr Sapegin, Chris Lavis and Kjersti Nordmann.

Special Screenings

Two special screenings dedicated to persons or subjects were presented. The screenings included talks with filmmakers and curators.

Gunnars Wille Werden

Guest of honour and “lifetime achievement” award winner Gunnar Wille gave an insight into his very own world by present movies and TV productions he has taken part in. Gunnar himself held the introduction and contributed with his own perspective.

The World of Konstantin Bronzit

The programme devoted to Konstantin Bronzit included screenings of two of his films that were Oscar nominated, and Bronzit spoke of his career and work prosess.

Andre kortfilmprogrammer

Mikrofilm retrospektiv

Retrospective program dedicated the 20th anniversary of animation studio Mikrofilm. 12 short films, all produced by the studio.

Mikrofilm barnefilm

Retrospective program for children dedicated the 20th anniversary of animation studio Mikrofilm. 8 short films, all produced by the studio.

Cartoon d’Or

The five finalists for the Cartoon d’Or, a pan-European animation award for short films. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is one of ten European festivals which nominated films for the award.

Nordisk-baltisk panorama

Program devoted to Nordic-Baltic films outside the competition program.

Golden Gunnar winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

Given by the festival board of Norwegian animation forum.
Gunnar Wille (Danmark)

Festival board statement: Since the early seventies Gunnar Wille has played an important role for Danish animation. He has written, designed and directed several animated series, and is probably most known for his character “Skrumpen”. But he has not only worked with animation films; also with theatre, children books, television and he has developed and experimented with computer animation. We must characterize him as a multi-artist.

With his strong feel for the narrative he has also influenced the students at the National Film school of Denmark. We must say that, as head of the animation department since 1992, he has really been a driving force for the success of Danish animation industry. A success that also has been important and inspiring for the rest of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Grand Prix

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated short and student film.
Jury: Kim Keukeleire, Elisabeth Aalmo and Sander Joon
The Absence of Eddy Table(2016)
Director: Rune Spaans

Jury statement: This film is an intense mix of horror, love and comedy. It’s a magical universe, where we go on a ride with a crazy and energetic roller-coaster, and it’s scary and so incredible bizarre and funny. We love the great creativity of the artwork and the high quality of the animation. For us this is a good example of what animation can do.

Best Short Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated short films.
Jury: Kim Keukeleire, Elisabeth Aalmo and Sander Joon
Empty Space (2016)
Director: Ülo Pikkov

Jury statement: The quality of this film lies in the original idea of the concept where the filmmaker is constructing memories through a mix of genres. It can also be seen as a tribute to the art of dolls and miniatures where all the work lies in the details. As an audience we were touched by the nostalgic feeling and a longing for a playful childhood.

Best Student Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated student films.
Jury: Kim Keukeleire, Elisabeth Aalmo og Sander Joon
Untamed (2016)
Director: Juliette Viger

Jury statement: The Best Student Film brings us in to a dark and desolated universe where we take part in a hurtful relationship. The graphics, the music and the animation strongly convey the mood of the characters and their inner conflicts. A promising start from a new talent.

Best Childrens Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for children’s films.
Jury: Selma Wister Lier, Felix Weel Kreutz and Tilde-Johanne Klausen Apenes, from Fredrikstad.
Dunder (2015)
Director: Endre Skandfer

Jury statement: We in the Children’s jury has decided the best Children’s Film. The film is more than one thing all at once. It is cosy, funny and a little bit scary, with nice and special characters.

Best Commissioned Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for commissioned films.
Jury: Hans Gerhard Meier, Martine Grande and Alexander Cederlund.
Gjensidige eventyr (2016)
Director: Harald Zwart

Jury statement: The winning film is a fantastic craftsmanship; it has great attention to details and got animated on a high level. The winning film is a great example of how CGI can be genuine and heartfelt. The winning film has a story with lots of humor and warmth. The winning film masters the most important task of a commissioned film; you want to see it again, and again, and again.

Honorable mention commissioned film

Nordic-Baltic competition for commissioned films.
Jury: Hans Gerhard Meier, Martine Grande and Alexander Cederlund. Fuglekassa (2016)
Director: Kajsa Næss

Jury statement: This film communicates brilliantly to both adults and children. It handles a sensitive theme in a clear and respectful manner. The overall visual style and use of subtle humor contributes to a very playful and informative experience. The jury has sent three friend requests on Beekbook.

Audience Award

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated short and student film.
The Absence of Eddy Table(2016)
Director: Rune Spaans

The Audience Award goes to the audiences voted favorite.


Industry Seminars

Felix Massie og Mark Davies: 360° VR short film Rain or Shine

11th of Nov, 14:00, Sal 3, Fredrikstad Kino

Director Felix Massie and Project Leader Mark Davies from Nexus Studios London outlined the artistic and technical journey they experienced while making the interactive 360° VR short film Rain or Shine, commissioned by Google as part of their Spotlight Stories VR project.

Jericca Cleland: Visual Storytelling

11th of Nov, 10:00, Sal 3, Fredrikstad Kino

Using live action clips as a foundation for study, this masterclass with Jericca Cleland, exposed the power of images to build story, context, and emotion and presents practical techniques for structuring visuals to support cinematic narrative. The concepts shown in the class are directly applicable to working in any medium and any format of linear visual storytelling.

Nordisk animasjonsforum

11th of Nov, 17:30, Litteraturhuset

I samarbeid med svenske SAAVA, Finske Finnanimation, og danske ANIS ble det under festivalen holdt et forum med mål om å øke interaksjonen innen den nordiske animasjonsbransjen. Under forumet ble det holdt prensentasjoner av Niki Lindroth von Bahr en prisvinnende regissør for kortfilm, Kim Helminen regissør fra Cartoon-serien om Angry Birds og produsent Lorène Lescanne fra det danske produksjonstudioet SØNC.

In cooperation with Swedish SAAVA, Finnish Finnanimation and Danish ANIS a forum with the aim to increase the interaction within the Nordic animation industry was held. During the forum Niki Lindroth von Bahr an award winning director of short films, Kim Helminen director of Cartoon series Angry Birds and producer Lorene Lescanne from the Danish production studio SØNC held presentations.

Other Seminars

Breakfast Seminar by Max Mörtl: Visual Beat: Interaktiv musikkvideo

10th of Nov, 09:00, Hydrogenfabrikken

In his interactive music video Visual Beat, director and animator Max Mörtl blurs the boundaries between a supposedly passive audience and active, creative directors and musicians and challenges these roles. In his presentation Max talked about the creative and technical aspects of producing his app.

Seminar for Upper Secondary School

11th of Nov, 12:00, Sal 3, Fredrikstad Kino

This year Felix Massie and Mark Davies presented their 360° VR short film Rain or Shine and Cathinka Tanberg from Microfilm presented both the studio and her own work during the seminar for Upper Secondary Schools in Østfold. The seminar also included screenings of short films taken from the festival’s short film program.

Mikrofilm: Personal Stories

11th of Nov, 19:00, Litteraturhuset

Mikrofilm is one of the most important film studios for animated films in Norway, and has received many honours in Norway and abroad. Mikrofilm is particularly known for telling personal stories in classical 2D style. The seminar was held as a discussion between producer Lise Fearnley and directors Toril Kove and Kajsa Næss.

Meet the Filmmakers

11th of Nov, 20:00, Litteraturhuset

Meet the filmmakers was a chance to meet the people behind the films in the competition program. Filmmakers and guests from home and abroad gathered for an informal meeting in where the festival audience could become better acquainted with professionals in the animation field. Hans Gerhard Meier led the conversation. The event was organized in cooperation with Viken Filmsenter.



10th of Nov, 21:30, Litteraturhuset

The festival started with the the opening ceremony at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. A selection of short films from our guests and our guest of honor Gunnar Wille was shown. This year’s official opening speech was held by Director of the Norwegian Film Institute, Sindre Guldvåg.

Animated Club

11th of Nov, 22:30, Litteraturhuset

Friday night was dedicated to a music and animation project, which will only be performed once, and this was during the festival. Three musicians team up with three visual artists to create a unique club night where expansive electronic music was combined with innovative animated visual arts. The artists were selected in collaboration with the Henrik Langgård and the musicians were Captain Credible, Meshach and Quiltland, while Mari-Liis Rebane, Mats Sivertsen and Daniel Wiklund did for the visual arts.

Family Day

12th of Nov, 12:00, Fredrikstad Kino

Family Day included activities and screenings of film for the whole family. An animation Workshop was held by E6 Medieverksted Østfold, and experiencing 360° VR short film Rain or Shine made by Felix Massie and Mark Davies from Nexus Productions, were some of the day’s activities.

Award Ceremony

13th of Nov, 21:00, Litteraturhuset

As the finaly of the Nordic-Baltic competition the Award Ceremony where the Golden Gunnar award was handed out to the lucky winners of the categories; Best Short Film, Best Commissioned Film, Best Student Film, Best Children’s Film, Audience Award and Grand Prix. Ceremony Master of the evening was Emile The Duke who also contributed with musical entertainment.


Mikrofilm 20 Years

10th-13th of Nov, Fredrikstad Kino

This year’s festival exhibition in the foyer of Fredrikstad Kino was devoted to Mikrofilm and their 20-year anniversary. The exhibition was put together by forces behind the studio in cooperation with the festival, and included sketches, drawings and finished artwork from the films and productions by Mikrofilm and directors who are and have been associated with the studio.

Gunnar Wille

10th-13th nov, Litteraturhuset

During the festival Gunnar Wille held an exhibition at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, with illustrations and paintings he has made through a lifelong career as a multi artist. The exhibition was largely centered around Willes works with Skrumpen, a well known and beloved children’s television figure in Denmark, which also has appeared in several children’s books.



NRK Østfold: ”Distriktsnyhetene Østfold” (10.11.2016)


NRK Østfold : ”Etter to – før fem” (9.11.2016)

Newspapers and internet sites

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is run by Norwegian Animation Forum, with Anders Narverud Moen, CEO and Festival Director. Marita Mayer was responsible for the seminars,  Therese Øvergård as festival coordinator and Marit Krogstad as press and information coordinator.

Thanks to all partners in 2016:
Amandus Festival in Lillehammer, AnimationVolda, Arena Magica, The Austrian Embassy in Oslo, E6 – Østfold Media Workshop, Film og Kino, Frame by Frame, Fritt Ord, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Hydrogenfabrikken, KarivoldFilm, Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, Nebbelux, Netron , Norwegian Film Institute, Qulthus, Scandic City Hotel, Viken Filmsenter, Østfold County and Østfold cultural productions.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2015

Fredrikstad Animation Festival was held from November 12th to 15th at Fredrikstad Kino and Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. The festival had a diverse programme with short film screenings, seminars, exhibitions and more.

Official guests at the festival were: Richard Williams (UK), Imogen Sutton (UK), Ilja Bereznickas (LIT), Joanna Quinn (UK), Les Mills (UK), Eric Shaw (US), Rebecca Smith (UK), Jonas Odell (SWE), Sunit Parekh-Gaihede (DEN), Metsämarja Aittokoski (FIN), Waltraud Grausgruber (AUST), Alan Holly (IRE), Uzi Geffenblad (SWE), Kristin Ulseth (NO), Mats Grorud (NO), Tine Kluth (UK), Johan Edström (SWE), Dorte Bengtson (DEN), Erin Handgard (NO), Arild Ørnholt (NO), Marius Stene (NO) and Jan Petter Aarskog (NO).

Film programmes

101 films in the categories animated feature films, animated shorts and animated commissioned films were screened during the 2015 festival. The festival’s main programme was the competition programme for animated short films from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordic-Baltic Competition Programme

A central part of the festival is the competition programme for Nordic-Baltic animated short films and the Golden Gunnar Award. Out of 139 submissions, 19 professional short films were selected to compete, divided into two short film programmes, in addition to 15 student films, 27 commissioned films and 9 children’s films in their own programmes. The professional short film and commissioned film jury consisted of Håvard Strand, Frank Mosvold and Camilla Selvon Abrahams. The student film jury consisted of Anita Killi, Kajsa Næss and Regina Pessoa.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2015

Lifetime Achievement Award

Given by the festival board of Norwegian animation forum: Ilja Bereznickas (Lithuania)

Bereznickas is a key figure in the Nordic and Baltic animation scene, and his career spans over four decades, including work for an animated feature in Norway during the nineties. His filmography includes several animated short films and he is an acclaimed teacher and drawing artist. Ilja Bereznickas has a degree in architecture from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and Postgraduate School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow, Russia. Since 1985, he has been working at the National Lithuanian Film Studio – as director, artist and animator. In 2002 he initiated and became the Head of the Animation Programme at Vilnius Academy of Art as part of the Photography and Media Art Faculty. He has also taught animation in Israel, Norway and Lithuania. The festival board of Fredrikstad Animation Festival honours Ilja Bereznickas with a retrospective programme and an exhibition during the festival.

Grand Prix

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated shorts and student films
Jury: Uzi Geffenblad, Kristin Ulseth & Alan Holly

Velodrool (2015)
Director: Sander Joon (Estonia)

Jury statement: This is an unconventional film that constantly amazed us with its impressive raw and expressionist style. A playful storytelling with a willingness to break barriers. It is a provocative but funny movie with a free spirit and artistic attitude that leaves you with an odd desire to smoke a cigarette and lick a rabbit…

Best Short Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated short
Jury: Uzi Geffenblad, Kristin Ulseth & Alan Holly

Life with Herman H Rott (2015)
Director: Chintis Lundgren (Estonia)

Jury statement: This movie is subtle and has an amazing humour. The design and animation has a distinct style and good timing, and the film gives an insightful description of the rich dynamics in a difficult relationship, also with the use of winning humour.

In addition, Machine by Sunit Parekh-Gaihede honorable mention.

Best Student Film

Nordic-Baltic competition for animated student film
Jury: Uzi Geffenblad, Kristin Ulseth & Alan Holly

Parrot Away (2014)
Director: Mads Meidner (Denmark)

Jury statement: This student film is very professionally done. The filmmakers show a great talent for storytelling and combines characters, story and designed in a stylish and entertaining way.

Tsunami by Sofie Kamp Mark was awarded an honorable mention by the jury.

Best Children’s Film

Nordic-Baltic Competition for Children’s Short Film
Jury: Brage Odin Bull-Hansen (8), Agnes Ticket (7), Mikkel Hurrød Nilsen (10), Amanda Soderberg Jansen (7) and Madelen Rimehaug (8), all from Fredrikstad.

The Portrait (2014)

Director: Avgousta Zourelidi (Finland)Jury statement:We like stories about good vs. evil. This year’s best children’s film is also funny. It ‘s cool that a little bird can achieve something big.

Best Commissioned Film

Nordic – Baltic Competition for Commissioned Films

Profilfilm for RVTS Sør (2015)
Director: Hanne Berkaak (Norway)

Jury statement: By using good design to illuminate a difficult subject and to tell the story through animated metaphors, the filmmakers created gorgeous artwork and a mouthpiece for an important message.

Amnesty by Andreas J. Riiser received an honorable mention by the jury.

Audience Award

Nordic – Baltic Competition Programme for Short and Student Films

The Reward – Tales of Alethrion (2014)
Director: Kenneth Ladekjaer and Mikkel Mainz Elkjær (Denmark)

The Audience Award was selected by the festival’s audience.

Special Screenings

Three special screenings dedicated to a person or theme were also presented. These screenings included interviews with filmmakers and curators.

Richard Williams presents: The Thief and The Cobbler / Prologue

Programme dedicated to two masterpieces by director and animator Richard Williams, with subsequent conversation about the animation, films and career of Richard Williams.

Retrospective programme: llja Bereznickas

The festival’s Lifetime Achivement Award winner Ilja Bereznickas was honoured with a retrospective programme devoted to his life and work. 6 short films from the 80s to today were presented in the programme. Ilja Bereznickas was present and held an introduction, and was interviewed after the screening.

Tricky Women

Special programme curated by Waltraud Grausgruber, one of the festival leaders from the Tricky Women Festival in Austria, the world’s oldest animation festival for films exclusively made by women. 8 films made by female directors were screened in this programme. An introduction about the festival’s exchange programme was presented.

Other Short Film Programmes

Qvisten Retrospective

Retrospective programme dedicated the 20th anniversary of animation studio Qvisten. 7 short films, all produced by the studio.

Cartoon d’Or

The six finalists for the Cartoon d’Or, a pan-European animation award for short films. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is one of ten European festivals wh nominated films for the award.

Seminars and Presentations

Industry Seminars

The industry seminars contained two lectures on how the animation media can best be used for storytelling. The first lecture was devoted to Joanna Quinn’s and Les Mills’ work as freelance filmmakers and their animation company Berly Productions. The second lecture was about screenwriting for TV series, where we presented the acclaimed and award-winning writer Eric Shaw, known from the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants.

In production with Joanna Quinn and Les Mills

Award-winning British animators Joanna Quinn and Les Mills have been in the animation and film industry for over 30 years. In 1987 they created the animation production company Beryl Productions International. They have produced a number of commercials for the North American and European markets some of which they presented during Friday’s seminar. During Fredrikstad Animation Festival the audience got an insight into their academic background and work processes, it also focused on their artistic expression as makers of short films. – Participants: 113

Heart, Mind and Soul for Television Characters with Eric Shaw

Eric Shaw is a former writer for the success series SpongeBob SquarePants, and has won an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing in Animation” in 2013 for the work he did on the critically acclaimed NBC series Word Girl. During the lecture in Fredrikstad Shaw held a lecture on the creation of the heart, mind and soul of a television character. Eric also gave an insight into the production process from an idea to the final screenplay. – Participants: 113

Nordic Animation Forum

Much of Saturday’s programme was dedicated to focus on the Nordic industry, participants from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden held presentations at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. Five selected studios showed their showreel and four filmmakers, one from each country, held presentations of their projects and work. The forum was a collaborative effort with animation organizations from other Nordic countries: Danish ANIS, Swedish SAAVA and Finnish Finnanimation, in addition to the festival organization Norwegian Animation Forum.

Mats Grorud: The Tower
Norwegian Mats Grorud is a director and animator with several award-winning short films. He presented his work in progress feature film The Tower.

Jonas Odell: Storytelling in Animation
Jonas Odell is an award winning director from Sweden who is perhaps best known for his music videos and short films. Odell is the co-establisher of “Filmtecknarna”, which was one of Sweden’s most legendary studios for animation. Jonas Odell focused on storytelling in animation and presented his longtime career during Nordic Animation Forum.

Sunit Parekh-Gaihede: Hydralab
Sunit Parekh-Gaihede lives and works in Denmark, and has more than fifteen years of experience in animation and visual effects from three continents. In 2006 he established the studio Hydralab, a multimedia studio specializing in animation and visual effects. During the Nordic Animation Forum he presented the studio’s many projects.

Metsämarja Aittokoski: Pikkuli
Metsämarja Aittokoski is a children’s writer, director, screenwriter and producer. She has directed several popular children’s series like Pikkuli, Respect!, Fire Fairy and Leffatuutti Zurbaani. During the Nordic Animation Forum she focused her presentation on her TV series Pikkuli.

Saturday, 14/11 – Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Other seminars and presentations

Breakfast seminar: Urban Projections

Multimedia artist Rebecca Smith lives in East Midlands, United Kingdom. In 2005 Rebecca founded Urban Projections, a creative collective of experimental multimedia artists who specialize in delivering innovative performance opportunities and creative projects for both artistic and commercial production. The festival kick started Thursday morning with a breakfast seminar at Hydrogenfabrikken in Fredrikstad, with lectures where Rebecca Smith spoke about their projects for the creative industry.

Thursday, 11/12 – Location: Hydrogenfabrikken

High School Seminar, Eric Shaw and Norske Grønnsaker

For the fourth consecutive year Fredrikstad Animation Festival, in cooperation with Viken Filmsenter, held a seminar for media classes from upper secondary schools in Østfold. 165 students attended two lectures by writer Eric Shaw and the animators behind internet hit Norwegian Vegetables. A 50-minute program of short films composed of films from the festival’s short film programmes was also presented.

Thursday, 11/12 – Fredrikstad Kino

Illustration and Animation: Lisa Aisato and Øystein Dolmen

Illustrator Lisa Aisato gave a presentation on her upcoming short film Odd is an Egg, which is scheduled to premiere in 2016. Odd is an Egg will be an adaptation of Lisa Aisato’a own book, with Kristin Ulseth as the director and Aisato as production designer. Øystein Dolmen and Eric Vogel followed with a presentation of the feature film Knutsen & Ludvigsen og den fæle Rasputin. Øystein Dolmen (also known as Knutsen) is the ideaman behind the film, while Eric Vogel is the film’s producer. Together they held a presentation of the film’s development from Dolmen’s (and partner Gustav Lorentsen) ideas, from sketches to a 3D universe.

Friday, 13/11 – House of Literature in Fredrikstad

Meet the Filmmakers

A conversation between filmmakers from the festival competition programme for animated short films, moderated by animation blogger and journalist Nancy Denney Phelps (Belgium/USA). Filmmakers who ware present at the session were: Lise Fearnley, Thor Sivertsen, Sunit Parekh-Gaihede, Hanne Berkaak, Kajsa Næss and Dorte Bengtson.

Friday, 13/11 – Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Exhibitions and other events


Official opening of the festival with speeches by Andreas Lervik, Chairman of Norwegian Animation Forum Trine Vallevik Håbjørg and Festival Director Anders Narverud Moen. The local choir Båthuskoret entertained, as well as two films of the festival’s official guests; Britannia by Joanna Quinn and Newspaper Man by Ilja Bereznickas.

Thursday, 12.11. – Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Illustrations and Storyboard: Ilja Bereznikas

24 illustrations and drawings by Ilja Bereznickas, was exhibited at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. The pictures were a variety of work Bereznickas has made over four decades as an illustrator and filmmaker. The exhibition also contained storyboards and sketches from Bereznickas’ films. The selection of the displayed images were made by the festival administration with Festival Director Anders Narverud Moen in charge. Selection work was done in collaboration with the artist. The exhibition was free and available in the festival period from November 12th to 14th. A reception for the exhibition was organized ahead of the festival’s opening ceremony on Thursday November 12th, 200 people were present at the opening.

Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad

Qvisten 20 Years – Exhibition

A three-dimensional time travel in the form of 21 potato boxes all of which provide a glimpse into Qvisten Studio’s history, for their 20th anniversary which was celebrated during the festival. Opening reception of the exhibition took place on Thursday November 12th.

Fredrikstad Kino

Family Day

In cooperation with Fredrikstad Kino and E6 Media Workshop, a film programme and family activities were offered at Fredrikstad Kino Saturday November 14th. A free animation workshop, drawing workshop and lego building were some of the activities children and their families could attend. The film programme consisted of a free short film programme for children, as well as three animated feature films.

Saturday, 14/11 – Fredrikstad Kino

Lisa Aisato reads from Odd is an Egg

Lisa Aisato, from Kråkerøy, Fredrikstad, read aloud from her book Odd is an Egg. She also showed the process of making an animated film of the book.

Saturday, 14/11 – Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad


Fredrikstad Animation Festival is run by Norwegian Animation Forum, with Anders Narverud Moen, CEO and Festival Director. Marita Mayer was responsible for the seminars, and Therese Øvergård as festival coordinator.


Thanks to all partners in 2015: Amandus Festival in Lillehammer, AnimationVolda, Arena Magica, The Austrian Embassy in Oslo, E6 – Østfold Media Workshop, Film og Kino, Frame by Frame, Fritt Ord, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Hydrogenfabrikken, KarivoldFilm, Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad, Nebbelux, Netron , Norwegian Film Institute, Qulthus, Scandic City Hotel, Viken Filmsenter, Østfold County and Østfold cultural productions.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014 was held from 6th to 9th of November at Fredrikstad Kino, Litteraturhuset i Fredrikstad and Visningsrommet Nebbet. The Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary and presented the largest seminar programme in its history, with a special focus on character animation. The festival screened new Nordic and Baltic shorts and international feature films and presented a special programme on animated documentaries and expanded animation.

Official guest during the festival were Tamaki Okamoto (Jpn), Michal Makarewicz (US), Wes Mandel (US), Danny Antonucci (Can), Joonas Utti (Fin), Annegret Richter (Ger), Paul Mathot (Ned), Juügen Hagler (Aut), Linda Hambäck (Swe), Camilla Larsson (Swe), Björn Verloh (Ger), Kine Aune (Nor), Antonia Ringbom (Fin), Pii Berg (Fin) Kari Pieskä (Fin), Frederik Villumsen (Dk), Bjørn-Erik Aschim (Nor), Niki Lindroth Von Bahr (Swe), Ville Salervo (Fin), Anne Kristin Berge (Nor), Michelle Kranot (Isr/Dk), Uri Kranot (Isr/Dk) and Steven Sole (Uk).


The total of 140 films were screened during the festival. The main programme is the competition programme of Nordic and Baltic animated shorts, and included in total 16 professional short film, 14 student films, 52 commissioned film and 8 children’s film. In addition to the competition programme the festival programme had special screenings including animated documentaries, expanded animation and previous Grand Prix winners.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2014

Lifetime achivement awards

Handed out by the festival board of Norsk Animasjonsforum:

Antonia Ringbom

The festival board honored Antonia Ringbom for her work as an animator, director and animation teacher during more than four decade. She has played an important role in Finnish animation as one of the pioneers in Finland, often talked about as one of the members of the “Girl Mafia” in Finnish animation. She has received awards for her film about the artist Ellen Thesleff (Montreal 1990) I Seek The Sun and Upstairs and downstairs (KETTU-award/best Finnish short film 1994).

Grand Prix

Jury: Tamaki Okamoto (Japan), Kari Pieskä (Finland) and Kine Aune (Norge).

Lendurid Koduteel/Pilots on the way Home

Dir: Priit & Olga Pärn
Prod: Eesti Joonisfilm; The National Film Board of Canada
Best Nordic and Baltic short

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

Jury: Tamaki Okamoto (Japan), Kari Pieskä (Finland) and Kine Aune (Norge)

A Void

Dir: Joseph Hodgson
Prod: Racecar

Best Nordic-Baltic Student Film

Jury: Tamaki Okamoto (Japan), Kari Pieskä (Finland) and Kine Aune (Norway).

Dir: Zane Oborenko
Prod: Atom Art / Estonian Academy of Arts

Best Nordic And Baltic Children Film

Jury: John Tobias Larsen, Sivert Finstad, Aksel Berg, Andrea Berg and Nico Stenseng-Molven.

Bendik and the Monster

Dir: Frank Mosvold
Prod: Kool Produktion AS

Special Mention Nordic And Baltic Children Film

Jury: John Tobias Larsen, Sivert Finstad, Aksel Berg, Andrea Berg and Nico Stenseng-Molven

Come on Ketchup, let’s Go!

Dir: Staffan Erlandsson and Anna Erlandsson
Prod: Röda roboten animation AB

Audience Award

Brothers in Arms

Dir: Cav Bøgelund
Prod:  Film Maker ApS

Seminars, workshops and other presentations

The Seminars during Fredrikstad Animation Festival had one focus on character animation. Michal Makarewicz from Pixar Animation Studios held a class on character animation, Wes Mandel, animation supervisor had a “making of” presentation of The Book of Life (2014). Danny Antonucci, the creator of Ed, Edd ’n’ Eddy talked about his career and character design.

Character Animation – a lecture with Michal Makarewicz

Award winning Michal Makarewicz, directing animator at Pixar Animation Studios, held a lecture on character animation. In his lecture Michal Makarewicz talked about the variety of workflows and the procedures how to start the work in animation, from first testings to the profound development of a character.

The making of The Book of Life with Wes Mandell

Wes Mandell is the animation supervisor of the 3D feature The Book of Life, directed by Jorge Gutierrez and produced by Guillermo del Toro. Wes gave the festival audience insight into the process of making the film from the first sketches to finished animation. The film was also screened during the festival.

Character Design for TV-formats – a seminar with Danny Antonucci

Danny Antonucci gave in his presentation an insight into his career as an animator, director and producer and about the distinct art design of his productions and the special challenges that come with TV – formats and in particular TV- series.

Other seminars and presentations

Creative Mornings

The Festival started Thursday morning with a creative breakfast lecture. CreativeMornings is a global monthly breakfast lecture event series that started 5 years ago in NYC, and has now spread out to about 90 cities worldwide. The concept visited the festival where Tamaki Okamoto presented her work as a producer and talked about her experience of producing animated short films over two continents.

Animated documentaries

Animated documentaries combine documentary contents with the artistic and technical aspects, challenges and potentials of animation. In cooperation with DOK Leipzig, Annegret Richter gave a introduction to this genre and presented a short film programme with eight documentaries from seven different countries, which all told very personal stories.

After the screening Michelle and Uri Kranot presented AniDox:Lab, an international workshop and laboratory, where documentary and animation filmmakers join forces. The presentation focused on the learning process and the results of the last two years lab.

Nordic Animation Forum

During the Nordic Animation Forum presentation three directors and producers were given the opportunity to present themselves and their productions. The goal was to present and highlight some of the great numbers of projects that are under production in the Nordic region. Linda Hämback, a well recommended Swedish producer for animated films, presented her latest project What if. The Finnish design and animation Studio with Anntu Harlin and Joonas Utti in lead, talked about their project Gigglebug, a tv-series and a computer game for I pads, about a little bug that likes to giggle….. And finally Frederik Villumsen presented the company Nørlum and their work with big international co-productions such as Song of the Sea (2014) and Long way North (2015).

Puppet-making for Stop-Motion Productions with Paul Mathot

Paul Mathot is a specialist on puppet making for stop-motion productions and head of the puppet department at Pedri Animation BV based in Bussum, outside Amsterdam. Paul gave the festival audience an insight into the many challenges of building puppets for film and TV – productions.

Expanded Animation

Ars Electronica, founded 1979 in Linz, Austria, is led by the slogan ‘Art, technology, society’. It exists of four divisions, the International Festival, the Prix as competition honouring excellence, the Centre as a year-‘round setting for presentation & interaction, and the Futurelab as in-house Research and Development facility. Juergen Hagler, Professor of Digital Media at the University of Linz and Co-Curator of Ars Electronica, presented an international programme consisting of ten works. Some of the projects were commissioned by museums, municipalities and corporate clients, others were developed by the artists themselves. All the works screened had in common that they conveyed digital images into a spatial context.

Phonotrope Workshop

Björn Verloh gave an introduction and a workshop on phonotrope animation. In this workshop the participants had the opportunity to create drawn, modelled and cut-out loops. 33 stages of animation were placed on a record deck and span at 45rpm. When viewed through a camera the animation came to life!


During the festival three exhibitions were displayed at three different venues in Fredrikstad which showed the diversity of the Nordic animation scene 2014. The invited filmmakers used their films, working processes and themes from their films to create unique art spaces.

The Hollow Land Experience

Wife and husband Michelle and Uri Kranot and their short film The Hollow Land has been a well known film the last years, as it has been screened at many festivals. During the festival they invited the audience into the universe that they created for the film. With displayed stills from the film and projections on objects, they created a showroom for the universe of the film telling the film theme in a non-linear way. The Exhibition took place at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad.

Herman’s Heart

Animator, drawing artist and director Anne Kristin Berge released her new short film for children, which was screened in the children’s programme of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014. Herman’s Heart is short film in digital 3D, which uses pictures of real puppets and stop motion sets. The exhibition consisted of sets and props from the film, and recreated the atmosphere of the film. The exhibition was displayed at Fredrikstad Kino.

Anima Boutique Studio

Instead of focusing on one film or a project, the Finnish award winning design and animation studio Anima Boutique, based in Helsinki, decided they wanted to move their workspace and studio to Fredrikstad for the festival. The studio has produced over 200 client projects spanning commercials, music videos, short films, character development, TV-series, and apps. The aim was both to display their work, but also to show the work process and create the original environment that their ideas and execution is created in. Responsible for the exhibition was Creative Director of Anima Boutique, Ville Salervo. The Exhibition took place at Nebbet.

News and Press Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014


Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014 was produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum. The Festival staff was Festival Director Anders Narverud Moen, Seminar Manager Marita Mayer, Information and Festival Coordinator Therese Øvergård and Exhibition Coordinator Ida Grimsgård.

Co-operators 2014

Amandus festivalen i Lillehammer, AnimationVolda, Arena Magica, Ars ElectronicaCreative Mornings – Oslo, The Austrian Embassy in Oslo, The German Embassy in Oslo, Doc: Leipzig, E6 – Østfold Medieverksted, Film & Kino, Frame by Frame, Fritt Ord, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Grafill, Karivold Film, Nordic Culture Point, Litteraturhuset i Fredrikstad, Nebbelux, Netron, Norwegian Film Institutt, Qulthus, Rica City Hotell, Viken Filmsenter and Østfold kulturproduksjoner.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2013

The 2013 edition of Fredrikstad Animation Festival happened from 7th to 10th of November and the festival venues were Fredrikstad Kino and the new Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad. The festival was dedicated the 100 year anniversary of Norwegian animation and had several events and screenings presenting the pride tradition of Norwegian Animation. The festival is one of the biggest festivals for the film industry in Norway, but the program was also packed with seminars and initiatives for the Nordic animation branch. The festival presented highly recognised artists and directors from the international animation scene.

The festival had guests from 19 countries around the world and the official guests were Bill Plympton (USA), Tom Moore og Adrien Mérigeau (Ireland), Benjamin Renner (France), Sefi Gayego (Israel), Eero Johannes og Elina Minn (Finland), Jonas Holmer (Sweden), Tom Lowe (UK), Naja Ankarfeldt (Denmark),Anita Killi, Trine Aadalen Lo, Endre Lund Eriksen, Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Kine Aune og Thor Sivertsen (Norway).


78 films were screened in nine short film programmes, additional to six films at the opening of the festival. 132 films were entered to the festival short film competition, 40 of these films were selected to be screened at the festival. 18 professional short films, 14 student films and eight commissioned films. Other short film programmes was, 100 years of Norwegian animated films, Cartoon d’Or nominees and a Bob Godfrey retrospective. Seven features film were also screened.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2013

Lifetime Achievement Award

Handed out by the festival board.

Kine Aune and Thor Sivertsen
The receivers of the awards have both played an important role in the development of Norwegian animation and storytelling. They have worked together, but also had separate careers. One has mainly produced and directed films for children, the other has with his animation style contributed to the beginning of an international breakthrough for Norwegian animation in the mid 1980’s. With the short and funny “Zwish”, which got a lot of attention at festivals around the world and “What shall we do with little Jill” that won the highest award in Shanghai in 1988, the two award receivers have been central figures of Norwegian animation.

Nordic- and Baltic Competition

The jury members for the Nordic and Baltic competition 2013 were the Norwegian photographer and short film maker Morten Skallerud, Dominique Seutin who is one of the organizers of Anima Festival in Brussels and Swedish director and animator Anna Mantzaris.

Grand Prix

No Time for Toes
Directed by Kari Pieskä from Finland.
The jury statement:“This film uses a simple and expressive drawing style which suits the subject really well. It shows an excellent sense for details and timing, and constantly makes us laugh and recognize how it is to be a parent of small children. It is also refreshing to see a film about caring for children, where the adult character is a male person.”

Best Nordic- and Baltic Short Film

It’s up to you
Directed by Kajsa Næss from Norway.
The jury statement: This film tells an important story in the best possible way. We really loved the strong interviews combined with carefully selected and well-made illustrations. With a mix of techniques, a precise rhythm and some great moments, this is a very strong and touching film about children whose fathers are in prison.

Best Nordic- and Baltic student film

The Table is Set
Directed by Sini Pietiläinen, Anni Oja, Markus Tervola and Taru Riskilä from Finland.
The jury statement: “With lots of humour, fine sense of style and nice stop-motion work, this film tells an absurd story of masters and servants in an upper class setting of the 18th century. The film becomes better and better as it goes on. It is full of surprises and visual inventions”.

The jury also chose to give special mention to Electric Soul by Joni Männistö from Finland and Blame it on the Seagull by Julie Engaas from Norway.

Best Children’s film

The Cowboy – in Color
Directed by Trygve Nielsen from Norway.
Five children from the Fredrikstad region were given the task of selecting the winner of the Golden Gunnar amongst the films in the children’s programme. The jury consisted of Andrea Berg 9 years, Synne Bongard 8 years, Benjamin Bjørnstad 8 years, Erik Friis 8 years and Ruben Sveen 10 years old.
The jury statement: “The winner film is a magical film about the struggle between good and evil. A sad black and white world meets a richly coloured one. Nice and rich drawings with good music that builds up the atmosphere.”

The children’s jury also chose to give a special mention to Rob ´n´Ron directed by Peter Schmidt and Magnus Møller.

Audience Award

Blame it on the Seagull
Directed by Julie Engaas from Norway.


The festivals seminars focused on 2D drawn animation and animated features. The seminars presented artists and directors from independent studios outside Hollywood and presented their work with new features. Moderator for the seminar was the Dutch journalist Peter Schavemaker.


The Making of Cheatin’
It was a pleasure for the festival to invite US based director and animator Bill Plympton, who is known for drawing every single frame in his films. Plympton presented his work with his lateste feature Cheatin’, focusing on the creative process of filmmaking. Cheatin’ had it’s Norwegian premier at the festival in 2013.


Work in progress: Song of the Sea
Tom Moore and Adrien Merigéau from the well-recommended studio Cartoon Saloon, presented their work whit the upcoming feature Song of the Sea. Together they presented artwork and the creative process behind the film.


The Making of Ernest & Celestine
Benjamin Renner is one of three directors of the academy award nominee film Ernest & Celestine, which is based on a series of children’s books by the Belgium author and illustrator Gabrielle Vincent. The seminar was presented at Litteraturhuset in Fredrikstad and focused on the artwork and adaption.

Other Seminars and Presentations

Visual Fredrikstad

During the festival new visual art that use animation as the main technique was projected. Four artists from the Nordic region was invited to create new art to light up buildings and squares in Fredrikstad during the festival. The four artists on this project were Eero Pitkännen, Elina Minn, Jonas Holmer and Naja Ankarfeldt.

Norwegian News

Anita Killi presented her latest work with the up-coming feature Christmas Survivors, in the Norwegian news section during the festival. After the presentation there was a panel debate about scriptwriting for children’s films, including director Rasmus Sivertsen (Plobby the police car, Jul i Flåklypa), Producer Trine Aadalen Lo (De tøffeste Gutta, Christmas Survivors) and author Endre Lund Eriksen (Pittbullterje, Dunderly).

Sefi Gayego

Q&A with Animation supervisor – The Congress
After the screening of The Congress by Ari Folman, animation Supervisor Sefi Gayego presented his work with the film and had a Q&A session.

Norwegian Animation 100 years

Before the retrospective program of Norwegian animation, filmmakers including Thor Sivertsen, Morten Skallerud, Anita Killi and Lise Fearnley was present and introduced their films to the audience.

Bob Godfrey presentation

Bob Godfrey’s grandson Tom Lowe presented, Bob Godfrey’s life and work, before the screening of a retrospective dedicated to the recently past away genius.

Other Events

The official opening of the festival was dedicated to the 100 year anniversary of Norwegian animation, whit the deputy mayor in Fredrikstad, Kari Agerup and actor Trond Høvik as official speakers. The pianist Morten Gunnar Larsen held a silent movie concert, playing to early Norwegian animation classics.

In co-operation with the Norwegian animation Centre in Volda, an exhibition was held in the City Hall of Fredrikstad. The exhibition showed materials from classic Norwegian animation. The exhibition was a part of the animation center´s work on conservation and display of materials used in animated films during the time.

The festival also had a special focus on children and young people, with a character parade, workshop for young talents and a high school seminar.

News and Press about Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2013


Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2013 was produced by Stiftelsen Norsk Animasjonsforum. The festival staff was Festival Director Anders Narverud Moen, Programme manager Marita Mayer and information and event coordinator Lene Juliussen.


The festival was produced in co-operation with: Amandus festivalen i Lillehammer, Animation Volda, Arena Magica, Betech Data, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Fabel, Film og Kino, Frame by Frame, Fritt Ord, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Grafill, Karivold Film, Kulturkontakt Nord, Litteraturhuset i Fredrikstad, Netron, Norwegian Animation Center, Norsk Filminstitutt, Qulthus, Rica City Hotell, Verdensspeilet Kaffebar, Viken Filmsenter, Østfold fylkeskommune and Østfold kulturproduksjoner.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2012

The 2012 Edition of the Fredrikstad Animation Festival happened 8.–11. November with the Fredrikstad Cinema as main venue. 4 days packed with seminars, workshops and screenings – and with something for all ages.

81 films were screened during the festival. 75 short films were selected to participate in five competition programs and three special programs. Fredrikstad Animation Festival hosts it´s own award ceremony, unique to it´s kind in Norway: The Golden Gunnar trofé is handed out in six categories, among them Best children´s film (given out by a children´s jury) – and the Grand Prix award. The Grand Prix winner is automatically nominated for European Cartoon d’Or.

Main jury 2012: Lise Fearnley, Heiki Ernits and Marina Rosset. Jury for Commissioned Film: Christen Bach, Cornelia Boysen and Jérémy Clapin.

The festival board and festival organizers also give out a Lifetime Achievement Award to honour one great figure in the Nordic-Baltic animation scene.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2012

Grand Prix

Breakfast on the grass
Directed by Erik Alu­nurm, Mih­kel Reha, Mari- Liis Rebane, Mari Pakkas

Best Student Film

But milk is important
Directed by Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen and Anna Mantzaris

Best Short Film

Ursus (Latvia)
Directed by Reinis Pētersons

Best Children´s Film

The Secret of the Ice Flower (Denmark)
Directed by Jacob Ley

Best Commissioned Film

Trollus Netticus
Directed by Magne Hage

The Audience Award

The Secret of the Ice Flower (Denmark)
Directed by Jacob Ley

Lifetime Achievement Award

Rein Raamat (

Rein Ram­mat, who is con­side­red the foun­der of the Esto­nian school of ani­ma­tion. Raamat as an artist was one of the first whose out­put was a new medium — hand-​​drawn ani­ma­tion. He devel­o­ped and pro­tected the rights of the new artform. Rein Raamat’s best ani­ma­tions are a dead sure part of the grea­test ani­ma­tions of Estonia.

Seminars and workshops

Every year the festival seminars gather international animation/visual effects industry people for sharing of knowledge and innovation inputs. In 2012 the festival seminars and workshops had three focuses:

North American Producers with Nelson Lowry (Studio Laika, Production Manager of Paranorman (2012)) and Marcy Page from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) as well as the producers of Academy Award winner The Danish Poet (Torill Kove, 2012).

During In Production, Torill Kove presented her upcoming feature Hokus Pokus, Alfie Atkins. Rasmus A. Sivertsen introduced a complete new stop-​​motion feature used on the famous Pinchcliffe characters of Kjell Aukrust (Solan and Ludvig).

The festival VFX seminar highlighted two amazing VFX studios. Juri Stanossek from Pixomondo in Stuttgart, Germany, presented the work of his studio on the award winning TV-series Games of Thrones. This followed by Storm Studios (N) breathtaking work on Academy Award Nominee Kon-Tiki (2012). Additionally, Adam Wright gave an animatronics workshop and Jeremy Clapin og Frankc Dion presented their studio Papy3d and the production of their films Edmond Was a Donkey and Palmipedarium.

Other Events

No festival complete without parties and social events! In 2012, the festival presented the party-with-performance-act Jimmy Polaris: music composed and performed by Masselys in combination with visuals by Christopher Nielsen and Matt Willis-Jones. The opening night the traditional party at Café Verdensspeilet followed the opening ceremony. Here the award ceremony party, with master of ceremony Richard Bowers, also took place. The Café Verdensspeilet, just across the street from the Fredrikstad Cinema, is well known among festival visitors for its atmosphere.

News and Press Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2012

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2011

The 2011 edition of Fredrikstad Animation Festival was held from November 7. – 11., and offered 5 days packed with screenings, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Officials guest at the festival were Don Hahn (USA), John Kricfalusi (Canada), Rosto (Netherland), Suzie Templeton, Alan Short og Seamus Malone (Great Britannia), Tod Polson (USA), Veronika Wallenberg (Sweden), Alexis De Jesus Costa (France), Elli Vuorinen (Finland), Hilmar Sigursson og Gunnar Karlsson (Iceland), Sverre Fredriksen (Norway/Netherlands), Harald Fossen og Frank Mosvold (Norway).

During the festival, over 100 shorts films, 12 feature films and 2 documentaries were screened. One of our main tasks is to award the best baltic- nordic animated short film with our own Golden Gunnar statuette. In 2011, about 200 short were submited and 74 were selected for the competition programme.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2011

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded by the festival board.

Gunnar Strøm, Norway

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 went to Gunnar Strøm for his life dedicated to animation. He was a key player for establishing the animation education at the University-college in Volda and has worked indefatigable as an ambassador for Norwegian animation.

Nordic–Baltic Competition

Jury: Frank Mosvold, Alexis De Jesus Costa and Elli Vuorinen

Grand Prix

Mankeli / The Mangel
Directed by Jan Andersson and Katja Kettu
Prod: Indie Films

Best Short Film
Directed by Anne Kristin Berge
Prod: Kristin Hellebust and Anja Nicolas, Storm Studios

Best Student Film

Kuhina / Swarming
Directed by Joni Männistö
Prod: Eija Saarinen, Turku Arts Academy

Honorable Mention

The Backwater Gospel
Directed by Bo Mathorne
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Commissioned Films

Jury: Tod Polson, Veronika Wallenberg and Harald Fossen

Best commissioned film

AIDES ‘Smutley’
Directed by againstallodds
Prod: againstallodds

Honorable mention

The Pirate
Directed by Olov Burman
Prod: Meinbender Animation Studio


Escape of the Gingerbreadman!!!
Directed by Tod Polson
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Nordic-Baltic Children Film

Jury: Balder Daae (8), Mikkel Dalene Fossen (7), Madelen Søderberg Knudsen (8), Zeb Stenseng-Molven (7),
Ylva Langvik-Aasen (6).

Best Children film

Captain Awesome: The Rumble in The Concrete Jungle
Directed by Ercan Bozodgan
Prod: Michelle Nardone, The Animation Workshop

Special Mention

Ziluks / Acorn Boy
Regi: Dace Riduze
Prod: Film Studio Animacijas Brigade


11th November 2011 Fredrikstad Animation Festival held a seminar dedicated Master of Animation.

During the seminar the festival presented three directors with different approaches in the art of animation: Ren & Stimpy legend John Kricfalusi, director and designer Tod Polson, and the independent animator Rosto.

John Kricfalusi – The fundamental elements of cartooning

John Kricfalusi is known as a master in hand drawn character animation. During his presentation he told an enthusiastic audience about his sources of inspiration, with examples from well known animation films and classic Hollywood films. Later, the festival screened a retrospective dedicated to rare films by Kricfalusi.

Tod Polson – The Noble Approach

Tod Polson worked many years along with designer and illustrator Maurice Noble, and has also written a book about him who was Chuck Jones’ most used layout and background designer. During the seminar Polson gave us a close up on Noble’s work with film and design og film.

Rosto – making of The Monster of Nix

The Dutch artist Rosto are one of the most extraordinary directors on the international animation scene. In a talk with animation expert Joakim Pedersen, Rosto told the festival audience about his work, and the creation of the imaganary world in his latest film. Rosto also presented a retrospective programme during the festival.

Other presentations and special screenings

“What’s up” – Nordic Animation Forum

The festival presented several Nordic projecets including Hilmar Sigurdsson and Gunnar Karlsson form CAOZ, who worked on Icelands first animated 3D feature Legend of Valhalla: Thor. The Norwegian studio Qvisten Animasjon, and the Norwegian animator Sverre Fredriksen, and Fredrikstad’s own Kristian Pedersen also presented their work.

Making of Arthur Christmas

The festival was opened with a pre-premier of Arthur Christmas and the animation directors Seamus Malone and Alan Sort was present and held a lecture about creating a modern version of Santa’s North Pole. Malone and Short was key members of the staff of the film and has worked at Aardman studios for a long period.

Don Hahn Presentation

The Legendary Producer of Disney Don Hahn, visited the festival in 2011 and gave an exclusive lecture on the opening day of the festival. Hahn is the man behind classic films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, and presented the secret behind Disney’s success during the 80s and 90s.

News and Presss Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2011


The 2011 festival was produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum and the festival administrator was Festival Director Trond Ola Mevassvik and Festival Coordinator Magnus Eide, in co-operation with:


Animation Volda, Arena Magica, Ars Baltica,
E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Film & Kino, Frame by frame, Fredrikstad Blad, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, GrensEraser, Karivold Film, Norsk Filminstitutt, Norsk Animasjon, Qulthus, Rica City Hotel, Verdensspeilet Kaffebar, Øsfold Fylkeskommune, Østfold Kulturproduksjon.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d’Or festival.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2010

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2010 was held from November 10th to 14th. The programme was fully packed with 5 days of features, shorts, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. The festivals official guests in 2010 were Nick Fletcher and Isaac Kerlow (USA), Paul Dutton, Maciek Szczerbowski and Chris Lavis (Canada) Eddie White (Australia) Alexey Alexeev (Russia/Hungary), Dave King (England), Nik og Nancy Phelps (USA/Belgia), Jan Rahbek and Sarita Christensen (Denmark), Jessica Lauren (Sweden) Tom Carpelan (Finland) and Ingrid Rommetveit and Bård Eker (Norway).

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2010 was officially opened by Lotte Grepp Knutsen from the Ministry of Culture. The opening film was the norwegian feature Elias og jakten på havets gull, produced by Filmkameratene and directed by Lise I. Osvoll. This was the first official screening of the film.

The 2010 festival included 9 different programmes, approximately 100 short films, and 8 animated features.

Golden Gunnar Winners 2010

In 2010 over 200 films were submitted for the competition programme. 72 of these were screened at the festival. 2010 was also the first year the commissioned- and children’s film competing programmes were introduced.

Winners and jury members

Lifetime Achievement Award

Børge Ring and Kaj Pindal
This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to the Danish animators Børge Ring and Kaj Pindal, for their lifelong work in animation. The award was given during an honorary dinner for the two, live streamed from the Ribe Animation Festival in Denmark to Fredrikstad as a part of the Award Ceremony.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award is chosen by the festival board of Norsk Animasjonsfond.

Nordic-Baltic Shorts

Jury: Jan Rahbek, Eddie White and Ingrid Rommetveit

Grand Prix

Tord & Tord
Director: Niki Lindroth von Bahr
Producer: Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Best short film

Divers in the Rain
Directors: Priit & Olga Pärn
Producers: Kalev Tamm, Eesti Joonisfilm Studio

Honorable mention

Grandma Grasshopper
Director: Denis Chapon
Producers: Tim Leborgne, The Animation Workshop

Best student film

Directors: Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen
Producers: Eija Saarinen, Turku Arts Academy

Nominated for the ANOBA award:

Directors: Mats Grorud, Robin Jensen
Producers: Ape&Bjørn AS

Commissioned Films

Jury: Dave King, Sarita Christensen and Bård Eker

Best commissioned film

VG Fredagsbilag
Director: Martin Engh
Producer: Animasjonsdepartementet

Honorable mention

When I am King
Director: Sverre Fredriksen

Jakob & Neikob
Director: Martine Grande
Producer: Høydal Fjernsynsproduksjon

Kirkens SOS
Director: Cathinka Tanberg
Producer: Mikrofilm AS

Audience Award

Directors: Mats Grorud, Robin Jensen
Producers: Fredrik Pål Røed og Ruben Thorkildsen, Ape&Bjørn AS

The audience award is chosen by the festival audience

Children’s Films

Best children’s film

Magic Water
Director: Maris Brinkmanis
Producers: Maris Putnins, Film Studio ’’Animacijas brigade”

Honorable mention

Jakob og Neikob
Director: Martine Grande
Producer: Høydal Fjernsynsproduksjon

Jury: Malene Preutz (10),Henrik Erlingsen (9), Andrea Berg (6), Sindre Andre Bilet (10) and Ruben Oliver Sigurdsson Sveen (7)


Story in Animation

Produced in collaboration with Norsk Filminstitutt

During this seminar we discussed the process of writing a script to the finished product of an animated film. By discussing the topic from different angles and using various animated films as examples, the seminar helped show a wide perspective of the story related part of the development of an animated film.

Nick Fletcher, lead editor of Shrek Forever After, gave a presentation of the various development stages of an animated feature in the DreamWorks system. By using animatics and various edited versions of the film, Fletcher showed an in depth and thorough look at the development of both the characters and storyline in Shrek Forever After.

Paul Dutton, co-director of The Illusionist talked about the animation, the story development, and about the conditions of which the movie was produced. The Illusionist is based on a script by Jaques Tati, and is directed by the French auteur Sylvain Chomet.

Lastly, Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski talked about their thoughts on idea- and script writing. They presented the work they did on their Oscar nominated short Madame Tutli-Putli, as well as Higgelty-Piggelty Pop (on which they worked with Spike Jonze and Meryl Streep), and their new independent production L´Anneé de L´Os.

Other presentations and events

Storytelling Trends in Computer Animation

Professor Isaac Kerlow held a presentation on new trends in storytelling, style, and themes within animated film. He gave an overview of animation techniques and different approaches of the subject.

Alexey Alexeev Special

Alexey Alexeev gave us a presentation of his humorous and original universe. He spoke about his biggest success, Log Jam, a series of short animations bought by Nickelodeon and Canal Plus France. During the festival there was also an exhibition at Verdensspeilet with photos of his previous productions.

”Four Elements”

Before and during Fredrikstad Animation Festival, music students from Kulturskolen in Fredrikstad had a one week workshop with jazz musician Nik Phelps. Saturday November 13th the result of the workshop was presented by playing along to Four Elements, an animation made by pupils in the nearby area under the leadership of animators Gitte Ous and Katz Plunkett from E6 Medieverksted.

News And Blogs About Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2010

Team & Partners

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2010 was produced by Norsk animasjonsforum with festival director Trond Ola Mevassvik and festival coordinator Magnus Eide. Collaborators were: Animation Volda, Animation Conversation, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, 4R Media, Film & Kino, Frame by frame, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Karivold Film, Netron, Norsk Filminstitutt, Rica City Hotel, Verdensspeilet Kaffebar, Øsfold Fylkeskommune, Østfold Kulturproduksjon. Fredrikstad Animation Festival is a Cartoon d’Or festival.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009

In 2009 Fredrikstad Animation Festival took place November 11th through 15th. Official guests were Annti Laakso (Finland), Jessica Laurén (Sweden) Max Hattler (Germany/UK) Ralph Eggleston (USA), Tarik Saleh (Sweden) Philip Hunt (UK), Noriko Okaku (Japan/UK), Nik og Nancy Phelps (USA/Belgium), Ivan Maximov (Russia), Tim Leborgne (Denmark/Frankrike), Joakim Pedersen (Denmark/Norway), Michel Ocelot (France) og Inni Karine Melbye (Norway).

The opening of Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009 was celebrated with a screening of the Swedish animated feature Metropia, voiced by Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis. The film was co-produced by Norwegian Tordenfilm, and was to be considered the biggest animated Nordic feature of 2009. The film was presented by director Tarik Saleh and Norwegian co-producer Eric Vogel.

NEWS AND BLOGS ABOUT FREDRIKSTAD ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2009 about the winner films (Norwegian) about the programme (Norwegian) about Ralph Eggleston (Norwegian)
Animation Conversation Podcast interwiev with Ralph Eggleston

The Nordic Baltic Competition

Over 150 films were submitted in 2009, and during the pre-selection at the Animation Volda festival 58 shorts were chosen to compete at the festivals competitive programmes.

Golden Gunnar Winners

The international jury consisted of: Anti Laakso (Finland) Jessica Laurén (Sweden) and Max Hattler (Germany)

Grand Prix


Director: Kaspar Jancis
Estonia – 2009
Producer: Kalv Tamm, Eesti Joonisfilm

Jury said: “A fun film about loss and pain with a reptile theme. The innovative animation takes the every day life to a higher level.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

Inni Karine Melbye, Norge

The board of Norsk animasjonsforum said: “As a modern Niels Klim you have explored the worlds of Nazar. You have been essential in bringing international animation to the Nordic countries and Nordic animation to the world. And your art and films have pleased us all for decades.”

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

Sinna Mann

Director: Anita Killi
Norway – 2009

Jury said: “A heavy subject told in a naive but very wise way. An important film for all ages that gives a solution.”

Best Nordic-Baltic Student Fillm

Space Monkeys

Director: Jan Rahbek ,
Denmark – 2009

Jury said: ”Action packed, full of humor and with a warm ending. A really impressing student film!”

Best Nordic-Baltic Commissioned Film

Jenkka Professional Tooth

Director: Jalmari Helander
Finland – 2009

Jury said: ”A fun and sympathetic commercial about taking care of your teeth as if they were your pets For an original idea and and good execution.”

Special Mention


Directior: Signe Baumane
Latvia – 2009

Jury said: “Thoughts and fears of giving birth and motherhood illustrated by clever use of animation.”


Director: Lasse Gjertsen
Norway 2009

Jury said: “Counsol deverly used the limitations and conventions of 8-bit computer games to reflect on the limitations and conventtions of life itself. Funny and poignant throughout, the film gives a new meaning to multiple lives and other dimensions.”

Audience Award

Sinna Mann

Director: Anita Killi
Norway – 2009

Innovation Award


Produced by: Qvisten Animation
Norway -2009

Norsk Animasjonsforum said: ”A new Norwegian animated series have inspired the board of Norwegian Animation Forum to hand out an award for innovation in animation. The prize goes to Qvisten Animation for the webserie Fanthomas.”


Style and design in new animation

Friday November 13th a seminar on style and design in new animation was held at Fredrikstad Kino. Key speakers were Ralph Eggleston from Pixar, ‘Metropia‘ director Tarik Saleh from Atmo, and creative director Philip Hunt of Studio AKA.

In Ralph Eggleston talk, he gave a general introduction to production design, and gave us an insight to the working process of a Pixar Animation Studios production. He used examples from various production stages from features like Finding Nemo, Wall-E and Up.

The Swedish animated feature Metropia gained a lot of attention in the animation business for its original visual style. During the seminar, director Tarik Saleh talked about the idea behind the style, and how it evolved during the design process. Metropia’s head of animation, Isak Gjertsen, gave a presentation on the new technique and software used to make the film’s original look.

Annecy-winner Philip Hunt gave an introduction to Studio AKA’s work and their way of working with production design. He presented pre-production work from some of the studio’s most important projects.

Other presentations and workshops

”History of Animation Through Music” by Nik Phelphs

1.5 hour presentation of animation history, from the Flesher brothers to today, with emphasis on music and sound. Musician and composer Nik Phelps showed us his take on the animation history and evolvelemt by showing clips from various films.

”///” – performance by Max Hattler & Noriko Okaku

Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku met when studying together at the Royal College of Art. Even though their work is quite different, they still have some similarities in their experimental, semi-narrative, dialogue free- take on animation.

Their newest production ”///” is a live performace, where Hattler and Okaku use a special technique using three screens. The performance had its world premiere during the festival, and was commissioned by Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

The making of Lost and Found

In connection to his new film Lost and Found, Philip Hund gave a presentation of the process of making the film. The film is based on Oliver Jeffers critically acclaimed children’s book by the same name.

Ivan Maximov retrospective

The award winning Russian animation artist Ivan Maximov presented a retrospective of his production. Live music was performed by composer Nik Phelps during the screening of Ivan’s latest film, The Additional Capabilities of the Snout.

Sneak peek: “Pelle Politibil”

The sequel to the 2002 animated feature about Pelle Politibil was presented at Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009. The producer of Pelle Politibil går i vannet showed a sneak peek of some of the scenes from the upcoming film, and spoke about the making of the film.

Premiere: ”Animated composition” a project where music meets animation

A collaboration between Det Norske Blåseensemble and E6 Østfold Medieverksted. Five composers from Østfold were invited to partake in the project Animert komposisjon. Children from Østfold and professional animators participated in making animated music videos to the composers music.During the festival’s last day the final results were screened, accompanied by live music by the Blåseensemble.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival was produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum and festival director Trond Ola Mevassvik.


Animation Volda, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Film & Kino, Fredrikstad Blad, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune, Karivold Film, Kulturhuset Blå Grotte, Norsk filminstitutt, Norsk filmvederlagsfond, Verdensspeilet Kaffebar, Quality Hotel Fredrikstad, Østfold fylkeskommune, Østfold kulturproduksjon

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2008

In 2008, the festival was held from October 22nd to 26th. This was the year the Nordic-Baltic competition made its comeback. Official guests were: Andreas Deja, Snobar Avani, Peter Hausner, Sarah Phelps, Amid Amidi, Gene Deitch, Zdenka Deitchova, Celia Bullwinkel, Pes, and Biljana Labovic.

During the festival approximately 150 short films in 11 programs were screened. In addition, we screened 10 feature films in various genres.

The Nordic-Baltic Competition

The core of Fredrikstad Animation Festival is our competition program with the festivals very own award: the Golden Gunnar. After some years absence, the festival in 2008 could again incorporate the Nordic-Baltic competition in full scale. The final submission number was s record high, with over 200 short films submitted. At a pre-jury organized in collaboration with AnimationVolda, 58 of these were selected to be screened in our competition program.

Winners and Jury

The Danish experimental animator Lejf Marcussen was honored with the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s Grand Prix went to Inherent Obligations of the Estonian animator Rao Heidmar. The festival also nominated this film for the Cartoon d’Or 2009. The award for best Nordic-Baltic Short Film went to the Norwegian short film My Grandmother Beijing by Mats Grorud. This film was also nominated to be the Norwegian contribution to ANOB-Award 2009.

The international jury at this year’s festival was Linda Fagerli Sæthren (Norway), Peter Hausner (Denmark) and Amid Amidi (USA).

Best Nordic-Baltic student film

The Last Elephant by Antti Laakso, Finland

Best Nordic-Baltic commissioned film

En reise i vanntes fremtid by Susanne Flender, Norway

Best Nordic-Baltic Short Film

My Grandmother Beijing by Mats Grorud, Norway

Honourable mention

Lydskygger by Julie Engaas, Norway

Honourable mention

Sagan om den lilla dockpojken by Johannes Nyholm, Sweden

Golden Gunnar Grand Prix

Inherent Obligations by Rao Heidmar, Estonia

Audience Award

Eat Shit and Die by Anders Morgenthaler, Denmark

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lejf Marcussen, Denmark

Kurt Blir Grusom – premiere and exhibition

The opening film of 2008 was the feature film Kurt blir grusom. In conjunction with the premiere of Kurt blir grusom we also presented an exhibition focusing on the adaptation from book to film. The exhibition was produced in collaboration with Qvisten Animation, Fredrikstad Kino, and was supported by Film & Kino.

Special Focus: American Animation

Given that 2008 was an election year in the United States, we chose to focus on American animation. In addition to a wide selection of movies, we also had a a very strong program of guests and speakers. The greatest interest was perhaps Disney star animator Andreas Deja who is respected worldwide for his contributions to modern Disney classics like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast etc. Additionally, we had a visit from author and Cartoon Brew-founder Amid Amidi, UPA legend and Oscar-winner Gene Detich, animation phenomenon PES, and Bill Plymptons producer Biljana Labovic.

Other presentations and workshops

“What’s up?”

“What’s up?” was a new concept where different studios, directors and other people in the industry could present new projects. In addition to providing a picture of what is happening within the Norwegian animation, this concept was as a great meeting place for the industry as well. Participants included NRK grafisk, Storm studios, Qvisten Animation, Tilnærmet Lik, Earthtree, Netron, Mikrofilm, Pang Produksjoner, and the Swedish studio Alphaville.

Animation Workshop

In collaboration with E6 Østfold Mediverksted we held an animation workshop for children. During the final day of the workshop, the finished films had their own special premiere at Fredrikstad Kino.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2008 was produced by norsk animasjonsforum with Festival Director Trond Ola Mevassvik, in collaboration with:

AnimationVolda, Dean Bar, Den amerikanske ambassaden, Den danske ambassaden, Earthtree Media, E6 Østfold Medieverksted, Film & Kino, Fond for lyd og bilde, Fredrikstad Blad, Fredrikstad Kino, Fredrikstad Kommune,, Hotel Fontenen, Karivold Film, Kulturhuset Blå Grotte, Norsk filminstitutt, Norsk filmvederlagsfond, Nordisk film, SAS Radisson, Verdensspeilet, Qvisten Animation, Østfold fylkeskommune, Østfold kulturproduksjon

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2007

After a 3-year break, the festival was once again arranged in Fredrikstad November 7th-11th 2007. The festival included screenings of Norwegian and international animation, seminars, and workshops.

The Nordic-Baltic Competition

The 2007 festival could offer 8 programmes, approximately 70 short films, and 4 features. In addition to this, we also had programmes set up for school screenings.

Golden Gunnar Winners

The international jury consisted of: Terje Rangnes, Midhat ”Ajan” Ajanovic and Sylvie Bringas.


Director: Astrid Aakra

Honorable mention

Director: Kaja Wright Polmar


Director: Linda Fagerli Sæthren


Gutten og Torsken
Director: Bjørn Fast Nagell


Director: Linda Fagerli Sæthren


Erling Ericson

In 2007 the Golden Gunnar for Life time Achievement was awarded to Erling Ericsson for his lifelong work with kids and animation. This award is given by Norsk Animasjonsforum.


In addition to the awarding of the ordinary competitive programmes, we also had the honor of awarding the ANOBA award in 2007. ANOBA (Animation Nordic & Baltic) was a collaboration between the Nordic Baltic animation festivals. The films nominated for the ANOBA Award are selected throughout the year during each festival, by each festival’s international juries.

The winners of the ANOBA award will go on to compete for the Cartoon d’Or.

The winner of the 2007 ANOBA Award was:

Institute of the Dream
Director: Mati Kütt, Estonia

ANOBA jury:

Valentas Askinis (Tindirindis, Lithuania), Heilika Vosu (Animated Dreams, Estonia), Saara Konttinen (Animatricks, Finland), Kasper Rasmussen Andreasen (Cosmic Zoom Animation Festival, Denmark), Alexander Mood (Animotion, Sweden), Anne Lise Andreasen (Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway)

Toril Kove´s Den danske dikteren was nominated to the 2008 ANOBA award by our international jury.


Animated documentary: fact or fiction?

A retrospective programme on animated documentaries was for the first time ever presented during Animerte Dager/Oslo Animation Festival in 1998. FAF 2007 wished to do a follow up on animated documentaries, and put together a seminar on the subject.


Gunnar Strøm: professor of film and TV at Volda College. Gunnar has written multiple articles on animated documentaries and programmed a retrospective of animated documentaries in 1998. Gunnar was the leader of the seminar.

Kajsa Næss: Norwegian director and animator, known for films like Filmen om meg (2000) and Leonoidestorm (2004).

Jonas Odell: Swedish animator and co-founder of “Filmtecknarna”. His animated documentary Aldrig som första gången won the Golden Bear for best short film during the 2006 Berlinale.

Paul Wells: Leader of animation studies at School of Art and Design, Loughborough University. He is one of the most recognized theorists on animated documentaries today.


Nukufilm 50 years

The exhibition Having Soul could be seen at Fredrikstad Kino during the festival, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Estonian animation studio Nukufilm. The exhibition features more than 100 puppets from their enormous productions, and gave an introduction to stop motion animation. Nukufilm is one of the oldest puppet animation studios in the world today.


Qvisten Animation – Work in progress: Kurt

Producer Ove Heiborg and director Rasmus Sivertsen, both from Qvisten Animation, presented clips from their new feature length film Kurt, based on Erlend Loe and Kim Hjortøys books about the truck driver by the same name.

Jonas Odell – Short films and music videos

Over the last couple of years, Jonas Odell has been a popular and sought after director of music videos, working with such bands as Erasure, Goldfrapp and U2. During the festival he presented a programme focusing mainly on music videos.

Sylvie Bringas – Silence

French/British Sylvie Bringas is a director and producer at Animus Films. She presented her new animated documentary Silence, made in collaboration with Orly Yadin.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival was produced by Norsk Animasjonsforum with festival director Trond Ola Mevassvik, in collaboration with:

Fredrikstad Kino, Kulturhuset Blå Grotte, St. Croix, E6 Medieverksted, Delta K Østfold, Fredrikstad Blad, Animation Volda, Nordisk-baltisk filmfond, Fond for lyd og bilde, Norsk Filmvederlagsfond, Norsk Filmutvikling, Film & Kino, Det norske filminstitutt, Fredrikstad Kommune

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2004

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2004 was held from November 5th to 14th, and celebrated its 10th anniversary. The anniversary festival was a celebration of Nordic and Baltic animation. We screened 69 short films and 10 feature films from the region, including retrospective programs of award winning directors, and a cavalcade of former grand prix winners. Official guests were: Priit Pärn, Jannik Hastrup, Per Åhlin, Stefan Fjeldmark and Thorbjørn Christoffersen.

News and Blogs about Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2014 (Norwegian)


The Il Tempo Gigante Award – an honorary award:

Jannik Hastrup of Denmark, Per Åhlin from Sweden and

Priit Pärn from Estonia.

Innova Award – for renewal in animation technique

Stefan Fjelmark, Thorbjørn Christoffersen, Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen

Best Nordic-Baltic student film

Night Shift
Director: Sara Wahl, Samppa Kukkonen and Simo Koivunen
Turku Arts Academy, Finland

Honorable mention – student film

Bjørno & Bingo / Bernie and Bingo
Sabine Ravn
The Danish Film School

Jury: Ove Watne, Kajsa Næss, Bjørn Heidenstrom, Jon Gisle

Medieparken Special Award – for best debut

A Newborn Nightmare

Instructs af: Anne Elvedal and Lise Osvoll, Norway

Jury: Odd C Hagen, Siw Amina Bech, Sten J Helberg

Terkel in Trouble – seminar and industry meeting

The festival’s seminar for the animation industry was devoted to the Danish film Terkel in Trouble, directed by Stefan Fjelmark, Thorbjørn Christoffersen and Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen, who received the festival’s Innova Award for the film.

Two of the directors talked about their experiences with the invention of a 3D technique that reduced production costs.

Head of Swedish Film Industry’s animation department, Peter Gustafsson, held a seminar on the opportunities that 3D technology provides.

For children

A separate Nordic and Baltic film programme was – in cooperation with tour organization Delta K – offered to 9,000 pupils from Fredrikstad and the surrounding region.

At an animation workshop over two afternoons, run by E6 – Østfold Media Workshop, the pupils had the opportunity to learn about the art of animation.

A “click a game” gave young people an idea of ​​how interactivity works, with opportunities to both to play a game on the big screen, and create their own games.

A computer game competition hooked up on the big screen attracted lots of children.

Film and Jazz

A cocktail of live jazz music and animated jazz movies were offered to an audience of jazz lovers. Fredrikstad Storband played live to Birdland no.1 by Jannik Hastrup in Byhallen at the cinema. An collection of musical shorts – Music for the eye – and live jazz could be purchased on one ticket. Jazz concerts were listed by: Olga Konkova Trio Speak Low and Bilington Trio.

Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2004 was produced by Norwegian Animation Forum, Anne Lise Andreasen as festival director, in cooperation with Fredrikstad Kino, Animajonsskolen in Volda, Mikrofilm and Delta K.

The festival was supported by: Fredrikstad Municipality, Østfold County, Ars Baltica, The Norwegian Film Institute, Filmvederlagsfonden, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Border Committee, British Council and sponsored by: Cartoon Network, Projection Design, Café Malenkij and Omnipax

Oslo Animation Festival 1998

The 5th International Oslo Animation Festival (OAF) was held at Filmens Hus, April 22nd to April 26th 1998, with the official opening and awards ceremony at the Soria Moria Cinema. The festival offered screenings of over 200 films, divided into several programmes: Nordic and Baltic competition, International programmes, Jury programmes, and different theme programmes. Among this year’s themes were German animation and animated documentaries. OAF also celebrated Donald Duck & Co’s 50th anniversary in Norway, with a lecture held by Ph.d. Robin Allen, an exhibition and screenings of classic Disney films.

The 1998 festival had approximately 5000 visitors. It was also a pleasure to register that this year’s festival, in a much stronger sense than earlier, managed to gather the majority of the Nordic animation industry. This can be seen in connection with the fact that this year the festival also arranged a financing forum for animated television series.

Main venue: Filmens Hus

In 1998, OAF relocated the main part of the festival from Kulturslottet Soria Moria to Filmens Hus. There were several advantages in connection with making this move: The excellent screening conditions at Filmens Hus were a definite plus; It is absolutely necessary for a festival that screens 200 films to run the films as smoothly as possible. The close relationship with the Norwegian Film Institute and the contact with the remainder of the Norwegian film industry has also been some of the profits gained by being located at Filmens Hus. This move improved the festival’s visibility both within and outside the Norwegian film industry.

Guest of Honour

OAF, with the support of Institusjonen Fritt Ord, invited the Czech animator Jan Svankmajer as this year’s guest of honour. This was the first time he, accompanied by his wife Eva, visited the Nordic countries. It meant a great del for the festival to have Svenkmajer as a guest. Within the animation industry he is considered to be a living legend, and it was therefore an honour that he chose to attend OAF. In connection with Svenkmajer’s visit, there was screened a retrospective programme of his short films, together with a screening of Svenkmajer’s first feature film Alice (1987).

The Nordic and Baltic Competition

The Nordic and Baltic Competition is very important for the festival. In 1998, over 100 films entered the competition, out of which the preselection jury selected 46 films for the official competition programme. This year’s preselection jury consisted of Tonje Bjander (NO), Johan Hagelbäck (SWE) and Heikki Jokinen (FIN). Prizes are awarded in five categories; Best Film/Grand Prix, Best Debut, Best Use of Animation in a Commersial, Jury’s Special Prize and the Audience Award.

OAF, with the support of Ars Baltica, invited three Baltic animators to this year’s festival. This gave Baltic animators a unique opportunity to get aquainted with the Nordic animation industry. The Baltic animators Jurate Leikaite (LIT), Mati Kütt (EST) and Riho Unt (EST), who were all represented with films in competition, were guests at the festival.

The Jury and the Winning Films

The jury consisted of Hege Ellingsrud (NO), Martin Galton (UK), Gil Alkabetz (GER) and Paul Berry (UK). Unfortunately the fifth jurymember, Carole Paulus, had to cancel due to illness.

Best Film / Grand Prix

One Day a Man Bough a House by Pjotr Sapegin, Norway

The award for best film was presented by NRK2, Trond Viggo Torgersen.

The jury’s statement: “The jury found the choice for Best Film easy. The film we have chosen stood head and shoulders above the 46 films screened in the competition programme.”

Best Debut Film

Sigh! By Julie Engaas, Norway

The jury’s statement: “We thought the film was a clever and original view on an odd subjevt. It had depth and worked on several levels. We felt it was brave and intelligent of the animator to not get in the way of the idea, it was allowed to live.”

Best Use of Animation in a Commercial

Locomacbeth by Jonas Odell, Sweden

The jury’s statement: “… the winner struck us all as being extremely fresh in its approach. It managed to create its own strange, but attractive world, and successfully drew us into it. The models were particularly striking in design, and the different styles were an interesting way of creating an emotion that stayed with you. It made a very powerful film and well deserved winner.”

The Audience Award

One Day a Man Bought a House by Pjotr Sapegin, Norway

The award was presented by Tuborg Norge.


New in 1998 was that OAF had become one of five partner festivals in the Cartoon d’Or-network. Cartoon, with the support from the Media-programme, is the European Union’s platform for European animation. OAF nominate films from the Nordic and Baltic Competition to Cartoon d’Or – the prize given within Europe. Since this is a prize given within the European Union, OAF as of now can only nominate Nordic films. In 1998 One Day a Man Bought a House and Sigh! were nominated from OAF. The 1997 Cartoon d’Or winner: Sylvain Chomet’s La Vielle Dame et les Pigeons was screened during OAF’98.

German Animation

It had become somewhat of a tradition for OAF to each year focus on a country’s production of animation. In 1998 Germany was in the limelight. During the course of composing the German programme, OAF worked closely with Goethe-Institut Oslo.

Two programmes were composed in connection with the German focus: Götz Gruner presented a programme consisting of highlights from the last few years of German animation. Associate professor at Høgskolen I Volda, Gunnar Strøm, presented a programme that focused on experimental animation from the 1920’s Germany, and also Norwegian commercials produced in Germany during the same period.

Animated Documentaries

There were great expectations and a lot of excitement attached to the screenings of animated documentaries. Never before had there been such a thorough presentation of the animated documentary as a genre. During the festival, animated documentaries were presented in three programmes. The films included in the programmes showed variations in execution as well as in content. There were also great differences in the production years; Winsor McKay’s The Sinking of the Lusitania was made in 1918, while Mikaela Pavlatova’s …Forever and Ever was from 1998.

Donald Duck & Co 50 Years in Norway 

Donald Duck & Co celebrated it’s 50th anniversary in Norway in 1998. This occasion was duely marked during the festival. An exhibition of Lasse Åberg and Sture Hegefors’ collection, consisting of original works by the most famous Disney artists and modern art inspired by the Disney universe, attracted great attention. The exhibition included works by Carl Barks, Floyd Gottfredson, Keith Harring, Erro and Andy Warhol. The exhibition was officially opened by Lasse Åberg and Sture Hegefors.

Ph.d. Robin Allen held a lecture, for a sold out crowd, about the European influence in Disney’s earlier films. OAF followed this with a screening of the Disney classic Fantasia, and a programme of Disney shorts, including Donald’s very first appearance in The Wise Little Hen (1934).

Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd. 

The other exhibition during the 1998 festival consisted of puppets from one of the world’s leading puppet making companies; Mackinnon & Saunders Ltd. Puppets from some of the most famous animated films produced during the 90’s were exhibited, like Barry Purves’ Next and Achilles, and Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!. The exhibition was supplemented by puppets from Paul Berry’s private collection; including puppets from James and the Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Georgina Hayns from Mackinnon and Saunders Ltd officially opened the exhibition.

Children’s Workshop

Each year OAF arranges a children’s workshop, held by Heidi Bach Dahl. Like the previous years, the interest for the workshop was great, especially for the Saturday workshop when the children were offered a ride in a replica of Donald Duck’s car. The workshop gave the children an introduction to different animation techniques, and an opportunity to make their own animated film. In 1998 the result of the children’s workshop was screened during the award ceremony, which received great ovations from the audience.

Alien Abduction Party 

After the award ceremony at Soria Moria Cinema, there was an Alien Abduction Party held at the old tram station at Torshov in cooperation with Tuborg Norge and Bydel Sagene-Torshov. The party was a great success with approximately 1000 guests. The film The Year Along the Abandoned Road was screened together with a number of other animated highlights, including the winner of the Grand Prix and the Audience Award, One Day a Man Bought a House. The percussion group SISU opened the party with their mix of contemporary music, humour and fetching rhythms. Mushroomers followed with monster-dub into the early hours.

Press Coverage

The press coverage during the 1998 festival was very good. At the request of OAF there was made a festival vignette by Mikrofilm associates Ronald Kabicek Hansen and Jan Knutsen. The vignette was screened at all cinemas in Oslo preceding and during the festival. Nearly all Norwegian television channels were present at the festival; NRK1, NRK2, TV2, Østlandssendinga and Canal+. Both the NRK1 cultural programme Gydas Vei and NRK2’s Filmkontrollen presented special programmes featuring festival guests and films. Newspapers like Aftenposten, Dagsavisen, VG and Dagbladet, together with radio stations NRK P1, P2 and P3, all covered the festival extensively.